Will Social Media Networks Remain Competitive This 2022?

How essential smaller social media networks like TikTok are to remain highly competitive 2022 and how it can complement your Facebook ad performance. 

One thing all media buyers can agree on is that especially with Facebook and Google, we’ve seen a steady and consistent rise in the costs associated with running ads on these big networks. 

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook and Google are essential for acquiring new customers and staying relevant. These platforms have matured to a level that will take years for platforms such as TikTok and Pinterest to reach. But this is why we see a lot of opportunity with these platforms as well. 

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So in this piece, I’m going to give you 3 reasons and tips on how to decrease your overall CPM on your Facebook Ads and how you can use platforms such as TikTok to complement these changes. And why these 3 different topics can get you highly competitive for 2022. 

Facebook Ads Timing & Relevance 

Let’s start with some of the essential changes you need to make in order to increase your performance on Facebook. 

Facebook Ads Manager provides you with metrics such as your Quality ranking and Ad Relevance score. When you provide your customers with quality and engaging content on your ads, Facebook will reward you with lower ad costs as it takes a lot less to create engagement on your ads. There are some cases where a conversation can be started on your ad, responding to negative comments, etc. 

How do you do this?

The number one thing to do first, is to test the new ads you are rolling out and understand what type of content really drives engagement on your ads alone. Be it the creative or the copy and test with both until you begin to see strong results. Don’t be afraid to go completely outside of the box as this is basically what you will need to do on TikTok as well and we’ll get to that.

This is also where timing comes into play. The timing is not only just the time of day/week that you are pushing your ads. But the whole mindset and reason why your potential customers should be buying at the exact time they are seeing your ads. Using weight loss supplements as an example; it’s the start of the year, everyone is on holiday and new year’s resolutions are on most people’s minds. 

Here you can create somewhat controversial ads about letting loose and indulging in the holiday spirit and packing on a few extra pounds to create a conversation in the comments by asking a question right before or after your CTA. This has the potential to drive some negative comments, funny reactions, or just a conversation, in general, depending obviously on how well you execute the creatives, and how well you place and target your audiences. This leads me to…

TikTok Audiences vs Facebook Audiences

Here’s where we get into the importance of using both platforms. It is important to understand that TikTok and Facebook are two completely different types of platforms and that people use them for different reasons. You can use this to your advantage by understanding how to use Tiktok. I’m personally not someone that typically uses TikTok but for these exact reasons, I started using it. 

I would rather categorize TikTok more as an entertainment platform, people want to be entertained and if they aren’t, you will see little to zero engagement on both the social media site and advertising side. TikTok has a beautiful algorithm that can work really well if you know how to manipulate it. 

To some it up as short as possible, your content gets shown to a small number of people within a certain circle once you post, if it does well it starts to expand your content to a wider circle of people incrementally to the point where, if it does well, can go super-viral at a rapid rate. You can technically show off your product to millions of people without it costing a cent. 

The same applies to your ads with TikTok. The type of content and the quality and relevance of your ads have a direct impact on your performance, way more than Facebook ads do. This is why you need to understand the type of audiences you are showing your ads to, beyond just the segmented interest targeting. 

The number one “motto” for TikTok ads is: “Don’t make ads, make Tik Toks”. It’s super important that the ads that you are pushing on TikTok are actual Tiktoks. It might sound like a daunting task to undertake, but the payoff can be priceless. The audience base on TikTok is there to look at TikTok and as soon as they smell an ad they will swipe and move on to the next one without thinking twice.  

Using TikTok to compliment your Facebook ads and vise versa

You might be wondering what your Facebook Relevance score has to do with your TikTok ads. 

Since TikTok is cheap to run, the sheer amount of traffic you get in from the platform can actually start cluttering your retargeting audiences which caused a bit of a problem initially. Since TikTok has a much younger audience base, a lot of them still use Instagram for their social media needs which is where all that traffic started diverting to. 

We started seeing a decline in the frequency with our retargeting campaign but also a drop in our click-through rate, engagement, and conversion rate which is why we started investigating the correlation between the two platforms, as this campaign performed well for about a year. 

As we were getting more and more traffic from TikTok, this is where we decided to start implementing creative changes in order to start getting better results. Our Instagram placements started delivering a lot more ads to the platform, and our demographic started balancing out towards a younger audience, mainly on Instagram. 

We started running Instagram and Facebook placements in separate campaigns or separate ad sets within the same campaigns and adjusted budgets accordingly. Essentially running and pushing our TikToks on Instagram and running these ads through mainly stories and reels. Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube basically stole the idea from TikTok by introducing stories, reels, and shorts. 

I believe platforms like TikTok have a ton of potential to run ads, even stand-alone. But the need to diversify your traffic is essential to stay ahead of the game in 2022. And if you are an older veteran of Facebook ads, you know what type of potential lies within these smaller social media platforms. 

It is important to understand and study how your audience and traffic are behaving across all the platforms and your website. The method we implemented above might be as simple as we experienced with this specific brand, and there is still a lot of testing that needs to be done, but from what we can see we are moving in the right direction. 

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