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Our social strategy

A thorough social media strategy elevates an eCommerce brand by bringing in more website traffic, building an online community, spreading brand awareness, and increasing online sales. With our social media management services, we take all the stress off your plate allowing you to work on the bigger parts of your business.

Strategize: After determining the goals of your brand, we develop a customized strategy to promote brand awareness, engagement, and product sales. Each brand is unique, and we understand that each client has different needs when it comes to their social media game. 

Plan & Create: Each week, we’ll provide posts for approval. We handle everything from what the post will be about, creative, and copy, making sure everything aligns with the brand.  

Engagement & Reach:  The higher the engagement the further the reach. We use a strong hashtag game and craft copy to promote community engagement. After all, the more engaging the post the further your reach will be. 

Take a load off with our Social Media Management packages

Aligning social media marketing with paid ads

It’s no surprise that social media marketing and paid social advertising goes hand in hand. Your organic social is an intregal component to your overall marketing strategy. Customers are more likely to purchase from your business if they can go to your social platforms to check out your products, brand, and community. 

DimNiko | Landing Pad for Paid Ads

Landing Pad for
Paid Ads

With organic social media, your customers can ‘land’ on your brand’s profiles. These platforms act as a secondary website where customers can browse through your product; sometimes even checking out how it can be used in real time. So if you’re running ads for one product, a customer might land on your profile and see another. Increasing their time spent on your profile and their likelihood of purchasing a product. 

DimNiko | Human Aspect

Human aspect to your brand

Your social media platforms will openly display your brand. From behind the scenes to the actual branding of your products, this is your place to show your audience the human aspect of your business. It allows your customers to see that there’s more behind the brand than just products, creating a loyalty to come back. When aligned with paid ads, if your social media is up to date, engaging, and attractive, traffic landing on your profiles will see the business is active.

DimNiko | Community

Build & Engage a Community

The biggest advantage to organic social media is the community it can build. Creating engaging posts is the first step. This can be a spot where your audience comes comments, likes, or shares your post all acting as free advertising. It also gives them a chance for non-formal communication with your brand. If a brand creates open communication with their audience, brand loyalty will increase. 

Align your organic social media with your paid social advertising. 

What you can expect when working with dimniko

dedicated posts each week

We’ll strategize a social media plan that works for your brand and the package you choose. These posts will help build a community, encourage engagement, and boost your sales. 

Audience Engaging Content

We’ll plan, organize, and create the content required for each week’s posts. The posts purpose will be to build up brand awareness and help drive sales from your social accounts.

Crafted Copy & Creatives

Crafting copy and creatives to resonate with your audience provoking engagement is an unmasked task. Our team of expert strategize, design creatives and write copy to promote comments, shares, and likes to help build authority. 

Take a load off with our Social Media Management packages


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