Case study: Segmenting Facebook Engagers for Middle of Funnel Campaigns.

We’ve written a lot of posts before describing our tactics regarding the Middle of Funnel traffic, but I want to show you a new way of segmenting the engagers I’ve been using recently.

So usually I prefer to target all Facebook and Instagram for the last 365 days in my Middle of Funnel campaigns. You’ll be surprised that I’m using 365 days instead of a more hot audience (something like 7 or 14 days). But I think Facebook’s algorithm knows how to pick the correct people to target. The more broader the audience is the more likely Facebook will find the best traffic.

Lately I noticed a slow decrease of the performance of these types of audiences. Not all of the accounts I’m managing were affected So I’m still using it but on some accounts stopped getting the same results as before. But I decided, it was time to change the strategy somehow.

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I will be describing a specific account where Facebook engagers always overperformed Instagram engagers. If you are in the opposite situation you can use this advice as well of course. Once my Facebook engagers audience was burnt out (at least the results were showing that). I started looking for other ideas I could use. I decided to segment out the Facebook engagers audience by slices, but still leaving the 365 days time period.

Facebook gives an option of the following segmentations:

  • Anyone who visited your Page
  • People who engaged with any post or ad
  • People who clicked on any call-to-action button
  • People who sent a message to your Page
  • People who saved your Page or any post

I created all 5 audiences and uploaded them as different ad sets in one campaign. Reminding once again that I used 365 days as my time frame. Comparing all of these audiences among each other is a very interesting test. You can understand which exact interaction with your page leads to more possibilities of purchasing your product.

To be honest I was quite skeptical about the audience that clicked any button or messaged to the page but they showed very good results. Though the cheapest conversions came from the page post engagers which makes sense because these people either commented something on your post or liked your page. It leads to more interaction and more options for continuing to other steps of the funnel.

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Anyway, I’d suggest testing all of these audiences when you see that your Facebook or Instagram engagers are not converting. These setups can improve your campaigns significantly. And, start bringing cheaper conversions from the audience that has already engaged with your brand but didn’t convert yet. If you want to explore more tactics we’re using click below and book a call with us

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Thanks! Maryana from DimNiko 🙂

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