5 Best Practices for Ecommerce Facebook Ad Creatives

Facebook Ad creatives are crucial to the success of your ecommerce ads. Without high quality ad creatives you will not see good results and you will not hit your goals.

You can have the best Facebook Ads strategy in the world but if you creatives are average the ad will not perform and you will not make any sales.

The top 5 best practices for ecommerce facebook ad creatives are as follows:

1. Build Top of The Funnel Creatives

Top of the funnel creatives are speaking to potential customers that have not come across your brand before, they have never been to your website and have never purchased from you.

So the creatives you are showing them need to showcase the product, need to talk about the benefits of the product, the solution your product offers the market, any key features your product has and it would also be good to add into the content social proof from your customers.

2. Have Organic Style Middle of The Funnel Creatives

Middle of the funnel creatives are targeting potential customers that have interacted with your brand on social media but never made it to your website or purchased before.

As these potential customers have already shown some interest in your brand you now need to show different aspects of your product through your social media creatives.

This should include, unboxing videos, taste testing videos, trying on clothes, reaction videos and in use videos. These facebook creatives show more about the product and encourage the potential customers to buy.

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3. Direct Bottom Of The Funnel Creatives

When you are running facebook ads to the bottom of the funnel, you are targeting customers that have made it to your website but have not purchased yet.

The type of ad creatives you want to show to them are direct and they handle the last objections they might have to buy your product.

These can involve review videos, testimonials, competitor review videos, product experience pieces. These are you last ditch effort to get the customer to buy your product.

4. Test multiple angles / ideas for top of the funnel

You might have 1 idea you want to test with your ecommerce creatives but the truth behind marketing is you need to test test test and then test again.

You can never be sure what will convert until you test it. So I would brainstorm 5 different ideas/angles for your top of the funnel and test all of them one after the other and see which converts best. If you have the budget you can test them at the same time.

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5. Use the Facebook Ad Library to stalk your competition and good brands in the eCom space

This tool allows you to see exactly what ads your competition is running. You should spend a good few hours stalking your competition and good brands in the space to see what others are doing and try to adapt that to your own brand.

These are the best practices to ensure you have world class ad creatives.

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Dan (Head of Partnerships At The DimNiko Agency)

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