How Does Your Landing Page Affect Your Campaigns Performance?

Have you ever considered how much your landing page affects your campaign’s performance?

Landing pages are those sites that the customers are redirected to when they click in your ad. And they must represent your brand or business as well as your product or service. 

Most advertising platforms will take into consideration the relevance and quality of your landing page and this will directly impact your ads performance.

For example, Google Adwords uses the Quality Score in order to assess the quality or level of the different points involved in your marketing campaign.

It is well known that the landing page is a very important part of the calculation in the Quality Score.

And what do you need to look for in order to rank high on the landing page Quality Score?

  • -Relevance, interesting and useful content where the main keywords used in your Google campaigns are widely present.
  • Easy to navigate both on pc or mobile.
  • Promoting transparency about your business and product/service.
  • Optimize the speed across the site, with fast loading times.

The information above mentioned can be found in more detail on the policy page of Google Adwords.

However, do other advertising platforms also give your landing page a similar score?

The short answer is, yes.

For example, on Facebook Ads, there’s a different metric called Facebook Ads Relevance and it has three main components:

Quality Ranking, Engagement Rate Ranking and Conversion Rate Ranking.

The main difference with Google’s Quality Score when it comes to the landing page ranking is that Facebook does not rely on keywords when it comes to targeting but in audiences.

Therefore, Facebook bases their scores on the engagement and interactions from the users in order to decide if your ad is relevant.

And with the help of the Facebook pixel installed on your site, it will also take into consideration the engagement and conversion rate on your website or landing page.

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How to Optimize Your Landing Page to Be Relevant and High Quality


Speed nowadays is everything, most users will lose interest in your brand or product if they need to wait just about a few seconds in order to fully load your landing page or website. 

Any landing page that takes over 3 seconds to load will lose as much as 50% of the users that were potentially customers. That is how important speed is.

Quality content

While having a landing page that is easy to navigate and that leads the users into converting, it is important to mention that the content that we present to those users is extremely important.

We don’t want to drive traffic into a very basic landing page, without information or content that only focuses on getting them to convert. 

If a user clicks on your ad it is because they are interested in your product and/or brand. Work on the content that you are providing those users and make sure that it properly represents your brand.


It is extremely important to update landing pages into the most updated design in order to keep up with the trends. 

We don’t want to drive traffic into a landing page that looks old or that it has not been updated in ages. 

Most importantly, use a design that talks to your user persona. Think who is your ideal customer and adjust the landing page in a way that it speaks to them.


Nobody wants to spend time scrolling through a landing page that is too complicated or that it has too much information on it.

The same that most customers will leave if your page is not loading within the first few seconds, they will do the same if they cannot navigate easily though it and they cannot find the information that they are looking for.

Make it simple and user friendly and you’ll see your conversions improve.

These are just some of the main important things to keep in mind when optimizing or creating your landing page.

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