How to Minimize Your Losses During the Holiday Season and What to Look at First

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We are now in one of the busiest seasons and all business owners are now trying to push all types of offers and pushing to get the best advertising placements, especially on FB. I am sure if you run your business ads you have been facing difficult times from September on.

From March approximately when the Pandemic started, many advertisers minimized their spend or stopped completely but Q4 is the busiest time of the year and costs are increasing again.

There are a few tips that I’d suggest you’d pay attention to in order to minimize losses and try to get the most out of your ads.


Firstly when setting up your campaigns make sure you’ll add rules, certainly, I am talking about high-budget campaigns, and double-check in the Automated rules sections if the rule is truly running has been created and it’s working.

Something unusual happened recently that I set up a rule and the rule wasn’t created. If you don’t double-check you might be spending too much without results.

I’d suggest adding 3 rules Campaign level / Ad Set level / Ad level – to make sure that rules fire even if FB is glitching and for “some reason” one of the rules won’t apply.

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Make sure you choose the right placements, as different ad Placements will have different costs, and right now that the competition is high, get ready to pay a higher amount.

Higher costs also come into a relation of course with the bidding strategy you use, so if you have a certain manual bid strategy you used make sure the bids are high enough to enter the auction and you don’t miss out.

The first 2-3 days are critical and you should pay close attention to all metrics and see if it’s worth running the campaign. As I mentioned above, expect to see higher CPC, CPM so don’t cut off just because of these metrics but look at the big picture calculating other actions (create custom columns -if you don’t have yet any).

It’s super important to have a clear strategy set to switch quickly and not lose time on thinking what’s the next step.


Many people ignore these metrics but it’s important to determine different rankings of your ads which contributes to increased or lowered costs.

FB has 3 separate metrics to determine the quality of your ad: Engagement ranking, Quality ranking, and conversion ranking.

Having a low score will increase your costs. I’ve seen ads working well while not having all 3 rankings at their highest rate, but if all 3 of them are low then definitely you should look into more details.

I hope these little tweaks will help you get better results.

Good luck!

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