Our Warm Traffic Strategy Used to 32.97x ROAS During Black Friday




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Our Warm Traffic Strategy Used to 32.97x ROAS During Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always big days for eCommerce brands. 

Consumers have their credit cards ready to buy. 

So it’s no surprise that these are usually the brand’s biggest days revenue-wise. 

One of our biggest clients had a pretty epic BFCM. 

They saw $431,341USD on Black Friday alone. 

We’re not even going to touch on Cyber Monday

But for reference, it was a very similar number. 

Anyways, this brand, they are in the beauty niche.

Selling DIY nail polish. 

Literally the perfect Christmas gift for any female. 

We started their Black Friday prep at the beginning of November.

There were two basic strategies we used. 

The first was targeting their very active and engaging Facebook Page and community. 

This brand had utilized an online community like none other. 

Their Facebook group was a place for people to get inspiration and ask questions about the product. 

Our main goal here was to increase traffic to the page before Black Friday. 

We created a campaign sending traffic to their Facebook page. The budget was about $10/day. 

We kept the budget low because we knew the campaign wasn’t going to bring in purchases rather acquire new visitors. 

By driving people to their page, we were increasing brand awareness so when Black Friday hit we could retarget them in our middle of funnel campaigns. 

Since the client was posting engaging content, the audience was warm and trusted the brand. 

When the Black Friday sale hit, we retargeted this audience and saw an average ROAS of 21.2

A crazy high ROAS. 

Our second strategy was experimenting with optimization events. 

Everyone is always longing for purchases – it’s why we optimize our campaigns for purchases. 

But even if a purchase is a goal, it’s important to look at the structure of campaigns from a bigger perspective. 

To do this – we uploaded several campaigns with Add to Cart optimization. 

We were getting really cheap Add to Carts, but very few purchases. 

Despite the high cost per purchase, we kept the campaigns on. 

The goal here was to build a big strong audience of people who added products to their cart but didn’t purchase. 

When Black Friday rolled around, we retargeted this audience with the very product they left in their cart. 

This made them convert. 

The average ROAS for our bottom of funnel campaign was 32.97

Both of the approaches had very similar ideas. 

We wanted to create different warm audiences who were waiting for these Black Friday offers. 

The offer was 25% off the entire website + free shipping. 

Most of November was a slow period because our main goal was to accumulate different types of future customers and pull them into our funnel to retarget during Black Friday. 

The result was a huge spike at the end of the month. 

As you can see from this screenshot, we managed to have a very successful Black Friday offer. 

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