How to “Create” a Problem Solving Angle When Your Product Doesn’t Solve a Problem?

Problem solving is the easiest angle a brand can come up with when it comes to giving a the consumer a reason to buy your product. This week I’m going to share how to apply ad angles, ad copies and landing page examples for products that don’t solve a problem, such jewelry, apparel and other trendy, novelty products.

It is a very rational idea, therefore it is easy to build the advertising message around it. However with most novelty products, when the shopping is mainly impulsive, especially when you are acquiring new customers, it’s hard to find the best angle or problem that would get the attention of your prospects.

Your message needs to appeal to the consumer based on your product’s online proposition value. It doesn’t have to solve a problem, as long as you know your product’s value, which is ideally the reason why the customer chose your product over another brand, or over another product. Once you are aware of the reason’s, in most cases it will even solve an underlying problem for them that you may not even have thought of.

For example, some people buy certain products because the advertiser gives them perspective of where and how the product can be worn. Giving the customer that purchasing experience that they are looking for, or what they are actually trying to avoid. I am not a stylist, I don’t want to match pieces together in my head, nor I want to think hard whether that dress is appropriate to dinner. When advertisers build their messages around the accurate sizing, the softness of the material, all those product or brand specific benefits have been pain points before for someone. All these reasons somewhere hide a problem that the customer might be facing, even without them knowing that until someone shows them the perfect ad.

Another example, when we talk about jewelry you might find it hard to angle it around a problem, but believe me there could be several. It can be a couple simple one, like hard to find quality pieces, with quick delivery and easy return. But that’s just too easy when most online companies can provide it.

People could buy themselves jewelry for a specific occasion or just to a specific outfit that might make the best post on Instagram. Or to boost their self confidence to ask a girl out, or just to look like someone cool they fancy. It all hides a very good reason, which is your perfect content angle for ads, offers and landing pages.

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