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How to Set Up Campaigns with Very Different Products and Sales Funnels

DimNiko | Product Funnel

Hi Guys, It’s Monika here again. 

We covered a couple times that ideally when you have a brand you want to have an ad funnel that converts the best and focuses on new customer acquisition. 

This is a very general strategy. Having a winning offer will actually make your advertising simple as you only have to perfect that irresistible offer. 

Often we see brands running ads to so many different products, offers and landers that testing each of them with different creatives is a very expensive experience. 

However there are situations when this strategy is not executable. 

Either because you have too many products / offers that are not connected to each other or front end profitability is your first priority and customer acquisition comes second. In this case, it will indicate that your backend is not strong enough or developed at all and you don’t have offers that can be used for up-selling, cross-selling or even for re-selling. 

Of course ideally I would start working on this issue but it doesn’t mean you cannot run ads in the meantime. 

Checking Pixel Events

First and most important thing is to check your pixel events on all landers. I often see that different sales funnels have different pixel events set up which means the data the pixel receives is all mixed up. 

This will make it very hard for the algorithm to optimize your campaigns. 

Once you understand what steps the user takes for each funnel and each step is tracked by the pixel and across the funnels these events are sort of consistent, you can segment your audiences for each funnel.

TOF audiences 

MOF audiences 

BOF audiences – for that specific funnel

Cross-sell audiences 

If needed use url filtering, FB analytics, or dynamic parameters, such content ID to create these audiences. 

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Campaign Breakdown

For each funnel that you want to run or test, set up all 4 campaigns. 

For example: for TOF campaigns will only target people that have not purchased from your store, have not visited the specific offer’s landing page or purchased anything else from your store.  

For MOF choose IG and FB engagers and video viewers (only those videos that are related to the offer) and exclude everyone again who have ever been on your website.

For BOF campaigns, include only audiences that visited the specific funnel, added to cart or initiated checkout.   

For the Retention cross-sell campaign choose audiences that haven’t seen your offer yet but have visited other funnels, purchased something else. 

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Once you have all 4 campaigns set up for each of your offers you will be able to separate the traffic more efficiently and monetise on the data that you collected. 

This method is also very good for testing sales funnels 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the read and don’t forget,

If you’re spending over $500 a day and want to scale your brand

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What To Look For When Hiring An Agency

DimNIko | Agency

Are you an ecommerce brand owner?

If so, you are probably already aware that running the marketing for your brand is not always easy. We are in 2020, the competition is higher than ever and the classic old methods just don’t seem to work anymore.

The digital world keeps changing, getting more and more competitive and that is the main reason why most ecommerce brands turn into agencies in order to run their ads.

But how can an agency help you increase your sales and grow your business?

For a starter, agencies have access to the newest tools, as well as the knowledge about different advertising platforms, which keep changing all the time. As an entrepreneur, it is very difficult to stay on top of the newest trends in the digital world, as well as learning and mastering the platforms to run your ads profitably.

Here are some of the main points to keep into consideration when searching for an agency:

1. Experience

Once you find an agency that you are interested in, the first thing to look at is their portfolio. Check out their client’s page, read their reviews and testimonials. Any information regarding past work they did for other brands will give you a good insight into their work and expertise.

2. Connection

And by connection I mean, finding the right fit for your business. The agency culture and personality is extremely important when you start working with a new agency. Making sure you understand each other and you share the same goals, because only then can a partnership be successful.

3. Cost

Agencies can be pricey, but you should always consider how the agency can help you increase your brand based on reports and analytics, and work a budget around that. 

Going for the cheapest agency might cost your brand a lot in the long run, very low costs might also imply a low quality service. Make sure you understand how exactly your budget will be used and what results you should expect based on the strategy provided by the agency.

4. Business Knowledge

Choose an agency that understands your business, that is familiar with the field you are in and that it takes the time to study, learn and get to know your audience.

The more involved an agency is with every little detail of your business, the more successful will be the cooperation.

5. Proactivity

One of the main reasons to hire an agency is to get their professional input.

Agencies work with hundreds of clients and they get to have a very experienced eye to understand what will or will not perform well when it comes to advertising. Look for an agency that is proactive and it leads you into taking the right actions for your marketing strategy. Offering you guidance as well as providing you with the information related to the latest trends to put into practice.

These above are just a very few examples of what to look for when you want to hire an agency. And one thing is for sure, the right agency is out there for you and your brand. 

If you are interested to know more about us, to find out if we are the right fit for you and if you are spending over $500 a day and you want to scale your brand.

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Until next time 😉

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How to Build Broad Audience Pools to Effectively Test a Product | DimNiko

DimNiko | Product Testing

So are you looking to build broad audience pools to effectively test your products with the help of Facebook ad campaigns, or you’re aiming to hit the right people with your Facebook ads?

Well, it’s evident for eCommerce and other businesses to build a broad audience because almost 95% of product launches fail.

95% of product launches fail— even regularly in light of the fact that a brand pushes them to dispatch ceaselessly to see whether the item is something individuals really need. Indeed, even the most experienced leaders battle to settle on the correct decisions without contribution from their intended interest group.

So if you’re going to launch your product and want its effective testing, you’ll discover how to build a target audience for your Facebook ads in this article.

Broad Audience Pool

With a broad audience pool or right targeting implies that a marketer, product launcher, or you (looking to test your product) can reach individuals who are interested or showed some interest in your products before. These products can be similar to the product you’re going to test, even if they haven’t visited your website or app yet.

At the point when you focus on a larger audience, people in this crowd naturally observe items from your index that are likely applicable/relevant to them.

This broad audience pool assists you in checking the Audience Insights or ad reporting. You can learn more about the people of different countries, demographics, and behaviors to test your product. You can find the people how they reacted to your ads.

For instance, a business running an enormous scope brand mindfulness mission might need to target comprehensively. It could target individuals 18-65 years of age in the United States.

Kinds of Pool Audience

Facebook Ads campaigns make you eligible to make your pool of audience targeting the men, women, and the people of different ages, countries, and broad interests or past behaviors of the people.

For anyone whose product has variations or differs and is based on age, for instance, health and insurance companies, you’re probably targeting the people of specific age or gender and demography. And if not, time to get started! Select different age ranges for your Facebook ad of a product, and point them at either women or men.

You can Target the Pool Audience by customizing the following options available while setting the Facebook ads.

● Location
● Age
● Language
● Gender
● Industries
● Interests

From the above list, you can see how to change the location, language, and demography for your product testing. Click on each option/segmentation one by one and enter your desired location and other credentials to run your Facebook ad campaign to attract many people/customers and effectively test your product.

Read More: How to Set Up Campaigns with Very Different Products and Sales Funnels

Requirements for broad Facebook Product Ad Audiences

● Facebook pixel: You’ll need a Facebook pixel executed on your site and should utilize standard occasions to report which item IDs from your list are being seen, added to the bin, and bought. You may need to work with a site designer to set up your Facebook pixel and standard occasions.

● Catalog/Inventory: You’ll need a list to utilize dynamic promotions. If you don’t have one yet, figure out how to make an index. Much of the time, you can utilize a current channel from other internet shopping gateways with one of Facebook’s outsider reconciliations.

Read More: Ideal Audience Size for Facebook Ads

Broad Audience Product Testing for eCommerce Retailers

Generally, Facebook Dynamic Ads have been more qualified to bigger eCommerce stores as they have more site traffic to build a broad Facebook ad audience range. This has demonstrated prohibitively for those with little amounts of traffic or less brand mindfulness.

Since the update permits eCommerce giants or retailers to discover new audiences, this helps both littler and bigger eCommerce locales. The litter retailers with less traffic going to their site can contact new individuals that they would not have conventionally had the option to reach. This assists with advancing the items available to be purchased just as building brand mindfulness.

Bigger retailers can likewise profit as they can contact new crowds that might not have interfaced with something else, permitting the other retailer audience to go after their items.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of products are good for testing on broad audiences

    Usually health, beauty, home & garden, sport, cars, pets niches are the products that most marketers work to build a broad audience.
  2. Why to segment

    Market Segmentation is a process of splitting buyers into distinct measurable groups according to their wants and needs. It is very important in marketing as it assists marketers to be more efficient in terms of time, money, and other resources. Market segmentation enables the companies to learn better about their customers, and so they gain a better understanding of customer’s needs and wants and, therefore, can tailor campaigns to customer segments most likely to purchase products.

    Segmentation provides valuable and useful information about prospective customers, so it allows marketers to effectively allocate the marketing resources for the maximization of cross and up-selling opportunities.
  3. When to use gender, age, country, placement pools

    You can use gender, age, country, and placement tools for the products that are specific for gender, age of a group of people, or that has sales in a country. While running Facebook ads, you need to keep in mind that men and women traditionally approach burying decisions differently and so set your ads accordingly.
  4. How to overview and analyze results

    Go into your FB reports and observe your campaigns in detail. Breakdown by age, gender, location, placements, dynamics. See how different pools are reacting based on your message and creatives.

If you’re spending over $500 a day

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Kicking Off a New Brand in Late 2020?

DimNiko | Launching Ecom Brand in Late 2020

You’ve probably heard about a lot of success stories about people launching a successful brand in 2020

This is 100% true, a lot of brands that we’ve seen and currently work with have only started in early 2020 as a side project that became successful throughout the year. 

The 2020 Ecommerce Rush

In April 2020 there was a huge spike of new advertisers and new brands that took advantage of the e-com rush.

The direct translation for this event is basically a gold rush and it was at this point where many brands succeeded and failed. 

The reason why we see that some brands failed was due to scaling too fast without being able to support themselves in the back end, which is why the mighty have failed. 

The brands that were able to succeed at the end of the day took their time to set up their infrastructure to be able to benefit from the scaling rush. 

Most of the brands don’t have the knowledge of running Facebook ads at the scale they are currently at, which is why an agency such as ours gets approached.

But what if you missed the initial 2020 rush and you want to launch a new brand in late 2020?

It’s possible, and might be a good time to start since in late 2020 we’re approaching Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

How does a person approach this then?

Here are a few key areas you should look out for and implement before kicking off your advertising. 

1. Product & Logistics 

Personally I wouldn’t recommend starting a Dropshipping Brand, these fail most of the time and are hard to manage with everything from Product Quality to Shipping. 

Having a good product at your disposal is a great way to manage product quality and making sure you have a real product you can put your name behind.

The logistics behind it an effective way to manage customer expectations and speedy delivery times. Both these aspects prepare you for the following point. 

2. Perception of experience.

This point goes hand in hand with your product quality and logistic management with your brand. 

It establishes your brand before customers could even think about the age of your company.

We mentioned in a previous article “How having a large number of likes on your page can have a negative impact on marketing performance.”

It is important to build a following, not too big, but a big enough following with real people in order to have the perception of experience for your brand. 

Recently consumers have become more vigilant about pages with fake followers. Establishing your brand provides you with the opportunity to have the authority to sell products online without worrying about “how legitimate” you look. 

At the end of the day, you want your brand to look like it’s been lived in, ask a few friends or colleagues to provide you with some UGC and reviews.

They’ll always be happy to help. 

3. Backdate Organic Facebook Posts

This is a great way to add to the perception of the experience to your brand.

Currently you are able to backdate your Facebook posts.

Adding these post to you pages and boosting the posts is a great way to gaining social proof to your Facebook page. 

4. Prepare for Kick-Off. 

Here’s where the right account strategy comes into play with you ad accounts. 

Setting up a couple of view content campaigns get your website active and your pixel warm and collecting data. 

Launching with the view content campaigns with post engagement campaigns targeting the post id’s. This will build social proof on your new ads, obviously and you can start collecting some customer feedback like that as well. 

At the end of the day, the most important factor that puts yourself in front of your competition is to be prepared for scaling, in order to keep up with your upcoming demand. 

What really ads value to your brand is that perception of experience since you can’t really “cheat” the system. 

These few steps will be able to push you in the right direction and you can start launching your campaigns and prepare for the final push for Q4.

And this only works if you have the right agency partnered with you!

If you are spending over $500 a day and you want to scale your brand

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And that’s a wrap! 

I’m Quintin, Media Buyer at DimNiko 

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What Facebook Changes Do We Expect to See in 2021

DimNiko | 2021 Changes

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, and advertising on Facebook has also had its ups and downs but finally we made it to Q4, which is expected to be the best quarter of the whole year. 

Facebook was pushing out a lot of changes and updates this year, but as we know Facebook is not resting and is continuously working and rolling out new updates and policy restrictions.

So, let’s have a look of what is coming.

Improving Ad Performance Through Ad Volume Guidance

It was announced in October 2019 that it will be introduced ad limits per page in order to control the volume. The reason is to reduce the number of ads, as if advertisers have too many ads running (e.g. 10 in a dynamic ad) most of them won’t exit the learning phase. 

For this reason, is implemented a limit on the number of ads each page can run at once, and to get more optimized and stable results with less spend.

If an advertiser has multiple ad accounts tied to the same page, will need to be careful and avoid too many ads in one account because it will limit or completely block the other ad accounts as the maximum number of ads it was reached. One effective solution will be consolidation of the campaigns, which we noticed already from a while ago that the algo prefers broader and larger audience size.

So, let’s have a look at the Ad limits per page and how it will be limited and categorized. 

Based on the page size it will be segmented in the following categories:

  • Small to medium size businesses advertising <$100K in their highest spending month in the last 12 months  250 ads
  • Medium to large sized Pages advertising $100K to $1M in their highest spending month in the last 12 months  1,000 ads
  • Larger Pages advertising $1M to $10M in their highest spending month in the last 12 months  5,000 ads
  • Largest Pages advertising >$10M in their highest spending month in the last 12 months 

It is expected to roll out from 2021 through summer 2021. 

Apple IOS 14 privacy change that applies to Facebook

As most must have heard about this announcement from Apple that on IOS 14, apps will be required to receive user permission to track users across apps or websites or to access the device’s advertising identifier, so basically the user will now have the ability to allow or reject tracking. This is something amazing from a user point of view, but not so great from advertisers’ point of view. 

Re-targeting will be very difficult as most of the users are browsing from their mobile, and the audience network will be out of the game as it’s also used by third party apps.

This will affect many advertisers, especially the small businesses as it is expected a potential drop of 50% or more, however Facebook started preparing businesses for the update and made some suggestions

  • It will be released a new version of Facebook SDK to support IOS 14 will provide support for Apple’s SKAdNetwork API
  • Advertisers will need to create also a new ad account dedicated to IOS app installs.

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We are looking forward to seeing how all these changes will impact Facebook Ads in 2021.  However, all brands and marketers will need to cope with the new changes and adapt quickly to the tighter rules. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 

Also, if  you’re spending over $500 a day on paid advertising and want to scale your brand you can book a call below:

Have a great week!

Ago from the DimNiko Team 🙂

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Facebook Ad Copy Is Useless In eCommerce Ads

DimNiko | Copywriting

When you are selling physical products the video or image of your ad is significantly more important to acquiring customers versus ad copy.

You need to understand that consumers buy a product once they see it, understand how it works, see how it will fit into their life and see why they need it.

The best way to do this is through video creatives or image creatives NOT with ad copy.

Try and explain what a product looks like, how a product feels, try and explain how to use a product, try and use words to show how a product helps.

It is very difficult to do this in eCommerce.

But, with video and images you can showcase what a product looks like, explain and show how it feels, explain how to use it and physically show how it helps.

With the vast majority of the ad accounts we manage, we tell the client to put much more time and effort into the video/image creative vs ad copy.

Ad Copy is Better in Niches Such as Lead Generation VS. eCommerce.

People will buy when they trust a brand, when they understand how the product will fit into their life and their objections have been handled. All of which are much easier to convey in a video vs text.

You are much better off spending the time you are writing copy, creating extra videos or images. 

You will see a much bigger uplift in results if you spend more time working on new videos and new images for your brand.

The best strategy suggestion I have for you is to create multiple images and videos, use a dynamic creative campaign, keep the ad copy and headlines brand generic and I am sure your results will improve as your core focus is now the image / video.

Just think about it for a second, are you more likely to buy a product after reading about it or watching a video explaining and showing it?

That is why you buy from image/video ads from Facebook, Youtube or TV vs the newspaper or magazines.

That is why you want to physically see a product vs just read about it.

So next time you are thinking about copywriting for your ads, turn that attention to your video / images as you will see much better results.

If you are spending over $500 a day and struggling to scale past that lets have a chat.

Book a call here:

Chat soon,


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How to Build Up a Successful Brand on The Internet?

DimNiko | How to Build a Successful Brand Online

If you decide to run a business online, you probably don’t plan to have an offline store, where customers can touch & feel your product, right? If you want to maximise your success, you have to use all the possible platforms and channels to reach your clients to convince them to choose your brand and product. We make many buying decisions every day, but how do you find out what your future customers prefer?

How to Define Your Target Audience

First of all, and preferably still before launching your brand, evaluate your product. Do customers need it? Why? What problems are you solving with your offer? 

If your product seems relevant, try to define which type of people you consider a possible customer. 

Think about their typical life, family status, education, age, even their financial situation. Then you should have a look at their habits. What kind of media do they use? Think about their inspirations since this will help you match offers with your customers desires. 

If you are sure, you can offer value for them, launch the business: this group of future customers will be the first audience you have to locate & reach online. The right approach is trying to offer a solution before they even think about whether they need it! 🙂 

With time, you will have some data to analyze. Remember, data is our best friend! 🙂 I suggest analyzing your customer behaviour time by time – so you can follow the changes, and you can adapt your offers to the present situation. Stay flexible!

Don’t forget, you are not alone on the market! Consumers are influenced by so many different factors. You need to fight with several competitors, online and also offline. The best you can do is deliver a good brand image, capture attention and to build an emotional connection with your customers.

How to Reach Your Target Audience

Ok, you defined your customers, but how do you reach them?

Nowadays, reaching potential customers is made easier through the power of digital marketing. Habits are changing, TV is losing audience, print is moving to the digital direction. If you’re already one of our clients, your digital marketing is in good hands. We deliver the best results possible. 

But exceptional media buying is just 1 piece of the puzzle. 

What can you do yourself to reach a synergy effect with your paid advertisements, and to boost even more your sales? 

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10 Tips to Boost Your Online Sales

Here are some tips which are essential for the best results: 

  • Build a bullet-proof home-page. Quick loading times, non-blurry images, and clear communication are essential. Make the life of your future customers easy by comforting them on your site. 
  • UX matters! Try to go (or click) along the customer journey. Is the road towards purchase clear? 
  • Be informative: provide enough information for your visitors, about the benefits of your product.
  • Use keywords and SEO for cheaper and organic visitors. 
  • Run social media pages for your brand.
  • Post valuable content on your page and on your social media channels.
  • Build up a community – this improves brand loyalty and engagement.
  • Provide exceptional claim handling and customer service – this is much more important than you would think it is. 
  • Boost your organic engagement with activating your followers. Organising a small sweepstake on your IG or FB page can deliver you tons of organic, cheap traffic, with little cost. 
  • Keep in touch – build up an email database, so you can keep your subscribers up to date about your brand and products.

Read More: How to Successfully Build a Facebook Ad Funnel for an Ecommerce Store

Do you think it’s too much for one person? You are right. At a certain point, the critical factor of growth and success becomes to delegate tasks to professionals. We can take over your Social media advertising, so you can take care of all the rest. What a relief, huh? 

Book a call below:

Thanks for reading, Zsoka

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Preparing Your Facebook Ad Accounts for Black Friday Cyber Monday

DimNiko | Black Friday

Black Friday & Cyber Monday, the top buzz words for Q4 for store owners, media buyers and consumers.

The first time the term Black Friday was used was due to a financial crisis for the US. gold and cash market back in 1869 on September 24th.

It’s a little ironic since we are currently in sort of the same situation with the global economy due to the crazy ear that 2020 has been.

The story of the term Black Friday has a lot of myths surrounding it, but the main story that stuck according to is the following.

“The result was the “red to black” concept of the holiday mentioned earlier, and the notion that the day after Thanksgiving marked the occasion when America’s stores finally turned a profit.”

This retail tradition has morphed into a 4 day shopping bonanza over a weekend that also spawned the day of Cyber Monday.

This tradition mainly applied to retail stores and customers had to get early to the stores really early in the morning in order to benefit from the major discounts.

This has changed a lot since the dawn of E-Commerce and especially this year, it’s going to be one to remember.

Due to the impact on consumer behavior from Covid-19, most predictions show that this might be one of the biggest e-commerce events of the decade.

Consumers have gotten more comfortable with online shopping since they were basically forced to take on that learning curve.

This also means that the Black Friday and Cyber Monday ad space is going to be highly competitive.

So here’s 8 steps you can follow to prepare for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Before you can prepare your ad account, you have to prepare your website.

Load test your website

Making sure that your website can handle the amount of traffic coming through on these days is extremely important.

Run speed and optimization tests in order to find areas where you can improve site speed since, slow website = slow sales.

Test your purchase procedure and UI (user interface) regularly in order to be 100% sure it is working properly and is easy to navigate.

Prepare Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Landing Page

Using a custom landing page for these two events are crucial to stand out from your competitors, these have to be striking while also being user friendly.

The page has to be optimized to be able catch customers and crab their attention and have them make the purchase decision as quick as possible.

Now you can start preparing your ad account

Urgency & Relevance Creatives

This is the most important touch point for your customers. The creative strategy you implement should create urgency for your customers.

This first contact of your creatives should only show and mention exactly what the product name is, the percentage discount and a benefit of the product.

Test Your New Black Friday and Cyber Monday Creatives

Black Friday and Cyber Monday creatives need to be eye catching and creative.

Since these days are time sensitive it is important to test your creatives for the campaigns early on and sending them through reviews before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This will allow you to identify problems before the big day and address any problems that might come up with the review process.

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Brand Awareness & Reach Campaigns to Build Anticipation

Running a few brand awareness campaigns and reach campaigns are a great way to prepare you prospecting customers for the up and coming Big Day.

This campaign should land on your Black Friday & Cyber Monday landing pages in order to collect the customer data.

Get The Data From the Previous Year.

Even though consumer behaviour has changed for 2020, this is a good starting point for your campaigns to kick-off you initial campaigns.

Using lookalikes, similar interests and creatives from successful campaigns will allow you to hit the ground running.

Read More: Why You Should Utilize Your Lookalike Audience

Bigger Discounts For Returning Customers

Even though you have converted these customers prior to Q4 period, preparing retention campaigns with larger discounts is an easy way to retain customers and get cheap conversions

Campaign Structure & Audience

You campaign structure should still follow the guidelines for having a well functioning sales funnel including top funnel, middle funnel and bottom funnel & retention

With this set-up your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns should only use audiences that are relevant to this exact period.

Your Top Funnel will look standard & excluding customers from the relevant period of engagement based on when you launched your brand awareness and reach campaigns.

Your Middle Funnel will target engagers from the brand awareness and reach campaigns.

Your Bottom Funnel Campaigns will target users from the brand awareness and reach campaigns that landed on your custom landing pages.

Here you can provide extra discounts for people that added to cart, or initiated checkout etc. with special discounts to incentivize them to complete their purchase.

Your retention campaigns will provide previous customers and email subscribers with special discounts to award them for supporting your business.

Most E-Commerce owners believe that with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, all you need is a big discount in order to have success.

But this couldn’t be less true. Competition is extremely high and everyone is fighting for the same ad space.

Having a clear understanding of your customer behavior and planning and exact strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is crucial to the success of your campaigns

If this is something you might be struggling with and if you are spending over $500 a day and you want to scale your brand.

Book a call below, to have the best of the best work on your brand.

And that’s a wrap!

I’m Quintin, Media Buyer at DimNiko

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How to Maximize Your Facebook Advertising Efforts During the Holiday Season.

DimNiko | Holiday Sales

This year has been one crazy rollercoaster ride, without a doubt, and while all of us advertisers embrace the Q4 rush, some of you might be unsure how to proceed with your Facebook advertising efforts and cash in on this peak time of the year.

As many countries still experience lockdown restrictions, online shopping will continue to boom. It will be an important time for people to be together with their loved ones and share the perfect gifts, putting you as the brand owner in the spotlight.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to make the most of your Facebook marketing efforts:

Re-Evaluate Your Budget.

It is important to know how much money you want to spend on ads during this holiday period, and you might have to consider changing your budget to spend more on Facebook ads and capitalize on the thousands of active shoppers.

If you have ticked all the right boxes to find your winning holiday campaigns, you will want to scale and spend more aggressively to maximize your results. This means you also have to take into account what your ad account spending limit is. Many people don’t even know what their account spending limit is and it is a good idea to double-check if you are planning to spend more money.

Read More: Budget Distribution Between the Funnel Stage

Create a Compelling Product Offer

During Q4, advertisers rush to the Facebook ad platform and spend a lot of money to make the best of the final stretch of the year. Some businesses only advertise during the holiday season and competing against the storm of advertisers means you will need a clear and compelling offer for your customers.

If you are offering discounts, 20% or more is the only way to go as everyone out there will offer massive deals or discounts. Free expedited shipping is a nice way to ensure your customers that they will get their products early on in time for Christmas. Although these big discounts can cut into your profit margins, adding freebies or a free gift is another way to successfully convert more customers! You can buy these free gift items in bulk and save more than dropping a big percentage on your selling price.

Read More: How to Set Up Campaigns with Very Different Products and Sales Funnels

Target More Warmer Audiences

One thing you don’t want to do is spend the majority of your holiday advertising budget on targeting cold audiences. If you are spending money throughout the year to acquire new customers, this period is a great time to shift your budget towards targeting warmer audiences such as your Facebook/Instagram engagers as well video viewers.

Putting more of your budget towards retargeting will also ensure that you don’t waste money on people who are not familiar with your brand and that might not be interested in your products or services. Focus on the customers that you have already acquired as this is the time to cash in on them.

Use Automatic Placements for Ads

More advertisers means more competition.This means that your normal preferred ad placements will be saturated with more advertisers and your ads will compete against a lot more people! If you narrowed down to specific ad placements during the year, now would be a great time to test Facebook’s Automatic Placements as there might be additional selling opportunities on other placements.

One of these placements which is often overlooked, is Instagram story ads. If done right, Instagram story ads can bring amazing results and be very profitable, so be sure to test it.

Test Campaigns and Get Ads Approved in Time.

You can test your Christmas campaigns early on to see how they will convert closer to the time. For this test time period you can position your offer as an early Christmas sale and see how your creative efforts, ad copies and compelling product offer affect your sales.

This might seem like an obvious thing to do, but you definitely don’t want to kick off your campaign around Christmas and find that your specially designed creatives and ad copies do not work!

Keep an eye out for your ad relevance score and watch those CPM’s closely. A low relevance score will result in higher CPM’s and this will give you a good indication if you are targeting the right people or if there are faults in your creatives and ad copy.

With all the BFCM and Christmas deals on its way, make sure that your ads get approved far in advance to avoid the clutter closer to the holiday. More ads will have to go through the reviewing process and we have already seen a slower ad approve rate at the beginning of November.

Goodluck to all the advertisers in the last couple of weeks in 2020. If you have any additional holiday advertising tips you want to share with everyone, please add them in the comments below and let’s hope this is a great advertising holiday for all of us!

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How and Why to Start (and Kill) 1K Per Day Campaigns

DimNiko | How to Build Big Budget Campaigns

Maybe you launched a 1k budget campaign in the past, maybe you didn’t.

In this article I want to give you few insights, how I launch and how I kill big budget campaigns. Also why to even launch 1k campaigns. 🙂

Topic can be useful for beginners and advanced marketers.

Why You Should Launch a Big Budget Campaign

While most marketers and entrepreneurs are probably scared of big budget campaigns, I must admit that I was too. Many times. And I still am, when I don’t give enough time to understand the account.

You can obviously test and see what will happen, but probably 90% of the time you won’t do it again. CPC will go up, CTR down, CPA up, ROAS down. FB will quickly spend 50% of budget and results will suck.

You will kill it at 30% of budget spend probably, as you will see CPA 3-5x than what you used to have. Or you will wait till the budget is spent, and next day or third day you will kill it as it will make no sense for you. And yes, I believe 70% big budget campaigns will not work. Probably 80%.

Depends on the campaign budget, ad account data, pixel, product, landing page. But 20% of campaigns can work, and those 20% will make more revenue than all the lost 80%!

So is it worth trying?  Depends on your business model and your cash flow. By business model I mean that you need to decide which path you want to go. You can sell 1000 items per month with $10 profit or 10.000 items with $1 profit.

What is your goal and how you want to move?

Example above will give you the same profit, but here is the catch. Second option which was made with a big budget will also give you 9x more customers.

Now the question: Which list size is more profitable, the 1k list or the 10k list?

If the conversion on emails is 1%, you can get 10 or 100 more sales on top of the above example. If the profit is now $20 as you don’t have to pay for ads, then the second option is obviously more profitable. You will get 2k on top of your 10k profit. And I believe if you hire a good email marketer who can do a 4% offer instead of 1%, your profit will now be 8k on top of your FB revenue.

Now we are talking about 18k compared to 10k and few email sales with your 1k list. But the story doesn’t end here. Here is the advanced course. 🙂

What if you send 5 emails per week to your existing email list? Do you know what can happen after 30 days? You can figure out or you can test on your own if you want.

I guarantee that you will be close to 30 or even 50k of revenue. Compared to the 1k list I think your revenue will double with big budget campaigns. But, I know. We’re all afraid of spending a lot on FB if we get lower margins. And the cash flow is always the biggest struggle since banks just don’t trust us or can’t raise the limit quickly.

Now let’s go back to the main topic and how to launch and kill a big budget campaign.

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How to Launch a 1K/Day Facebook Ad Campaign

I assume that by now you realized that more customers equals more profit. So when you have spent some money and time in your account, then it’s time for testing with $500 – 1k.

I believe in this FB DNA, you have 3 levels of budgets. 

  1. Below or equal $100
  2. Below or equal $500
  3. Below or equal $1000

We start testing campaigns most of the time at $100. After a while we know where we are and how much we can scale those $100 campaigns.

Many times we see the CPA go nuts when we come near $300 or $500. So we stop and go back. We repeat the testing, scaling, downscaling and turning off.

If we can work at 2nd level below the $500 budget on campaign, we can scale the account pretty big.

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Scaling to 10K/Day in Facebook Ad Spend

If we want to scale even more (10k or more per day), obviously we will have to start testing 1k campaigns.And launching a 1k campaign is pretty simple. You put the budget at 1k and launch it. Then you wait for 30-50% spend and you react.

If you’re below 2x of regular CPA, we leave it run and don’t touch. If we see a huge increase or no sales, we leave it at 50% and then turn off.

Next day’s results will probably be better but if still low, kill. If after 3 days you are near where your KPI is, then let it run. You found a 20% campaign! Congrats. Let it run and analyze what works.

If CPA is way below your KPI, scale it to 2k or even 5k. If CPA is just a little below, scale it by 20% daily. Now you already see what is working, so try to duplicate and try other interests and creatives.

Launch 10 more 1k campaigns!  (I know, don’t tell me… but, you’re a big man / company by now)

Next day kill 80% and scale 20%. At the end of the week you can have 5-10 big budget campaigns easily. Then all you need to do daily is ride the wave of CPA to be near or under your desired KPI.

I scaled one account by this method from 5k to 15k in just 2 days. It was easy but I was scared as hell! And it was not my money. Imagine how scared I would be if I had to put all my savings in. But, this is the risk and you know this right – ‘Big risk takers will someday made it’. Or not. Depends on many factors. 

I don’t want you to risk with ‘empty’ head as so many young entrepreneurs and marketers do, but please educate yourself first, analyze your account, and then start testing. Slowly. See how your account reacts.

When you will learn the pixel algo and account whispering, then you’ll be able to decide when is the right time to launch and scale big budget campaigns.

If you’re still scared, then sign up with us and we can do the nitty gritty launching and scaling for you!

Book a call with us here  ==>

Hope to see you inside, so we can scale your biz to the next level.

Have a wonderful day,