How to Improve Your Customer Feedback Score (Tips from a Facebook Rep)!

As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts every page has its feedback score. It is based on the surveys that Facebook sends out to your customers several weeks after they purchase your product.

What can we do in order to improve the page score? This is the question I asked one Facebook representative recently and here is what she answered.

Be Absolutely Transparent with Your Customers

What does this mean?

For example, if you are having some issues with the delivery or stock, it’s very important to write it on the website. It is also very good to send out email updates even if the product hasn’t been delivered yet. Something like: “We know you’re still waiting, but here are some tutorials or videos about the product.” If you know approximately the shipping dates, add them as well. If you don’t, highlight that you’re doing everything you can so they get the product as fast as possible.

These constant news will help the customer understand the situation and be less angry about the delays.

Be Super Responsive on Customer Support

Being responsive on customer support will allow your customer’s questions to be answered quickly and nothing is left unanswered. A customer feels much more safe if he can address any concerns regarding the product to the customer support and get a real answer.

Do NOT Overpromise

Do not overpromise your product or offer to your customers. Be truthful on the quality, effects, and how long it takes to work.

Let me explain what is meant here. For example, you are selling a product that helps lose weight or grow muscles. This obviously doesn’t happen in the first 2-3 days after the product is delivered. It takes time to achieve the goal even using your product. So it is very important to highlight this in the ad and on the website. In this case the customer won’t treat your product as a magic wand and won’t be angry after the first week using it.

All these points will influence your customer’s attitude to your product and page. And whenever they get a survey, they will be more positive about your brand. Even if they still haven’t got it! But they know the exact dates when it’s going to arrive and that it takes time to get there.

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