Test, Boost & Let FB Magic Do The Job

Sometimes we complicate things too much. In life and in our business.

Simple things usually work the best, but we just need to try the ‘complicated stuff’ 99% of our time.

It’s in our nature.

We’re not primitive animals, we’re very complex beings.

Those who know how to sell simple things like to advertise it in a very complex way.

Our politics talk in complicated ways and have complicated rules, so we ‘regular’ people don’t understand them.

Even religions complicate matters too much with all these different beliefs and learnings, as the end goal of it all is pretty simple:

’To be happy.’

But I don’t want to go into this too deep as it might get into matters that are very easy to ’argue’ about.

And we will make this simple topic very complex for sure. So I will talk about FB ads where I am most familiar with.

If God today is FB for most us then we (marketers) are his slaves and you (clients) are God’s sponsors (or supporters).

And God can bless you with all the miracles he or she has (optimization).

And with profit that you will make (with his blessing), your life can become very happy.

So it’s a perfect circle!

The more you support, the more blessing you will get!

But, this new God is also very tricky.

So even with this simple game he made it very complex.

With all this tools, rules, strategies and techniques, a simple game can become overwhelming for most of us.

And ‘our’ God likes money the most.

Like Osho back in the days.

We just tell him how much we want to spend and then we need to believe that he will do his/her magic and tried to bring us new customers / clients / sales.

So we are like prayers. We pray for something and we give money.

We don’t know how God does this magic, but we believe.

But to ‘believe’ efficiently, we need to know few things.

Otherwise this ’simple’ game this God is playing will not work.

We need to know how to test properly and how to react after our testing for the best ROI.

And because his slaves (we / agency) test a lot for you, we have a very simple tip for your new ads with 0 engagement.

(Now enough of this God bul%&#it please!!!)

We see that lots of ads we push out can’t optimize properly before they get quality engagement.

By quality engagement, we define 30-40 positive comments.

And also likes and shares.

The more likes and shares our ad post will have, the better it will perform.

So when testing new creatives we like to test 3-5 versions of the same creative.

We can go to dynamics and test many at once but in some accounts this method works much better.

We create 3-5 versions of same creative (talking about videos here) and change just the first few seconds (click stoppers)

We then put all into one CBO campaign and a few adsets.

Each one will have 3-5 creatives.

We run at $50-100 for a few days, then we analyze.

If we see the best performance over all adsets in no.3 creative, we will turn off all the others and focus on no.3.

We will also make a PPE campaign and push it to get 30-40 comments very fast.

Then we will duplicate this and make tons of small campaigns or few big ones (depends what works better in your account) and push it further.

Facebook will then do the magic and give us a blessing.

Now all we have to do from this point is to raise or lower our budgets.

Depending on how the account performs we will carefully observe the last 3-4 days or the last 7 days.

If CPA or ROAS goes over our KPI, we will lower budgets by 10%, and if it goes over, we will raise it for 20%.

Of course if we’re impatient we can scale quicker, but the most steady performance we see is when we follow our 10down/20up rule.

And this is pretty much it. Very simple game.

Test, boost and let FB magic to the job!

Hope this technique will help you to scale your ads properly.

If not, you can always hire us to do your ads.

From beginning to very big spend per day.

So if you’re spending over $500 a day

And want to scale your brand

Book a call with us below:


Have a great day,

Matej – Senior media buyer at DimNiko

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