How To Create Dynamic Content On Instagram – PART 4 – IGTV Tips

We already spoke about the importance of creating dynamic content on Instagram. Until now, we covered the following topic.
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In this chapter, we will speak about IGTV. 🙂

It’s no surprise that over 85% of Americans watch online videos monthly on any device. 54% percent want more from brands.

Provide what customers demand with your advertising budget or risk losing them as a customer base.

IGTV is a great way to share longer videos with the world. With up to 1 hour-long uploads, you can post them straight from within your Instagram app. (you have to select Share as Long video and Add a cover image). The ideal dimension is, as usual – 1080 x 1920 pixels or an aspect ratio of 9:16.

But why is an IGTV presence good for a brand?

IGTV allows you to engage with your audience in new ways. Now, IGTV provides a seamless shopping experience. It helps brands offer tailored content toward the needs of their target consumer through the buyer’s journey. From registering and browsing videos until they make purchases right inside the app!

And what type of content should you place on IGTV? Let me give you some ideas! The following is a list of ways to create your video series. You could put together an entire library on one topic or film different segments for each day in the week and upload them all at once!

  • Behind the curtains: IGTV provides the best opportunity to show your audience how things are done in a company. Showoff workplace culture. Film candid tours of offices. Add interviews with employees. It will give you more character for business!
  • Tutorials: People are always looking for ways to solve their problems. Create instructional videos. Show customers how to improve some aspects of life, like cooking healthier or cleaning more efficiently. (with your product, of course!)
  • Q&A: You can have a weekly Q&A session on IGTV to answer burning questions from your customers. You could do thematic episodes for different topic categories and make it fun by using hashtags related to each episode!
  • Sneak peek: You can take your audience to some significant events by using IGTV. This is a fantastic way to give them insight into what’s happening in the company and make sure they feel like part of everything!
  • Showtime! The best way to get your voice heard is by creating a branded show. Choose your thematic wisely and match the trends – exciting facts related to your niche/product.
  • Giveaways: There is no better way to keep your followers interested than coming up with creative and fun games. You can even give out free prizes in exchange for participation! Running a contest will boost your engagement with the sky.

Don’t forget that your brand always needs to stand out. You need a professional and consistent brand look across your business profiles on apps like Instagram or Facebook. This will help keep customers recognizing who they are dealing with when it comes time to make purchases from one company over another!

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