How Social Media Changed the World of Business Marketing

Have you ever wondered how social media has changed advertising? Since the birth of the internet it’s a little bit hard to appreciate how far the world has come in a very short time. Especially how it has connected people, businesses and life in general and how small the world has actually become as a consequence of this. 

The need for businesses to develop marketing strategies due to the competitive environment has become an art in itself and with the internet, it is more relevant and important than ever. I believe advertising is the biggest factor that determines the success of a business. 

The fact that Coca Cola basically created the Santa Clause we know today is the type of marketing and advertising campaign you only see happen once in a lifetime.

Without the internet businesses had to commit to one single gamble to do something truly spectacular or fail spectacularly with it. They had one shot to make it work and could only rely on good research and experience from a well built advertising team. This chance was mostly reserved for massive corporations and made the playing field less “fair”.

The Introduction of Social Media

Social media is one of the biggest industries if not the biggest to develop from the internet, from the original social media “experiment” MySpace to what we see now with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. 

Each of these platforms with its own unique twist in the way it has connected people and businesses. This has opened so many new opportunities for a countless number of people; it is truly something spectacular when you take the time to sit back and appreciate it.

Companies have always had the need to develop unique advertising strategies that make them increase brand awareness. With the internet and the thousands of companies that came from it, it has made it difficult to fight for that little screen space. 

Before the internet and social media, companies had very limited eyes to compete for, but the space was more limited as well. A lot more thought and money had to go into an advertising campaign back in the day, and it was basically a gamble with little to no direct feedback. 

This made even brand awareness campaigns expensive and somewhat reckless, due to the lack of data.

How Social Media Changed Advertising

How social media has changed advertising could be hard to quantify, because of the pace at which businesses had to keep up with the changing environment.

Advertising on social media has made companies gain an advantage of direct feedback that companies from 30 years ago could only dream of. 

The data gained from advertising on social media, means that companies can know exactly why and how an advertising campaign is working or not. 

One of the negative effects I believe from this is that some creativity is lost in the process because a lot less thought has to go into making an advertising campaign from inexperienced businesses. 

If you know exactly what your customers want to see, there is no need to fix something that is working, right? Not exactly, it’s just that most businesses just forget that the creative continuity is extremely important. Which is the reason why it is important for businesses to look at the data when building advertising campaigns.

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This leads to the need for something big and extravagant to be put aside in favor of what the data loop shows the person running the campaigns.

If a business knows how to read the creative data, it puts it miles ahead of the competition. Which is the reason why keeping that creative importance with advertising is so crucial to building a great advertising strategy. 

Soo how has social media changed the way we do business? It’s simple, it’s made it a hell of a lot easier to conduct business. 

How Social Media Changed the Way We Do Business

Some of you might not remember how absolutely daunting a task it was to sit for what feels like hours on hold for a customer service call. This was a missed opportunity for many businesses because customers would rather leave the problem alone than sit on a call.

How does social media affect business communication?

Social media has made it possible for customers to contact the business directly with ease and without effort to give feedback on a product or to make a complaint.

Customers still have the chance to call customer service, but most customers would rather go on Facebook and send them a message or post on their wall. This has allowed businesses to take advantage of the feedback they get from customers and strive to improve, since social media can be an unforgiving environment sometimes. From angry customers to constant policy changes.

Data is a fantastic consequence of social media, it is an interesting phenomenon that mostly media buyers only get to appreciate.

Advertising on social media has become an art, and has led to a gain in knowledge that can’t be compared to anything else in the traditional sense of the industry. 

Which is why there are agencies like DimNiko that find the best advertising “artists” around the world. 

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