The Secret of Scaling an Account From 2k to 20k Daily Spend.

Today I would like to share with you a success story that happened in one of the accounts I’m managing.

The Client

The client is selling products from the beauty sphere. The products are DIY kits which makes them very attractive during the quarantine. So it was obvious that the account needs a lot of scaling because the demand is very high. But, what’s the best tactic to scale the campaigns without dropping the ROAS, you ask?

Well, that’s what I’m gonna tell you today.

The Tactic

Top Of The Funnel

So let’s start with the TOF traffic which is targeting absolutely new customers who have never engaged with the brand. I’ve been using very broad audiences for a while already in this account. I had two main TOF campaigns:

  1. A broad audience,
  2. A 10% LAL based on the pixel.

Just one ad set per campaign and dynamic ads. Since the audiences are broad there’s a lot of space for scaling. So I started increasing the budget 20-30% every day. If the results were good, I would even do it twice a day. Then I started getting new creatives from the client: new videos and new copies. They were reflecting on the quarantine situation and showing how the product ideally fits for using at home. I didn’t want to touch the existing campaigns and change the creatives there since they were performing amazingly. So every time I wanted to test new creatives I would just duplicate the TOF campaigns and change the creatives in the dynamic ads.

In a couple of days, I got 4 combinations of different creatives. Which brings us to 8 TOF campaigns. All of them were launched on $500 and I kept increasing every day or twice a day based on the results of the previous day. So in a week, the daily budget of the prospecting campaigns increased from $1k to $10k.

Middle of Funnel and Bottom of Funnel

Of course, the MOF and BOF traffic had to reflect the budget increase as well. Usually, my retargeting budget is around 30% of the overall budget. So I kept increasing the retargeting traffic accordingly. How did I do that? I duplicated the campaigns and tested all 4 combinations of the creatives.

Since I’m usually running the MOF and BOF on 180 days event data, the overlapping wasn’t an issue. The overall CPA of all the campaigns was under $20 while the target CPA is $35. The results gave us an opportunity to scale more and more. And we hit a $20k daily spend level.

So what does this case study show us?

Broad audiences – are definitely the key to scaling.

Don’t forget about this and if you’re spending over $500 a day

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Maryana from DimNiko 🙂

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