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How To Decrease COGs to Increase Margins?

cost of goods

Does this topic sound familiar to you? 

Is it something you’ve been breaking your head with lately?

We know it all too well… 

I’ve been personally jumping on calls with brands and almost every single one of them tell me that they’ve been struggling with the rising costs of advertising and manufacturing products. 

Almost every eCommerce brand could benefit from finding a couple ways to decrease cost of goods, resulting in increasing your margins. 

Lucky for you, our team pulled together a couple ways to help you with this. 

But before we get started, let’s explain what COGs are for an eCom brand. 

What are COGs (cost of goods) for an eCom brand

In short, COGs are the costs to produce any products or services that a business is selling. 

For example, COGs include buying the raw materials, shipping to your warehouse, assembling the products, the labor and manufacturing it takes to create or put together into the final product. 

Of course, there’s other costs to be mindful of as a business owner like marketing and distribution costs, but those don’t fall under COGs. 

And unfortunately, most of these costs have increased lately making your margins tighter. 

So, to help brands combat this economic turn our team put together some tips to try and reduce the cost. 

Plus, it never hurts to stretch your margin out more. 

Let’s go: 

Find lower cost materials:

We know, this is pretty obvious. And no, when we say find materials at a lower cost, it doesn’t necessarily mean to go for low quality materials. However, new sellers come up all the time or new tech that can provide the same raw material at a lower price. We highly recommend broadening your search to find cost effective materials because realistically this is probably our biggest cost and therefore, the first thing we need to look at to increase margins. 

Negotiate a discount or deal for the materials:

Let’s say the above didn’t work and you’re stuck with your current manufacturer. Discuss deals or negotiate some type of discount with the current provider. Maybe free shipping to the warehouse or a reduction in the price based on amount of material, etc..

Move the manufacturing elsewhere:

Depending on your location, it could be that the current cost of manufacturing the products is a lot higher than somewhere else. Consider moving the entire manufacturing process somewhere cheaper, where the laboring costs are lower.

Join or merge with larger organizations:

Large orders can at times cost less. If your a small company you might not be able to reap these benefits. But, if you can partner with another company, you can take advantage of this. 

Use technology and automate laboring where possible:

Labor can be a huge part of the COGs, and sometimes technology could help and replace that human factor, reducing the labor costs.

Of course, there’s tons more ways to lower your COGs, but we’ll leave it at that for now. 

As we see prices rise across virtually every sector, it’s important to consistently check where you can save, but also find ways to attain more sales. 

As eCom experts, our team understands inside and out how to grow a brand even in the most dire of times. 

With our online marketing services, we actively find ways to help brands keep their advertising costs low because as the competition thickens so does the cost. Just like your COGs.

If you are interested in learning more about this or if you’re interested in hearing how we keep our client’s advertising low, book a call below

Until next time 😉

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What To Ask A Potential Client On A Qualifying Call

DimNiko | What To Ask To A Potential Client On A Qualifying Call

Today I’ve decided to discuss a topic that is a bit outside of the regular topics I usually talk about, but I thought that it could be interesting for anybody who’s considering hiring an agency to run their advertising.

Here at DimNiko, we have a qualifying form that our potential clients must fill out before hopping on a call with us, so we can understand their current performance and strategy and have a better picture of their marketing before jumping on a call with them.

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However, there are certain questions that must be discussed with any potential client in that first call, here are some:

  • What are their main KPIs. This is obvious, right? Well, let me tell you, not every business owner is aware of their own KPIs. Some clients might not know their client’s lifetime, and many other important metrics that will help them make a decision on their target goals.
  • Who’s their target audience. If you have a business you should be well aware of your target persona, what do they like, how they behave, demographics, interests.. The better you know your target audience, the better will be your conversion rate, as you can adjust your advertising based on it.
  • What is your main business goal. The situation in which some companies come to us can differ very much from each other. Some clients are in a great position to start scaling and that’s what they need help with. Others are at a point where they need help to make the campaigns profitable, or they need help with the content.. It is important to be well aware of what your target is when you hire an agency.
  • What is the main obstacle when it comes to reaching that target. If you have a clear picture of what your goal or target is, you should also be able to understand what is stopping you from getting there. If you know this, it will be much easier to fix it and get closer to your goals.

If you have taken on the decision of hiring an agency to run your advertising, it is extremely important to be well aware of where your business is standing at the exact moment, what your current performance is, what are your goals, how do you want to get there and what do you need help with. 

This will make the process so much smoother and faster, and with some professional help, you will be able to reach your goals sooner. 

If you have any questions about any of the above or if you’re interested in working with us to grow your eCommerce brand, find out if we’re the right fit for you!

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Facebook Ad and Google Ads Work Better Together!

DimNiko | Facebook Ad and Google Ads Work Better Together!

How to combine efforts in the different advertising platforms to get better performance? 

Many businesses decide to run ads on two or three different platforms. But, their strategy is not combined but completely separate.

The best solution is to unite forces to see better results. 

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We should not think about Google vs. Facebook, but Google AND Facebook.

And what are some of the steps to take to combine your advertising across the different channels? Here are some ideas:

Set up Google display retargeting campaigns to help you close the deal.

If Facebook is your primary platform when acquiring new users. Retargeting by Google Display helps improve the conversion rate of your customers.

Use your brand as a keyword in your search campaigns.

There is more to it than that. Customers jump right to Google Search to look for the brand’s name they have seen on a Facebook Ad. 

Make your brand name show on the headlines of your Facebook ads. Set up your Google Search headlines the same way. 

So when people lookup for it, your google ad will show right on the top of the screen.

Target audiences on Google based on the main interests and behavior. 

The advantage of Facebook allows targetting based on interests, behavior, or lifestyle. Google doesn’t have this option. 

But, you can create an audience on Facebook and it on a retargeting Google campaign.

A few more things to keep in mind when combining your advertising across platforms are:

  • Make sure that your message is consistent across all platforms.
  • Your Facebook and Google campaigns must complement each other.
  • Use UTM parameters to have a more clear picture through Google Analytics.
  • Exclude the relevant audience from the different remarketing campaigns. Avoid overlapping across platforms.
  • People need to see your ads an average of 7 times before deciding to buy. That’s why it is so important to advertise across different platforms.

And what about you? How are your advertising campaigns going?

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Improving Your Page’s ATC to Improve Conversion

DimNiko | Improving Your Page’s ATC to Improve Conversion

Today I’d like to talk about how you can improve the conversion rate on your website.

Do you know what % your site is converting at?

This is a very important metric to know.

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You can have the best creatives and a great media buying strategy.

But if you are sending traffic to a site that is not converting, it is all pointless!

A good eCommerce site should be converting at around 2-3%.

Anything under that percentage means that you are losing clients across the funnel.

Recently, we provided some suggestions for one of our clients.

The store is selling electronic gadgets, great products, and good creatives that provide a very high CTR.

However, the page conversion rate was averaging at around 1,5%.

We noticed that we were losing a lot of clients from the add-to-cart to purchase.

We analyzed the store, and we noticed that there was a lot of room for improvement within the add to cart section of the page.

Firstly, once you landed on the main product landing page, you had to scroll all the way down until you could find a CTA button that said BUY NOW.

We suggested adding more CTAs across the page, one at the start, one in the middle, and one last button at the bottom of the page.

Once you made it to the add to cart section, the button was small and underneath the product, we suggested then readjusting the product image to the left side of the page, and a big Add to Cart button on the right side.

The price is clear on top of the button and underneath there is a list of the features of the product, clean and simple.

Reviews and product images could still be found at the bottom of the page.

We recommended adding as well a pop-up that appears every time the user clicks to add the product to the cart.

On this pop-up, you can now see a list of “usually bought together” products and a 20% discount for any additional product added into the cart.

Any of the products on the list can be added into the cart without exiting the pop-up, once you are done adding products, you can click “go to checkout”.

If the user does not wish to add any additional products, there is a second button “No, thank you” that will exit you from the pop-up.

This way, very easily, the average order value increased.

Previously, in order to purchase several items together, you needed to click into each one of them on the top menu of the page, add one, move into the menu again, and a second one, etc.

By adding an “upsell” type of pop-up, we increased the number of products purchased at once, and the AOV of each purchase.

Another improvement added by the client was setting up Afterpay, offering users the possibility to pay in installments. 

Considering that some of these electronic gadgets have a high price after payday makes it easier for customers to make the decision to purchase them, helping again to improve the conversion rate.

With these very easy adjustments, the conversion rate on the store increased to 3%.

Nothing within the media buying strategy was changed, but the ROAs improved across the account.

And you? Have you analyzed your store and if you can improve anything across the funnel in order to simplify the process and improve the conversion rate?

If you have any questions about any of the above or if you’re interested in working with us to grow your eCommerce brand, find out if we’re the right fit for you!

Book a call below:

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Squeezing Revenue Out of Q2 eCom Holidays

DimNiko Marketing | Squeezing Revenue Out of Q2 eCom Holidays

Hello everyone,

Q2 has just started!

And let’s be honest, it might not seem as exciting as Q4 or even Q1.. 

But the truth is, there are plenty of opportunities to increase your sales over the months of April, May and June.

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Let’s go over some of the main holidays that are happening over the next quarter and how you can take advantage of them:

The major holiday during this period is probably Easter. Dates vary every year depending on the paschal full moon.

However, it is celebrated around the month of April.

This year, it just passed last week. 

Easter is not known as a big gift-giving type of celebration, but more and more businesses use this event to promote special offers or bundles.

You can push an “Easter basket” bundle offer or even create your own “Find the egg” promo.

It depends on the type of your business. It can be applied to many different products and especially those businesses selling items for kids. This could work really well!

Earth Day, happening on April 22nd

Is a celebration that is hugely growing, as more people are becoming environmentally friendly and conscious about the products they purchase, as well as their origin and manufacture.

If your audience has an eco-friendly lifestyle, this is your holiday! 

You should not miss running a small promo for Earth Day, a sale, or even just an email marketing campaign with a nice reminder of the day that is it and to show that you care!

Mother’s Day

Celebrated on the 9th of May in the USA. Dates vary depending on the country.

It is the main holiday to honour the mother of the family.

It is not only the children who buy gifts for their moms anymore, many husbands also buy gifts for their wives during this day.

Something that can work very well for this day are gift cards!

Memorial Day

Happening on the last Monday of May is a federal holiday in the United States for honoring and mourning the military personnel who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

If this is a holiday that is relevant to your ecom brand and decide to create a special promo for it, both ad copy and creatives should reflect appreciation. 

Inspiring quotes and thank you notes can work very well in a special promo for Memorial Day.

Father’s Day

Dates vary based on the country, however in the USA it is celebrated on the 21st of June.

Father’s Day is a day of honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society.

Same as Mothers Day, Gifts cards or discount codes with ‘Love you Dad, Father, Husband, Amazing Dad, Best Human” theme can work very well on this day.

And these are some of the main holidays and celebrations happening in the next three months.

If you have any questions about any of the above or if you’re interested in working with us to grow your eCommerce brand. Find out if we’re the right fit for you!

Book a call below:

Until next time 😉

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Does Your Team Have a Marketing Roadmap?

DimNiko | Roadmap

If you’re a marketer or have been running your own ads, you’re probably already familiar with the term roadmap… or at least should be. 

If not… 

The basic definition of a roadmap, doesn’t matter what the roadmap is based on, it’s a way to make sure your strategy stays organized, making sure you and your team reach your targets or goals.

Does your team need a marketing roadmap?

Short answer: Yes!

A roadmap is a great tool for your team to refer to while accomplishing daily, weekly or monthly tasks.

It gives your team a structure and shows your clients your organization and focus.

Step 1: Set Your Goals Straight. 

What are you planning to achieve? What are the main goals? And when do you plan to get it done? 

Setting the right goals and realistic timelines is the main and most important step in a roadmap.

Those goals or targets must be measurable, so you can easily keep track if you are working in the right direction.

Step 2: Set the Necessary Steps / Actions You Need to Achieve Each Goal

These actions must be completed in a specific amount of time, generally giving you a shorter timeline while working along the roadmap.

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Step 3: Connect Your Roadmap to Your Marketing Strategy

Some people think that having a general strategy is enough, but working on a strategy while following a roadmap will help you make sure that you are on the right track.

A roadmap will help you connect the main points of your marketing plan while giving a better understanding for your clients as well as your team, giving more clarity.

Marketers sometimes feel that they are working on creating new campaigns blindly, without a real understanding on how they are affecting the customer’s business.

Once you’ve set up a roadmap, it’s extremely important that all team members involved are aware of the steps to follow and the goals to achieve.

Your team must follow the roadmap on a daily basis, they must be aware of the tasks or actions to take next in order to achieve the specific goals.

On the other side, your customers must be well aware and informed on which part of the roadmap you are at each specific moment in time.

Do you have any questions about how to work on your own roadmap?

If you’re interested in working with us to grow your eCommerce brand, find out if we’re the right fit for you

Book a call below:

Until next time 😉

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How Does Your Landing Page Affect Your Campaigns Performance?

DimNiko | Landing Page

Have you ever considered how much your landing page affects your campaign’s performance?

Landing pages are those sites that the customers are redirected to when they click in your ad. And they must represent your brand or business as well as your product or service. 

Most advertising platforms will take into consideration the relevance and quality of your landing page and this will directly impact your ads performance.

For example, Google Adwords uses the Quality Score in order to assess the quality or level of the different points involved in your marketing campaign.

It is well known that the landing page is a very important part of the calculation in the Quality Score.

And what do you need to look for in order to rank high on the landing page Quality Score?

  • -Relevance, interesting and useful content where the main keywords used in your Google campaigns are widely present.
  • Easy to navigate both on pc or mobile.
  • Promoting transparency about your business and product/service.
  • Optimize the speed across the site, with fast loading times.

The information above mentioned can be found in more detail on the policy page of Google Adwords.

However, do other advertising platforms also give your landing page a similar score?

The short answer is, yes.

For example, on Facebook Ads, there’s a different metric called Facebook Ads Relevance and it has three main components:

Quality Ranking, Engagement Rate Ranking and Conversion Rate Ranking.

The main difference with Google’s Quality Score when it comes to the landing page ranking is that Facebook does not rely on keywords when it comes to targeting but in audiences.

Therefore, Facebook bases their scores on the engagement and interactions from the users in order to decide if your ad is relevant.

And with the help of the Facebook pixel installed on your site, it will also take into consideration the engagement and conversion rate on your website or landing page.

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How to Optimize Your Landing Page to Be Relevant and High Quality


Speed nowadays is everything, most users will lose interest in your brand or product if they need to wait just about a few seconds in order to fully load your landing page or website. 

Any landing page that takes over 3 seconds to load will lose as much as 50% of the users that were potentially customers. That is how important speed is.

Quality content

While having a landing page that is easy to navigate and that leads the users into converting, it is important to mention that the content that we present to those users is extremely important.

We don’t want to drive traffic into a very basic landing page, without information or content that only focuses on getting them to convert. 

If a user clicks on your ad it is because they are interested in your product and/or brand. Work on the content that you are providing those users and make sure that it properly represents your brand.


It is extremely important to update landing pages into the most updated design in order to keep up with the trends. 

We don’t want to drive traffic into a landing page that looks old or that it has not been updated in ages. 

Most importantly, use a design that talks to your user persona. Think who is your ideal customer and adjust the landing page in a way that it speaks to them.


Nobody wants to spend time scrolling through a landing page that is too complicated or that it has too much information on it.

The same that most customers will leave if your page is not loading within the first few seconds, they will do the same if they cannot navigate easily though it and they cannot find the information that they are looking for.

Make it simple and user friendly and you’ll see your conversions improve.

These are just some of the main important things to keep in mind when optimizing or creating your landing page.

If you are just interested to know more about this topic or us, to find out if we are the right fit for you and if you are spending over $500 a day and you want to scale your brand.

Book a call below:

Until next time 😉

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How We Improved Our Client’s ROAS Using Story Ads

DimNiko | Instagram Story Placement

Either if you work as an advertiser for an agency or if you run ads for your own brand, I am sure you will agree with me on the fact that this 2020 has been one of the most volatile and unpredictable years than we can remember.

Of course that makes total sense, considering that the current situation around the world is not any less crazy/unpredictable.

All of this has pushed us to become extra creative, try many different things and approaches by testing and putting into effect everything in our power to improve the performance of the campaigns.

How We Found the Variables to Test

As an example, one of our client’s, a sports clothing brand, saw a huge decrease in performance gradually and steadily starting in August and continuously for several weeks.

One of the first metrics we looked at was the difference in performance for each platform. 

What we realized was, that Instagram purchases were converting at a much higher ROAs than Facebook, and in regards to the placement, specifically, the Instagram Stories.

Testing Instagram Story Placements

We’ve decided to run some tests selecting only in the Instagram Story placement.

On average, the comparison to this first test campaign’s results with the other prospecting  campaigns, was a 3x times higher ROAs.

We then took the decision to focus the biggest part of our prospecting budget purely into Story Ads.

There are different reasons why Instagram Story Ads worked especially good for this client.

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What We Learned From the Test

  • The main target audience for this specific brand is young females, age range 18 – 30, which is, in percentage, a huge part of the general Instagram users.
  • Fitness is one of the strongest content topics on Instagram, increasing the chances of conversion for a sport’s brand.
  • We adjusted the ads into catchy videos that grabbed the user’s attention within the first seconds.
  • We created ad copies that represented the core values of the brand and differentiate them from the competitors.

The competition among the fitness market in general and the fitness clothing in particular is immense.

However, by putting our focus into optimizing and adjusting the Story ads of our campaigns, we managed to stabilize the account’s performance in some of the most volatile and difficult weeks of the year, preceding Black Friday.

The takeaway from this example is, if you are having trouble getting your campaigns to stay stable, study your metrics, analyze your campaign’s results and put the focus into optimizing your campaigns by the best converting platform and placement. 

If you are interested to know more about us, to find out if we are the right fit for you and if you are spending over $500 a day and you want to scale your brand.

Book a call below:

Until next time 😉

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What To Look For When Hiring An Agency

DimNIko | Agency

Are you an ecommerce brand owner?

If so, you are probably already aware that running the marketing for your brand is not always easy. We are in 2020, the competition is higher than ever and the classic old methods just don’t seem to work anymore.

The digital world keeps changing, getting more and more competitive and that is the main reason why most ecommerce brands turn into agencies in order to run their ads.

But how can an agency help you increase your sales and grow your business?

For a starter, agencies have access to the newest tools, as well as the knowledge about different advertising platforms, which keep changing all the time. As an entrepreneur, it is very difficult to stay on top of the newest trends in the digital world, as well as learning and mastering the platforms to run your ads profitably.

Here are some of the main points to keep into consideration when searching for an agency:

1. Experience

Once you find an agency that you are interested in, the first thing to look at is their portfolio. Check out their client’s page, read their reviews and testimonials. Any information regarding past work they did for other brands will give you a good insight into their work and expertise.

2. Connection

And by connection I mean, finding the right fit for your business. The agency culture and personality is extremely important when you start working with a new agency. Making sure you understand each other and you share the same goals, because only then can a partnership be successful.

3. Cost

Agencies can be pricey, but you should always consider how the agency can help you increase your brand based on reports and analytics, and work a budget around that. 

Going for the cheapest agency might cost your brand a lot in the long run, very low costs might also imply a low quality service. Make sure you understand how exactly your budget will be used and what results you should expect based on the strategy provided by the agency.

4. Business Knowledge

Choose an agency that understands your business, that is familiar with the field you are in and that it takes the time to study, learn and get to know your audience.

The more involved an agency is with every little detail of your business, the more successful will be the cooperation.

5. Proactivity

One of the main reasons to hire an agency is to get their professional input.

Agencies work with hundreds of clients and they get to have a very experienced eye to understand what will or will not perform well when it comes to advertising. Look for an agency that is proactive and it leads you into taking the right actions for your marketing strategy. Offering you guidance as well as providing you with the information related to the latest trends to put into practice.

These above are just a very few examples of what to look for when you want to hire an agency. And one thing is for sure, the right agency is out there for you and your brand. 

If you are interested to know more about us, to find out if we are the right fit for you and if you are spending over $500 a day and you want to scale your brand.

Book a call below:

Until next time 😉

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How Ecommerce Stores Can Take Advantage of Chatbot Integration with Facebook Ads

DimNiko - Chatbots

Would you like to know how your ecommerce brand can take advantage of a chatbot to increase sales?

First Things First, What Is a Chatbot?

Chatbot is a software that simulates interactions and conversations with the users, previously set up based on specific questions or triggers, in order to offer a service.

Using an automated chatbot gives you some advantages when comparing it to manually answering all of your page messages, like the consistency of the answers and the speed. Also, chatbots can be used across many different platforms and it will help you collect data and learn a lot from it.

Although chatbots can be used as a regular tool to help you with your customer support, they can also be utilized by running advertising campaigns in order to improve your performance.

And as mentioned above, chatbots can help you increase your sales, but how?

How Can Chatbots Help Increase Your Sales?

A chatbot not only helps you collect information from your customers but it also provides them information about your business, which allows you the possibility to create personalized offers for them. 

The speed in which a business answers to their customers once they send a message is essential to increase conversion. Nowadays, nobody likes waiting, and the faster you respond, the higher are the possibilities that the user will convert.

On Facebook ads there is an objective called Messages, this type of campaign objective will help you increase engagement and overall collect data from your visitors at a lower cost than a conversions campaign.

There are many chatbot softwares out there to choose from and by integrating your preferred one with Facebook ads, you will be able to set up a Messages campaign and use it on it. 

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With this type of campaign objective, the algo will find you the people among your audience that will most likely press the CTA button to send you a message.

And the good news is, if a user has contacted your page on Facebook messenger once, you can retarget and message them anytime.

That is why Click-to-Messenger campaigns are a great tool for ecommerce to include in the advertising strategy in order to increase engagement on Facebook ads and to retarget them later with special offers or deals.

Sending them a customized message will allow you to start meaningful conversations that look more natural via the direct message inbox as opposed to a regular ad on their feed, and that will help you boost your sales. 

And because of all of that, chatbots are a great tool for ecommerce brands to increase their sales.

Are you already using chatbots in your Facebook ads? Let us know in the comments below.

And If you have any questions about this or any other topic or you need help to scale your brand and you are spending over $500 a day.

Do not hesitate to book a call below:

See you next time 😉