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How To Structure Your Creative Testing

How to Structure Your Creative Testing | DimNiko Agency

Creative testing depends on a few things:

How much “excess fat” you have in your blended ROAS (every new asset you test is going to reduce your return)
Do you need to improve your performance? (do you need the new winning ads to be hit targets, or are you already there?)

Set a testing budget per day or per week, then work out how many assets you could test with that budget. This will tell you how long it will take before trying every help. For budgeting, start with all spending in testing, and then move to approximately 80% of the TOF budget in evergreen and 20% in testing.

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CBO Testing Campaign

Dynamic Creative ad set per concept (creative theme, hook, message, etc.). If it’s: “This pill stops headaches,” that would be one concept in one ad set. If it’s: “This pill relieves stress,” that’s another ad set, and so on.

I wouldn’t launch each ad set at the same time. Instead, stagger them every couple of days so you do not have to optimize and audit their performance. Instead, you can check in over a week on each of them.

Single ads, ads set in the same campaign

This is where you’ll pull out the Dynamic Creative assets that get the most spend or show the most positive signs (use the Post ID from the dynamic creative ad to keep some data against the creative).

For audiences, start with broad, then if wide isn’t profitable or successful, move to lookalike audiences or interest audiences for testing.

CBO Evergreen campaign

Audiences you can rely on if you have them. If not, then broad, LLA, and interest stack ad sets.

You were winning ads from a previous activity if you have them. If not, this will be the place you duplicate the single winning ads if they continue to perform well in the single ads ad set above.

All winning ads go into every ad set and turn off if you’re finding new testing ads that beat the evergreen campaign. Or if the evergreen campaign is not profitable and hitting targets.

When you’re ready to optimize, only turn off ads if the duplicate performs better. We’ve seen it countless times when you duplicate an ad. It doesn’t continue the same performance. For example, if you’re getting a 3x ROAS from the testing DC, and a 2.5x from the single ad, don’t pause them until you’re getting the same in the

Evergreen campaign, and even then. It may be best to leave all ads live if they’re exceeding KPIs.

Note that creative testing can still include retargeting. BUT, the success of the ad account is driven by what happens at the top of the funnel. We also know that TOF campaigns will do some retargeting on their own. If you don’t have the greatest exclusions set up.

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Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns – Latest addition to Google Ads

DimNiko | Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns - Latest addition to Google Ads

In November of 2021, Google announced that Performance Max Campaigns would be coming out of beta. It will be rolling out to advertiser accounts worldwide. If you haven’t heard of Performance Max, you’re not alone. I don’t think many people have heard about them. So in this article, I want to overview what performance max campaigns are and how they work.

First, I want to talk about what performance max campaigns are?

A Performance Max campaign allows businesses to buy and optimize ads across YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Google Maps.

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Businesses utilizing this campaign can promote themselves across all Google Ads inventory, leading to more customers and conversions.

Performance Max helps you achieve your goals in four main ways:

  • Increasing conversions and value: Capitalize on conversion opportunities in real-time with automated bid adjustments.
  • Finding new customers: Google’s real-time understanding of user intent, behavior, and context can help you target new audience segments with more relevant ads.
  • Gaining richer insights: The Insights page now includes data on Performance Max campaigns.
  • Working together with automation: Drive better results by providing high-quality creative assets and information about which audiences are likely to convert.

As we can see in this picture above, that shows a couple of people engaging with several different things and different icons. I think the best layout for us advertisers is probably down here. I’ll make this is a little bit bigger so you guys can see it better but. Performance max campaigns are a single campaign type that lets you reach your customers across all of these six different platforms that you see right here:

  1. Youtube
  2. Display
  3. Search
  4. Discover
  5. Gmail
  6. Maps

To reach people across all these different networks, you would have to create at least:

  • One video campaign
  • One display campaign
  • One search campaign
  • Discover campaign

To get in all these different placements performances, max rolls all of those into one so that you can reach people across all the networks without having to create all of those other campaigns.

To create a Performance max campaign, we suggest making the following :

  1. Images, at least 5 are needed with Square and Landscape versions
  2. Brand Logo, 2 versions (Square & Landscape)
  3. Video Creatives, Youtube Video URL on your Youtube Channel.
  4. Headlines, 5 variations with up to 30 characters.
  5. Long Headlines, 5 variations up to 90 characters.
  6. Descriptions, 1 with up to 60 characters and 4 variations up to 90 characters.

We will share with you now an example of a performance max campaign that we made in Dec,  

As you can see, this is the result of a campaign for only two weeks, which ended up with 3.17 ROAS. There are big chances to improve and optimize in the following weeks, but as starting campaigns, this result of ROAS is fantastic.

If you want us to run your campaigns for the best ROAS, book a call with us here 


Let’s see if we’re the right fit.

Let us know what works best for you at this point.

Have a wonderful day,