Sneak Peek to DimNiko Online Trainings Part 1

Monika here the lead media buyer at DimNiko Agency.

A couple weeks ago we had our first ever online marketing academy for those requesting learning media buying. We spent 2-3 hours live every day for a week going through our most successful ad buying techniques.

I wanted to share a couple thoughts that I hope will be useful for all of you who could not attend and encourage you to do so in one of our future training. Yes we will launch more courses in the upcoming weeks so keep an eye out for the posts in our group as the last one was sold out within a day!

The courses will have separate topics, such learning media buying, agency marketing and agency operations so you can decide which one is the right fit.

For more information please visit our website or check our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/epoch/ !

OK so back to the last course about media buying! Unfortunately it is impossible to recap all the questions, valuables and takeaways in an email so I chose a topic that came up several times during the week.

How to implement consolidated CBO’s on lower budgets?

Most campaign strategies work amazingly if you are spending over $1000/day. If your budgets are lower than that it seems that the consolidated campaign structures aren’t always applicable. Using CBO campaigns the idea is that based on several data points the algorithm allocates your budget between your adsets, audiences, placements, platform and possibly between your dynamic ad combinations delivering the best possible results for your campaign.

The CBO to work its best requires 50 conversions per week per adset. 50 conversions on a $30 CPA is $1500 weekly budget per adset which having 4 adset could mean a minimum $850 daily spend / campaign.

Yes, not all ad accounts can afford to high budget campaigns, so what can you do?

Do not try to get the 50 conversion events optimising for Add to Carts, or Landing page Views as most likely it will give you low quality traffic that will never convert. I am sure there are exceptions for this but believe me, we tried on several ad accounts so many times with no sustainable results.

Instead start the TOF CBO budget with a 4-5x of the CPA, so in a $30 example the CBO budget will be $150. It may be harder to get through the “Learning Phase” and scale fast but your campaigns can still have consistent results. Limit your audiences to max 3 and choose them according to the data that you have. Do not try to copy the “best audiences” that other marketers use as every ad account can have a different “best” audience.

At DimNiko Agency with every new client we start working with, we analyse and check how much data we have and what are the characteristics of a best customer of the business. This will give us an idea of what can be the potentially best audiences to start with.

If your pixel, ad account, Facebook Page, IG account don’t have too much historical data the algorithm and machine learning will have a hard time helping you. You need to help the algo with providing good ads to a relevant audience.

The biggest difference between a higher budget and a lower budget CBO is the audiences. When we can launch a campaign potentially reaching the 50 conversion per week per adset we tend to add larger audiences, higher percentages of lookalikes, broad audiences, stacked interest.

This gives space for algo to find the conversions not just in a short term but it can run for months, it can be scaled to higher budgets whilst keeping the performance steady.

When you start with a small CBO and with audiences narrowed down what we noticed happening is that simply increasing the budgets ruins the performance. The audiences are so selective that the CPM’s will skyrocket and the conversions drop.

The best way to overcome this is to duplicate, relaunch new TOF campaigns with new audiences and ads in order to sustain the performance. Gradually you will open new TOF campaigns with higher budgets and bigger audiences which will help you get through the Learning phase.

Hope you enjoyed the read!

If you are interested in learning how to improve your ad’s performance spending upwards of $5,000 a day please contact us we are happy to discuss more details at www.dimniko.com/scale

Regarding our online training please visit our website at https://dimniko.com/collections/trainings

Monika from the DimNiko Team

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