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How To Create Dynamic Content On Instagram – PART 4 – IGTV Tips

We already spoke about the importance of creating dynamic content on Instagram. Until now, we covered the following topic.
How To Create Dynamic Content On Instagram – Part 1
– How To Build A Solid Content Plan For IG – Part 2
– How To Create Dynamic Content On Instagram – Part 3

In this chapter, we will speak about IGTV. 🙂

It’s no surprise that over 85% of Americans watch online videos monthly on any device. 54% percent want more from brands.

Provide what customers demand with your advertising budget or risk losing them as a customer base.

IGTV is a great way to share longer videos with the world. With up to 1 hour-long uploads, you can post them straight from within your Instagram app. (you have to select Share as Long video and Add a cover image). The ideal dimension is, as usual – 1080 x 1920 pixels or an aspect ratio of 9:16.

But why is an IGTV presence good for a brand?

IGTV allows you to engage with your audience in new ways. Now, IGTV provides a seamless shopping experience. It helps brands offer tailored content toward the needs of their target consumer through the buyer’s journey. From registering and browsing videos until they make purchases right inside the app!

And what type of content should you place on IGTV? Let me give you some ideas! The following is a list of ways to create your video series. You could put together an entire library on one topic or film different segments for each day in the week and upload them all at once!

  • Behind the curtains: IGTV provides the best opportunity to show your audience how things are done in a company. Showoff workplace culture. Film candid tours of offices. Add interviews with employees. It will give you more character for business!
  • Tutorials: People are always looking for ways to solve their problems. Create instructional videos. Show customers how to improve some aspects of life, like cooking healthier or cleaning more efficiently. (with your product, of course!)
  • Q&A: You can have a weekly Q&A session on IGTV to answer burning questions from your customers. You could do thematic episodes for different topic categories and make it fun by using hashtags related to each episode!
  • Sneak peek: You can take your audience to some significant events by using IGTV. This is a fantastic way to give them insight into what’s happening in the company and make sure they feel like part of everything!
  • Showtime! The best way to get your voice heard is by creating a branded show. Choose your thematic wisely and match the trends – exciting facts related to your niche/product.
  • Giveaways: There is no better way to keep your followers interested than coming up with creative and fun games. You can even give out free prizes in exchange for participation! Running a contest will boost your engagement with the sky.

Don’t forget that your brand always needs to stand out. You need a professional and consistent brand look across your business profiles on apps like Instagram or Facebook. This will help keep customers recognizing who they are dealing with when it comes time to make purchases from one company over another!

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How To Boost Sales In A Less Direct Way

How To Boost Sales In A Less Direct Way | DimNiko Agency

The idea is to not show a direct sales impact to the user but to make them enter your funnel more friendly through a blog article that adds value and is aligned with the product.

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In this case, you will optimize for the view content event instead of purchase.

Most of the competition optimizes for the purchase event. Yet, there is a broader audience in view content at a lower cost.

The view content event, people that they do not buy. They need another way of sale that is not so direct.

This audience needs more information and confidence to make the first purchase. Give them valuable content in the ad and on the landing page, such as the blog.

To create that content, you need to know your buyer persona very well to grab their attention. The ad’s objective is to get as many people as possible to the blog article, so the ad has to be short, concise, valuable, and not focused on selling.

When those people already know your brand and have received valuable content on the blog, retarget them with a more direct ad for sale.

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How To Create Your Customer’s “Hero’s Journey”

A lot has been said about how ads should tell stories, but there’s also a lot of storytelling happening in the actual process of making an ad.

When we think of customers, we don’t think of heroes in their own epic tales, but perceiving them as such can actually help you find a way into their consciousness and, hopefully, into their wallets.

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Here, we’ll take you through the steps you need to create a customer avatar, and how you could possibly use it in developing your ads.

Build your customer

The concept of a hero’s journey has become as legendary as the myths that follow its structure, but in terms of advertising, it’s used to enhance our understanding of our customer and their path to purchase. And as with any hero’s journey, it starts with a hero.

Your hero is your consumer—or at least, a personification of the common attributes of your product target market. This entails a process of translating data into story. Using whatever information you have about your audience and painting a character based on it. It even helps if you give this persona a name!

Like any hero, your customer has goals and things that they value. Likewise, they also face challenges and obstacles in achieving their goals. Reflecting on what these things are will help you get into your customer’s headspace. Doing so will help you find the best way to appeal to them–through their wants and needs.

Build the conflict

As with any hero’s journey, there should be conflict. But instead of a three-headed dragon or an enchanting witch, the conflict that your customer will face are the objections they may have in purchasing your product. Why would your customer hesitate? What kind of competition would steer your customer away from you? What would hold your customer back from making that purchase?

It’s a lot of negative thinking and self-criticism on your part, but doing so will actually help you make a more solid argument to sell your wares.

Build the sell

All of this pre-work is done towards the goal of answering the question, “how do we sell the product?” After building our customer avatar, getting into their mindset, and preparing for the objections they might have, we take all of these things into consideration and build a sell–an angle or messaging that we feel would best appeal to our customer. 

This could be either an emotional appeal or a functional one. Better if both. What kind of feelings do we want to feel through our product? Why would the product make the best sense for them?

Think of this as the climax of your customer’s hero’s journey: the will they-won’t they part of the tale.

And of course, we all hope for a happy ending for you and your customer.

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How To Write Persuasive Copy To Sell More Online?

DimNiko | How To Write Persuasive Copy To Sell More Online?

Although we often think that anyone can write a copy that works, it is not the case. Today I will give you a couple of tips to know how to make the best content for your website or social networks.

So, what is a persuasive copy?

Persuasive copy encourages action to the person who reads them. Whether in hiring a service, buying a product, or following the brand on social networks.

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It focuses on feelings. The needs of the target audience to understand those people and offer them what they need.

👉 Let see the steps to make a great persuasive copy to sell 👀

1️⃣ Know Your Target Audience

It is a crucial point to make persuasive copies to sell quality. Our readers will not captivate if we don’t know the people we address on taste, needs, pain points, etc.

It would help if you first defined your buyer persona. They are all possible variables like their gender, age, tastes, hobbies, needs, etc.

2️⃣ Shocking Titles

Titles will be the presentation card of what your website users will read. It would help if you created titles that generate impact.

For example, using the title “Fashion Clothes.” It is not the same as using “The Best Quality and Sustainable Fashion Clothes” or “Best Quality Clothes.” The last two are more attractive.

Remember always to avoid long titles; if that happens, the user will end up leaving.

3️⃣ Tittle Goal and Description Goal

Suppose you want your persuasive copies to sell to begin to generate impact in the first contact. It would help if you gave them a touch of differentiation of all the user’s information at their disposal.

At this point, we recommend using emojis in the main title, as they will make the copy more attractive to the user.

4️⃣ Choose the Critical Theme

We can all speak that ours (Product or services) are the best, but we must always answer: Why is it better? Before the client himself considers it.

Give data, characteristics, and real reasons why your company is better than others.

5️⃣ Write Focusing On Your Audience

-In the copy, you must propose the solution to your problem

-Magnify your product over the rest

-Offer actual proof of what you say

-Dispute doubts before the potential client can raise them.

-To close the copy, you must add a clear CTA. Let the user know the desired action to get what they need.

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Marketing Expenses That Are Worth It

DimNiko | Marketing Expenses That Are Worth It

It is significant to know the importance of marketing expenses.

For all businesses, it is a must to always include marketing expenses. 

Marketing serves as the primary function for any business that attracts customers.

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Attracting customers is what every business needs to do. This would allow an increase in sales and compete better in the market.

Understandably, this side of the business is just a bit of a challenge to assess how much to spend on what.

Power of branding

Branding is a reflection of your product, people go with someone they are familiar with. Putting a budget to branding efforts allows you to empower your business.

Content creation to build an audience

Content is the future of your audience. From content, you’re building your audience that builds your community which makes your company. 

The better the content is, the more the audience the higher the ROI.

Marketing software

Why settle for software with limitations?

The better the marketing software you have the more features you have, the more that you can make in ROI. Go big, and it will pay off as time goes on.


Experience is what matters at events. It’s something people talk about.

The better you provide the better the outcome. Would you sacrifice a few dollars spending on conference room and food and being told of it? Instead of people telling how good it was with you in the event and asking more people to join.

It is important to do quarterly and annual assessments for you to identify whether projections are aligned with the actual spending.

Making this a practice will allow you to refine your efforts and have an accurate budget as you go along.