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How We Took a Client to 1M in Revenue Through Diversifying Their Traffic Sources




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How We Took a Client to 1M in Revenue Through Diversifying Their Traffic Sources

Today we’re going to discuss a long term client. 

A client who has been with us since the start. 

This client is an automotive brand specializing in remote car starters . 

You might have heard us discuss them previously because their results continue to be epic. 

But, today, we’re going to branch out from our typical Facebook Ads discussion and jump into Google Ads. 

The client decided in 2018 to diversify their traffic with Google Ads to help compliment their current ads on Facebook. 

We started from scratch building the account from the bottom up. 

The client’s goal here was to reach 1M in revenue. 

We achieved this within the first year and we’ve been under their KPIs ever since we started scaling their brand in 2018. 

Right now, we’re currently doing 124K in revenue / month, with a 13X ROAS spending 260$/day in ad spend… 

There’s nothing crazy about the amount we’re spending. In fact, the ad spend is super cheap compared to other platforms. 

But again, the sole purpose of running Google Ads was to compliment their Facebook Ads. 

Even our strategy isn’t crazy wild or anything, but the important thing here is that Facebook and Google are great complimentary platforms to run. 

Retargeting someone on Facebook who was searching for your product on Google ensures they’re not forgetting your brand. 

It keeps your brand top of mind when they are ready to purchase. 

So here’s how we set it up: 

For the first campaign, we set up a branded keyword campaign based on the business name. 

Pretty simple. 

The idea here is that branded keywords allow people who see your ad on Facebook easily find your brand on Google without landing on your competitors site.

And, for the second campaign, we set up non branded keywords, targeting keywords related to their business that we thought people would be using when researching their product. 

Basically anything related to car brands, or automatic / remote car starters. 

Since the product didn’t work for all car models, we used ad groups to separate keywords for each car model to ensure the right users would land on the relevant products. 

Ultimately improving the customer experience.

Both campaigns were set up in Google search with responsive ads. 

We optimized keywords based on what we saw was working vs what wasn’t. 

The campaigns have been stable and profitable from the very start 

And, the CPA has been under $10 vs $50-60 CPAs we’re getting from Facebook Ads

Making it easier to scale while simultaneously driving brand awareness and getting the product seen by a new audience. 

In the first three months running Google Ads, our revenue was $47K since then we’ve 7x the revenue and are currently pulling in $372K revenue in the last 3 months. 

The ROAS went from 8X to 13X. 

And our ad spend went from $50/day with 2 campaigns to $110/day in one campaign and $150/day in the other. 

See the strategy isn’t anything wild or outstanding, but the results?

We’re pulling in a new audience for this client that they wouldn’t have had before. 

Sales that you can’t get from Facebook

And nurturing them through the funnel. 

So if you want to diversify your traffic and make sure you’re reaching every potential buyer across a variety of platforms, our team is happy to help out. 

We’re running ads on Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SnapChat, TikTok, and Twitter. 

Any one of these we’re happy to help you out with. 

If you’re interested book a call below 

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