5 Organic Growth Hack to Make Your Audience Fall At Your Feet

A few weeks ago I was working with a client on their organic content to help compliment the work we’re doing on the ad side. When both organic and paid social media work well together, it creates a perfect storm for your audience. The client was in awe at the information we shared, so I wanted to toss it out for other brands to benefit from them as well. So let’s run through them: 

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5 Organic Growth Hacks: 

1- Post as many reels as possible

Instagram’s algorithm makes it easier to go viral this way and prioritizes accounts with a small number of followers over accounts with a lot of followers on this.

2- Ask questions on your post captions

People will then answer and interact. The algorithm gives more value to how many comments you have per post than to how many likes you have. And your comments also count so it’s important for you to answer every comment even if it’s something simple. The questions could be simple too, I’m sure you saw accounts asking “Which of these pictures do you prefer?” “Which look suits me better?” “Which team are you rooting for tonight?” or “Are you a pizza with pineapple kind of person?”. These kinds of questions will encourage people to answer and debate, you can tell them what you think about their opinions too, and all this will generate engagement and make your account appear more often on the explore tab or when Instagram suggests accounts for people to follow.

3- Post stories talking

If you are comfortable on camera, try to upload informal stories: it gives a lot of value to your brand. Either the founder or employees could talk about themselves, their daily work, the brand, and new things they are working on or preparing at any level. It’s nice to meet the real people that are behind a brand, it makes it more personal and it makes your target audience become more loyal.

4- Include your clients in the decisions

If you want to launch a new product, why don’t you ask in stories what your target audience thinks? This is an amazing way to anticipate the reception a particular product will have on the market, if you should modify something or if your target audience would prefer something else entirely, or maybe a variation on your original idea, be it another color or whatever. Create a quiz, for example: “When do you normally take your cereal bar?” and you put options “For breakfast”, “When you go cycling”, “For a picnic”, “As a mid-afternoon snack”, and people can interact. Or “We are going to release these new sneakers, which color would you like them to be?” And offer different color options. Getting your audience to feel part of your brand’s decisions will generate greater loyalty on their side.

5. Keep in mind the kind of models you are using

We tend to think the better someone looks at our posts the better the post will perform. But this isn’t the case at all. The perfect models are the ones who look like your content audience, this includes models of their age and different body shapes so they can easily identify with your content.

I hope these hacks will make your account grow and help you connect and interact with your audience more. Please tell us what you think of them, share your experience and let us know if you want us to share more of them!

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