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Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns – Latest addition to Google Ads

DimNiko | Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns - Latest addition to Google Ads

In November of 2021, Google announced that Performance Max Campaigns would be coming out of beta. It will be rolling out to advertiser accounts worldwide. If you haven’t heard of Performance Max, you’re not alone. I don’t think many people have heard about them. So in this article, I want to overview what performance max campaigns are and how they work.

First, I want to talk about what performance max campaigns are?

A Performance Max campaign allows businesses to buy and optimize ads across YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Google Maps.

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Businesses utilizing this campaign can promote themselves across all Google Ads inventory, leading to more customers and conversions.

Performance Max helps you achieve your goals in four main ways:

  • Increasing conversions and value: Capitalize on conversion opportunities in real-time with automated bid adjustments.
  • Finding new customers: Google’s real-time understanding of user intent, behavior, and context can help you target new audience segments with more relevant ads.
  • Gaining richer insights: The Insights page now includes data on Performance Max campaigns.
  • Working together with automation: Drive better results by providing high-quality creative assets and information about which audiences are likely to convert.

As we can see in this picture above, that shows a couple of people engaging with several different things and different icons. I think the best layout for us advertisers is probably down here. I’ll make this is a little bit bigger so you guys can see it better but. Performance max campaigns are a single campaign type that lets you reach your customers across all of these six different platforms that you see right here:

  1. Youtube
  2. Display
  3. Search
  4. Discover
  5. Gmail
  6. Maps

To reach people across all these different networks, you would have to create at least:

  • One video campaign
  • One display campaign
  • One search campaign
  • Discover campaign

To get in all these different placements performances, max rolls all of those into one so that you can reach people across all the networks without having to create all of those other campaigns.

To create a Performance max campaign, we suggest making the following :

  1. Images, at least 5 are needed with Square and Landscape versions
  2. Brand Logo, 2 versions (Square & Landscape)
  3. Video Creatives, Youtube Video URL on your Youtube Channel.
  4. Headlines, 5 variations with up to 30 characters.
  5. Long Headlines, 5 variations up to 90 characters.
  6. Descriptions, 1 with up to 60 characters and 4 variations up to 90 characters.

We will share with you now an example of a performance max campaign that we made in Dec,  

As you can see, this is the result of a campaign for only two weeks, which ended up with 3.17 ROAS. There are big chances to improve and optimize in the following weeks, but as starting campaigns, this result of ROAS is fantastic.

If you want us to run your campaigns for the best ROAS, book a call with us here 


Let’s see if we’re the right fit.

Let us know what works best for you at this point.

Have a wonderful day,


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Dabbling in Lead Generation as an eCommerce Agency

DimNiko | Lead Gen

Running Ads for financial companies is challenging; it requires a different approach, extra accuracy and a limited vocabulary. 

We faced this challenge when we started working for a car loan company. When we were considering their content, we knew right from the start that the eCom perspective of content marketing was not that applicable here. If you are running a financial company and feel concerned about your company’s growth, please make sure to have all your eyes on this case study. 

First things first, we “absorbed” the information we got from the company; who they are, what they offer, what are their values, what makes them stand out from the competitors etc. 

We have also made the competitor analyses to stay aligned with the game. 


We have dedicated the first round of creatives to show who they are, their services, the benefits of their services and attention here, please! What their customers have to say about them. 

The testimonials we got from the customers were essential; most of them were extremely happy with their services. We already know we will win in the retargeting, because if your customers are happy about your service, they will come back to you. At the end of the day, you want to have returning customers, simply because you can always bet on loyalty. 


We continued building trust among the customers, we’ve added more creatives with reviews. As we have mentioned above, a financial service is not like selling an ice-cream, when a few delicious visuals can make up 50% of the work. Here we wanted people, especially the ones on the prospecting level, to gain trust and confidence on the car loans offered by our client.  


We started getting into more details, like opening the windows to get the light in. We targeted best selling cars and their offers so that the interested customers get a tangible feeling of the offered services. People like to see what’s exactly in the box, no matter how beautiful the box is, you are still going to tear the paper and see what’s inside. And here is no exception. 


We continued the same strategy, plus added the curiosity factor – problems versus solutions. This is an everlasting formula, when you relate to a problem a consumer might have experienced, and after you offer your solution in the form of a service or product. Yes, this formula has been used many times, but it’s still working. This way, we were able to build up the growth strategy for the client. 


When we overall could show the brand from different perspectives, we have decided to move on with seasonal themes; holidays are amazing opportunities to get the attention of the consumers and freshen up the content with some entertaining word play. Remember staying aligned with the game? Yes, this is no exception. 


This period was ahead of the new year, so our main focus was getting a new car for the new year. Because every 5th person on this planet will tell you about the “New Year, New Me”, and since getting a new you is a hell of work, better get a new car and get some new feelings inside of it. Also, please, note that during these months we never stopped the best performing ads and kept running them for months, because they were and are working! 

After a successful and steady 6 months, and with the start of the New Year, we’ve made an evaluating brainstorming session with the team and decided to get back to basics. We decided to target all the best performing visuals and copies. We’ve made up lookalike creatives and push them again from a different perspective and wording. Almost like when fashion designers pick a style that was trending back in the days and twist it with a new texture or modeling. 

We call this a marketing circle, when you keep the wheel going and keep getting to the same points, but already with a different baggage, experience and value. This strategy worked for our client, but it’s no guarantee that it will work out for the other. Still, you can implement it, or ask the professionals to get a customized strategy for your business. 

If you’re a lead generation / service based business looking for an agency who specializes in online advertising. DimNiko Agency is always happy ot help your company strive.

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Metaverse in eCommerce. What to expect?

DimNiko | Metaverse in eCommerce. What to expect?

While the plot of the Metaverse is written and still in the process of production, we’ve already seen some episodes of this virtual movie. The question is how is it going to impact the tangible world of eCommerce? Let’s break it down! 

Okay, don’t hold your breath; if you can sell in real life, you can do it virtually as well. The transition takes time, work, and patience.  

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It’s been said that the Metaverse will “be a fully functioning economy”. It’s a fascinating prospect for anyone already engaged in eCommerce, as more than meaning another channel in which to sell physical products (and we all know how important it is to be omnichannel), it could also mean selling new products in the metaverse. You’ve bought a Ferrari, why not also buy a Ferrari NFT for your avatar to drive in the metaverse?

This is why some brands have taken the step of building something entirely new; integrated, dynamic digital stores which bring together the best parts of online and offline.

Virtual shopping has transformed eCommerce from static product catalogs into real-time experiences that enable consumers to ‘walk’ around a store, enjoying 3D-rendered store displays powered by AR and VR technology. 

Conclusion: Keep an eye on the meta world to know how to adjust your sails whenever your time comes. 

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Building A Community Has To Be Your Number One Priority For 2022

DimNiko | Built Community Has To Be Your Number One Priority For 2022

If you want to scale your brand this year, your priority should be to build a long-term and faithful community.

When you build a community, you are making sense of belonging. It is a place where your followers/customers feel part of a group representing them as a brand.

We have to understand that consumers buy the product by itself. They also buy the brand’s values that repel them and make them feel proud to be part of.

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Generating trust, closeness, and valuable content are some of the keys to growing a community.

Six ways to build community:

  1. Organize webinars or live videos on social media

Creating webinars or live videos through social media is the most direct way to connect with the audience. It’s the perfect opportunity to show the insides of the company and who is behind the brand. Also is a great chance to know about your audience and what they demand.

  1. Build powerful social networks

There is no more room for empty content. Social networks need to be taken as daily work for any eCommerce. Showing the brand’s natural and honest face should be a priority.

  1. Provide the best possible service

Offer all the tools to the consumer to feel comfortable and safe when buying.

  1. Strong Email Marketing

Email can be an effective way to communicate, especially when you have an existing relationship with the recipient. The content you send via email to your customers needs to be relevant and precise.

  1. Create a blog with valuable content

Even if you have an eCommerce store, you can create a blog within the website. Write about different topics related to the product.

  1. Create conversion campaigns through Facebook Ads

A well-defined funnel and a well-implemented strategy generate sales. They keep customers by providing good service.

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Online Marketing Trends We Need To Be Aware Of In 2022

DimNiko | Online Marketing Trends We Need To Be Aware Of In 2022

Online marketers felt the effect of the changes implemented by different platforms due to the policy restrictions introduced by Apple’s iOS14 update.

So let’s discuss how we need to adapt to these changes and what to be aware of in 2022.

It is a must to understand that we should forget about built-up tracking.

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1. We can be using UTM parameters and more known tracking software, but none of them will have 100% accuracy.

And that’s not the only reason why tracking is getting so difficult nowadays. The actual reasons are the consumers.

They are getting used to ads popping up in their feed. They can understand when and why they’re seeing this ad. They even understand the meaning of the word retargeting.

Market sophistication is a significant trend we need to consider in 2022. 

2. How to cope with it? The answer is straightforward – Creatives!

Your content needs to grab attention! It needs to be stylish, fresh, and interesting.

We are already working in an era of AIs, and the strength of the algorithms is only developing and improving. So the primary focus should be your creativity. 

3. Another significant trend we need to follow is building brand awareness.

Users can now differentiate an online store created a day ago from a store that represents a well-established brand.

Since tracking isn’t accurate anymore, we need to be looking at online marketing as a whole. All the efforts that we apply to different platforms should be calculated together. 

As the market sophistication is very high, we need to be looking for more and more marketing approaches. 

And it is a must to understand that users don’t convert from seeing an ad on one platform anymore.

The best user experience would be seeing an ad for your product on Facebook, followed by a different kind of ad in Tik Tok. Retarget it by another type of ad on YouTube. Follow it by another retargeting ad on Pinterest. These efforts will make the user Google your brand and be exposed to a Search Google ad. 

And believe it or not but this is how 2022 will look like. 

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Predictive Text: Our 2022 Predictions on Ad Copy Trends

DimNiko | Predictive Text: Our 2022 Predictions on Ad Copy Trends

It’s the end of the year once again, and as it normally goes during this time of the year, we make predictions on what we think will happen in the next. So here goes our fearless forecast on what the best practices in copywriting will be in 2022.

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The medium is the message…and the audience!

Much has been said about the importance of writing for your audience. And when we say this, we normally think of our tone of voice. Does the copy use the language and style that our audience normally uses? Is it relatable, understandable, and conversational?

But another aspect of this that we also need to consider is how native our language is to the medium that our ad copy will be on. This might not be as pertinent to the usual ad placements, but it’s very important when it comes to native ads. 

Native ads are kind of like the digital versions of the newspaper advertorial. These are headlines and articles in news sites and blogs that look like ordinary articles but are actually sponsored posts. Basically, it’s long-form ad copy disguised as a native article. For these kinds of ads, it’s very important that your ad “fits in” well with the rest of the site’s contents. 

Generally speaking…

With the continued tightening of data privacy laws, it became increasingly difficult this year to make hyper-targeted campaigns. We don’t see this changing anytime soon, so we might need to take a page out of the ole copywriting book and write for more general audiences. 

Yes, we understand that it’s a difficult balance. First we tell you to write in the specific voice of your audience, and now we tell you to write for a more general audience. But such is the challenge of our times, and the key is to find that sweet spot.

Write content, not copy

As digital advertising continues to expand, our audiences are more likely to continue maturing as well. No matter how deftly we camouflage our ads (see native ads above), there will be an increasing number of consumers who will be able to spot an ad or know that we’re selling them something.

Sometimes, for smarter audiences, the solution isn’t to improve your native ad’s disguise but to actually be truer to yourself–to be a plain and simple ad. The more honest and transparent your copy is, the better.

Apart from honesty, there is also the power of story. People don’t consume ads; they consume content. So don’t be afraid of rattling on with long copy or a video testimonial. It might actually be the raw, very personal stories that people will gravitate towards more.

Prediction, not premonition

As with most year-end forecasts, there needs to be a caveat. These predictions are not set in stone are simply observations of trends–estimations of where the wind might take us and how to set our sails.

We hope that these thoughts give you some ideas on what we can do in 2022. 

As the old copy goes, have a prosperous new year!

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Engage Your Customers – Don’t Let Them Go

DimNiko | Engage Your Customers - Don't Let Them Go

We all agree on one fact that most people nowadays spend a good part of their time on social platforms. Regarding traffic, organic traffic on social media it’s very valuable.

These days, every business has a social media presence. Only half of them, if not more, are creating engaging organic content for their pages.

The competition is getting harder especially on the paid media side.

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Talking now about organic, each business should have an engaging organic social presence.

You need to figure out your audience – what they are looking for and what would capture their attention.

Content is the first thing to test is to understand your audience’s preferences – images, videos, simple text posts, and memes. These are all important to know to increase the engagement rate.

It also depends on the product, but generally speaking, the idea is the same for each business model.

Once you understand your audience, you have enough data to take further steps. Optimize your profile, and encourage interaction even more.

To analyze your audience data, it is perfect to set google analytics. You’ll have the most insights – the time they spend on-site, when, and their demographics.

It’s recommended to fill out all your business information. This will show more trust, upload branded profile images, and covers.

In your organic posts, relevant hashtags should be included. It helps make your content more discoverable on searches. It reaches people interested in your post/product.

Once you reach this point, it is time to think of a community, as more and more people start to roll in. Communities are beneficial. It can increase sales. Some businesses may not fit this.

Running only paid ads with no organic presence is very hard, and most of the time, unsuccessful.

Start asap as this is crucial to a successful business.

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Top 5 Visual Trends We Expect To See In eComm For 2022

DimNiko | Top 5 Visual Trends We Expect To See In eComm For 2022

There is a widespread opinion that 2022 is going to top up 2021. And we agree with that. Now that we’ve switched to a digital way of living, we aren’t going back for millennia. Ask yourselves; is my eComm brand competitive?

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Better visuals will dominate in 2022. All these TikTok trends and Reels have reinvented the perception of creatives. 

Thus, It’s worth spending more time and investment to create better visuals.

Here are the top 5 visual tactics you can consider using: 

1. Create 360-degree images or videos of your top-selling products.

2. Invest in a visual search tool to allow customers to search for products using images.

3. Repurpose user-generated content on your product pages to boost conversion rate.

4. Use QR tagging to connect and blend offline and online content.

5. Create an interactive 3D visual, often functional with highly configurable products.

You can jump on these trends, and if you need quality help from eComm professionals, shoot us a message.

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How To Create Dynamic Content On Instagram – PART 3

DimNiko | How To Create Dynamic Content On Instagram - PART 3

If you have never used Reels, it can be scary at the beginning – how to start with it?

Well, it said that “Reels are the TikTok’s of Instagram.” They’re full-screen. Short videos that give you everything letting your creativity shine through!

You can record up to 30 seconds with no ad breaks in Reel mode and share it customized!

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You will have a lot of editing possibilities. You can adjust the speed, add effects, and touch up your creativity.

If you want more than 10 seconds of Reel, add music!

Reels are like having Insta stories on your feed. If you have a business, post a mix of Reels and regular posts (videos & images) and use it as a marketing tool.

Instagram has around 500 million daily users. Imagine that potential.

Unique content will increase engagement, improve your brand awareness, and boost your sales. The best trick is using a viral song as background music.

Reels can appear in 3 different places: on your feed, on the Reel tab, and the account’s grid view. This means that you have to prepare for these three dimensions. The Reels videos have the “usual” Story ad dimensions: 1080×1920. Your followers will see this version in your Reels tab, the Explore page, and Hashtag Pages.

The other dimension your Reed will show up is the normal feed zone. The system will show only 1080×1350 size. Fit all the texts you want your followers to read into this dimension.

Show your Reels in your main feed by adding a cover image, don’t forget that the grid size is 1080×1080 square.  You have to make sure that your text fits inside this square.  

This may sound not very easy, but believe me, it will take only 1-2 tries, and you will create Reels like a Pro!

Start using Reels to boost your business. Start with at least 1 Reels/ week to understand its effect on your numbers.

Don’t forget to build a thematic plan. Design your content in advance. Use Reels for a certain kind of content.

You also can share testimonials and user-generated content on your “Reels-days.”

Your customer will like the value you provide. Just try not to repeat yourself. 

In the next chapter, I will come back with some IGTV tips – stay tuned!