How to Build Effective Retargeting Campaigns for Ecommerce Stores

Retargeting campaigns depend on 4 key factors that determine the success of the campaign.

But first, why is there a need for retargeting campaigns?

Why Do You Need Retargeting Campaigns?

It might be obvious, but retargeting is a very powerful funnel, since you already know that a potential customer has made the journey to your store.

Creating retargeting campaigns could be a delicate process since you don’t want to spam your customers to the point where they lose interest in you products. Setting up retargeting campaigns is the “easy” part. As a basis you want to target your typical add to cart, initiated checkout, time spent on site, etc.

There are a lot to choose from and testing is important. An effective retargeting campaign does not entirely depend on having just the right campaign structure.

It’s about understanding your customers.

Here are 4 key factors that determine a successful campaign include, understanding your customer journey, the creative angle, understanding your product and budget.

1. Understanding Your Customer’s Journey.

When you create your website, you have a pretty good idea of how you want your customers to behave on your website. You either want them to land and go straight to purchase or have them spend some time on the website and engage with your page.

Using tools such as Google Analytics will give you great insight on what your customers are doing with your website. If you know how to use Google Analytics as it is intended to be used, it allows you to track your customers’ journey in great detail.

Setting up a campaign structure based on the drop of points of your customers are a great way to customize your creatives for specific personalized ads.

2. Creative Angle

The creative angles of your ads are by far the most important.

As an example, you decide to set-up a campaign structure for add to cart abandoners. Having creatives that nudge users back to their cart with a personalized message such as “Did you forget something?” or “You left something in your cart” is a great way to get them back to our store.

These creatives should include links that lead direct to the add to cart page or checkout page, depending on which audience you target.

We have seen quite a few retargeting campaigns that have a very standard ad for their retargeting campaign, which might be more suitable for a prospecting campaign.

Implementing customer reviews and UGC are great ways to target users that haven’t added cart but have interacted with your website such as view content, time spent on site users etc.

Customers are already interested, you just need to nudge them a little.

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3. Understanding your product

Understanding your product is important, there are two ways to take this to your advantage.

With prospecting campaigns you will need to know how frequently your customers will need to return to your store.

Is your product a one time purchase or does your customer need it every three months? Understanding this will allow you to exclude the right purchase period not only from your retargeting campaign, but all your campaigns.

Ideally you would want to have a separate retention campaign, but if your budget is tight, this might be a good way to score some extra purchases.

4. Campaign Budget

This might be the most important factor for your retargeting campaigns.

As I mentioned above, you don’t want to spam your customers. The balance of your budget structure is considerably important and depends on your prospecting campaign structure.

Your budget should be balanced, your prospecting campaigns need to feed your retargeting campaigns. Looking at key metrics such as Frequency on your ads manager will indicate if your campaign structure is out of balance.

It might be hard to keep your cool, since you might see the campaign is doing great, and you want to scale.

Having a budget that’s too high for retargeting can bring you quick results, but for a long term strategy it could be disastrous.

When you are able to scale your prospecting campaigns, you are able to scale your retargeting campaigns.

Retargeting campaigns is a powerful funnel in your ads manager.

Understanding that retargeting doesn’t solely depend on what you target, but how you target will bring you a stable and successful campaign.

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Utilizing different tools such as Google analytics and understanding the metrics from your ads manager is essential to build a successful retargeting campaign.

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