Three Lookalike Audience Hacks Dropping Our Client’s CPA’s

In the ever-changing world of Facebook Ads, finding new media buying tactics that help drop your CPA and increase your ROAS is what we love to see.

Recently I have noticed three lookalike audiences that are performing extremely well for accounts, but it’s not as simple as you think.

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Let me explain the 3x audiences you should set up and how to implement this strategy into your account.

Firstly you want to create these 3x custom audiences in the audience section of the ad account:

  1. Purchasers in the last 90 Days
  1. Facebook Engagers in the last 180 Days
  1. 10 Second Video Viewers in the last 90 Days

Now comes the interesting part…

You need to create 10x lookalike audiences for each custom audience you made earlier.

To be extremely clear you will create: 

1% Lookalike Purchasers in the last 90 Days

2% Lookalike Purchasers in the last 90 Days

3% Lookalike Purchasers in the last 90 Days

4% Lookalike Purchasers in the last 90 Days

5% Lookalike Purchasers in the last 90 Days

6% Lookalike Purchasers in the last 90 Days

7% Lookalike Purchasers in the last 90 Days

8% Lookalike Purchasers in the last 90 Days

9% Lookalike Purchasers in the last 90 Days

10% Lookalike Purchasers in the last 90 Days

And then do the same thing for the Facebook Engagers and Video Views audiences. So there will be 30x lookalike audiences in total.

Now jump into the ads manager section and when you create a new campaign, select all the purchase lookalikes you created at the ad set level for campaign #1

Then create campaign #2 with the 10x lookalikes audiences of the FB Engagers audience and then create campaign #3 with the last 10x lookalike audience of the 10 Second Video Viewers.

So at this point, you will have 3x new campaigns running. 

The next part is crucial to ensure the success of the campaigns.

You should go back to the last 3 months’ results and find the top 5 creatives that have been performing over that time period.

You will add these 5 creatives into the 3x campaigns.

So the structure of each campaign will be as follows.

1x Campaign → 1x Ad Set → 5 Ads

Let the campaigns spend at least $60 – $100 before you determine to start scaling them, optimizing them, or turning them off.

If you see the campaign is unprofitable, jump into the ad level and see which creative is getting the most spend that is not performing and turn it off so facebook can spend on the other ads.

Implementing this tactic into our accounts has seen a reduction in CPA of about 30% which has allowed us to scale up the ad spend much further for clients.

Try this out and let me know how you go!

If you have enjoyed this and it has helped your brand feel free to book a call with us and we can discuss how to take your brand to the next level.

You can book here: https://dimniko.com/msp-apply

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