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Dabbling in Lead Generation as an eCommerce Agency

DimNiko | Lead Gen

Running Ads for financial companies is challenging; it requires a different approach, extra accuracy and a limited vocabulary. 

We faced this challenge when we started working for a car loan company. When we were considering their content, we knew right from the start that the eCom perspective of content marketing was not that applicable here. If you are running a financial company and feel concerned about your company’s growth, please make sure to have all your eyes on this case study. 

First things first, we “absorbed” the information we got from the company; who they are, what they offer, what are their values, what makes them stand out from the competitors etc. 

We have also made the competitor analyses to stay aligned with the game. 


We have dedicated the first round of creatives to show who they are, their services, the benefits of their services and attention here, please! What their customers have to say about them. 

The testimonials we got from the customers were essential; most of them were extremely happy with their services. We already know we will win in the retargeting, because if your customers are happy about your service, they will come back to you. At the end of the day, you want to have returning customers, simply because you can always bet on loyalty. 


We continued building trust among the customers, we’ve added more creatives with reviews. As we have mentioned above, a financial service is not like selling an ice-cream, when a few delicious visuals can make up 50% of the work. Here we wanted people, especially the ones on the prospecting level, to gain trust and confidence on the car loans offered by our client.  


We started getting into more details, like opening the windows to get the light in. We targeted best selling cars and their offers so that the interested customers get a tangible feeling of the offered services. People like to see what’s exactly in the box, no matter how beautiful the box is, you are still going to tear the paper and see what’s inside. And here is no exception. 


We continued the same strategy, plus added the curiosity factor – problems versus solutions. This is an everlasting formula, when you relate to a problem a consumer might have experienced, and after you offer your solution in the form of a service or product. Yes, this formula has been used many times, but it’s still working. This way, we were able to build up the growth strategy for the client. 


When we overall could show the brand from different perspectives, we have decided to move on with seasonal themes; holidays are amazing opportunities to get the attention of the consumers and freshen up the content with some entertaining word play. Remember staying aligned with the game? Yes, this is no exception. 


This period was ahead of the new year, so our main focus was getting a new car for the new year. Because every 5th person on this planet will tell you about the “New Year, New Me”, and since getting a new you is a hell of work, better get a new car and get some new feelings inside of it. Also, please, note that during these months we never stopped the best performing ads and kept running them for months, because they were and are working! 

After a successful and steady 6 months, and with the start of the New Year, we’ve made an evaluating brainstorming session with the team and decided to get back to basics. We decided to target all the best performing visuals and copies. We’ve made up lookalike creatives and push them again from a different perspective and wording. Almost like when fashion designers pick a style that was trending back in the days and twist it with a new texture or modeling. 

We call this a marketing circle, when you keep the wheel going and keep getting to the same points, but already with a different baggage, experience and value. This strategy worked for our client, but it’s no guarantee that it will work out for the other. Still, you can implement it, or ask the professionals to get a customized strategy for your business. 

If you’re a lead generation / service based business looking for an agency who specializes in online advertising. DimNiko Agency is always happy ot help your company strive.