Engage Your Customers – Don’t Let Them Go

We all agree on one fact that most people nowadays spend a good part of their time on social platforms. Regarding traffic, organic traffic on social media it’s very valuable.

These days, every business has a social media presence. Only half of them, if not more, are creating engaging organic content for their pages.

The competition is getting harder especially on the paid media side.

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Talking now about organic, each business should have an engaging organic social presence.

You need to figure out your audience – what they are looking for and what would capture their attention.

Content is the first thing to test is to understand your audience’s preferences – images, videos, simple text posts, and memes. These are all important to know to increase the engagement rate.

It also depends on the product, but generally speaking, the idea is the same for each business model.

Once you understand your audience, you have enough data to take further steps. Optimize your profile, and encourage interaction even more.

To analyze your audience data, it is perfect to set google analytics. You’ll have the most insights – the time they spend on-site, when, and their demographics.

It’s recommended to fill out all your business information. This will show more trust, upload branded profile images, and covers.

In your organic posts, relevant hashtags should be included. It helps make your content more discoverable on searches. It reaches people interested in your post/product.

Once you reach this point, it is time to think of a community, as more and more people start to roll in. Communities are beneficial. It can increase sales. Some businesses may not fit this.

Running only paid ads with no organic presence is very hard, and most of the time, unsuccessful.

Start asap as this is crucial to a successful business.

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