Marketing Circle: Is Your Business In?

Everything is marketing, and marketing is for every business. We are all a part of a marketing circle consciously or unconsciously. Marketing never stops, it keeps going up and down, creating a circle of opportunities – including both failures and successes. This routine keeps speeding up and slowing down, rotating for every kind of business. 

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Do you have a marketing plan for your brand? Where does it stand in the marketing circle

Let’s break down the marketing circle in 3 main phases: 

Phase 1: “New Moon”

This is the stage when you launch your brand/project/business and kick off with primary marketing activities, which vary from brand to brand, but mainly cover awareness campaigns. 

We have implemented a dedicated awareness campaign for one of our clients, by launching a set of ads which highlighted their brand story, the benefits and the value of their products. Awareness campaigns also include google ads and SEO to ensure you are at the right place in the matrix of eCommerce. 

Phase 2: “Half Moon”

This is when you have already established your brand, executed some marketing activities, that already bring results your way – engagement and conversion. 

This is the boiling point when we test both prospecting and retargeting campaigns, mixed with email marketing strategies, and social media boosts and activities. Having them corporated all together is the key. Nowadays, all your channels are working in favor of one another. 

Phase 3: “Full Moon”

When your marketing works to the full potential of your business, and you are on the peak reaping the fruits of your efforts. 

Being at this stage, doesn’t mean you settle. You take a breath, do the analyses, check the reports and keep the retargeting activities rolling, which include advertising campaigns, newsletters, and a consistent social media presence. This is also the stage where you can involve influencer marketing and create even more hype about your brand. 

After all these phases, it turns out that you have completed a marketing circle; you have strategically moved from A to Z. But what happens after? 

This may sound strange to you, but the after is the start. The ending is the beginning. You are basically starting over again. You are in the phase of New Moon, again – this time growing your audience, broadening the horizon. You may even implement the same marketing strategies, just with a twist based on the new audience you want to attract. To generate more leads, include contests, quizzes and giveaways in your marketing circle. This is a great way to entertain and engage your audience. 

For the 2nd circle of the 2nd phase, you can create lookalike campaigns that worked well before. And when you reach the 3rd phase, you will again reap the fruits of your efforts. 

You may call this deja vu, we call this marketing circle. There are 2 things that will help you keep this circle going; the 1st one is called consistency, and the 2nd is people – your team, or other professionals, because the human factor is the primary source of any success. 

And if you have reached here, here is a note for you: keep up the work and let the good times roll! 

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