Top Facebook Advertising Strategies to Scale eCommerce Brands in Q4

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always the biggest days for eCommerce brands. 

Consumers are itching to buy, so brands just need to make sure their offer is optimized for conversions. 

In 2020, 70% of people found new brands to purchase from on Facebook. This is no surprise really. 

Facebook is a platform a lot of people utilize to not only to buy products but to research new ones. But, of course, as people shop online more, the competition on this platform becomes very steep. 

To avoid this, there’s a few things you can do to have a successful Black Friday using Facebook Ads. 

What’s the key to having an epic Black Friday? 

The key to having an epic Black Friday using Facebook Ads is building up your warm audience prior to the week of Black Friday. 

Last year a beauty niche brand who sells DIY nail polish kits worked with DimNiko Agency, a premier eCommerce Marketing Agency, who really nailed their Black Friday strategy. 

They used two basic strategies that revolved around build up the warm audience to target the audience

Strategy 1: Target Facebook Page & Community. 

To do this, your brand will need a popular Facebook Page and Community. 

DimNiko Agency started targeting the brand’s very active and engaging Facebook page and community. 

This brand had utilized an online community making it the place to go for their customer’s questions and inspirations.

The main goal here was to increase traffic to the Facebook Page before Black Friday.

The agency created a campaign sending traffic to the brand’s Facebook page with a low budget of $10/day. 

By driving people to their page, they were increasing brand awareness so when Black Friday hit they could retarget people in the middle of funnel campaigns. 

When the Black Friday sale hit, the agency retargeted this audience and saw an average ROAS of 21.2x. 

Obviously this couldn’t have worked without the success of the Facebook Page and Community, but by understanding the brand, the Agency the brand worked with was able to create an astronomical return on ad spend. 

Strategy 2: Experimenting with Optimization Events

The second strategy was experimenting with optimization events.  

Brands are long purchases, which is why everyone optimizes campaigns for purchases. But even if a purchase is the goal, it’s important to look at the structure of campaigns in a bigger perspective. 

To do this, the agency uploaded several campaigns with Add to Cart optimization. 

They were getting really cheap Add to Carts, but very few purchases. 

The goal here was to build a big strong audience of people who added products to their cart, but didn’t purchase. 

When Black Friday rolled around, they retargeted this audience with the very product they left in their cart. This made them convert. 

The average ROAS for our bottom of funnel campaign was 32.97. Another insanely high ROAS that the brand wasn’t expecting. 

The Overall Black Friday Strategy

The eCommerce brand ended their day with the highest revenue they’ve seen to date. Their record was $431,341.24USD on Black Friday.

Both approaches the agency used on this brand has similar ideas. They wanted to create different warm audiences who were waiting for Black Friday Offers then retarget them to help seal the deal. 

Often brands want to go straight for the sale, but looking at the brand and taking a different strategy can actually have better success. 

It’s one of the perks of working with an Agency – DimNiko Agency in particular. 

DimNiko Agency is known for having crazy epic success during Black Friday where they’ve helped over 200 brands have some of the best Black Friday sales to date. 

And, luckily enough, DimNiko Agency has opened up their waitlist for Q4 to help eCommerce brands scale their business. 

This package includes: Facebook Ad Management, Landing Page Analysis, Creative Strategy & Editing, Ad Copywriting, Accurate Reporting & Tracking, and heaps more. 

You’ll have experts working on your account round the clock, who do this every single day and know how to properly grow a brand. 

It’s a really epic opportunity. 

If you’re interested, apply here.

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