Online Marketing Trends We Need To Be Aware Of In 2022

Online marketers felt the effect of the changes implemented by different platforms due to the policy restrictions introduced by Apple’s iOS14 update.

So let’s discuss how we need to adapt to these changes and what to be aware of in 2022.

It is a must to understand that we should forget about built-up tracking.

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1. We can be using UTM parameters and more known tracking software, but none of them will have 100% accuracy.

And that’s not the only reason why tracking is getting so difficult nowadays. The actual reasons are the consumers.

They are getting used to ads popping up in their feed. They can understand when and why they’re seeing this ad. They even understand the meaning of the word retargeting.

Market sophistication is a significant trend we need to consider in 2022. 

2. How to cope with it? The answer is straightforward – Creatives!

Your content needs to grab attention! It needs to be stylish, fresh, and interesting.

We are already working in an era of AIs, and the strength of the algorithms is only developing and improving. So the primary focus should be your creativity. 

3. Another significant trend we need to follow is building brand awareness.

Users can now differentiate an online store created a day ago from a store that represents a well-established brand.

Since tracking isn’t accurate anymore, we need to be looking at online marketing as a whole. All the efforts that we apply to different platforms should be calculated together. 

As the market sophistication is very high, we need to be looking for more and more marketing approaches. 

And it is a must to understand that users don’t convert from seeing an ad on one platform anymore.

The best user experience would be seeing an ad for your product on Facebook, followed by a different kind of ad in Tik Tok. Retarget it by another type of ad on YouTube. Follow it by another retargeting ad on Pinterest. These efforts will make the user Google your brand and be exposed to a Search Google ad. 

And believe it or not but this is how 2022 will look like. 

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