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Discover the 5 critical hires every e-commerce brand needs to grow from $100K to $1M in monthly revenue


Are you an eCommerce brand struggling to break through that 1 million per month in revenue? 

Building an 8-figure brand isn’t a walk in the park. 

The long nights, hours of research, millions of calls… it’s not a lifestyle for everyone. 

The one move you can make right now to help push your brand to the next level is deciding to build a solid team to help you grow your eCom empire.  

This one move will set 6-figure brands apart from the 7 or 8-figure brands… and turn into one of those DTC brands EVERYONE has heard of. You know; Dollar Shave Club, AllBirds, Native, GymShark – the list goes on…

All these brands had one thing in common. Their founders decided they needed to hire a team of rockstars to help them build their empires.

Understanding you can’t build a life changing brand from scratch yourself is the first step in this process.

The second? Knowing what areas of your business you need to hire first.

Most brand owners aren’t sure who their first hire should be, let alone their second, third, forth, or fifth.

This is the exact reason why we’re sharing our insight into growing 8-figure powerhouses during this 45 minute webinar. 

Watch the Webinar today and discover what your next hires need to be and how they will boost your revenue.

DimNiko | Webinar

Your 5 Must have Hires

DimNiko | Webinar Instructor

Your Instructor: Daniel Baldasso

Daniel Baldasso is the Head of Partners right here at DimNiko Agency.

Every week Dan jumps on calls to chat with eCommerce brand owners regarding their biggest struggles and what they're doing to fix them. He has insight into some of the most up and coming brands.

As an expert in brand building and a passion for eCommerce marketing, Dan understands exactly what brand owners need in order to succeed.

“We hired DimNiko Agency as an extension of our team and help teach us how to push the envelope to improve our acquisition costs – and they did just that.
I would highly recommend Dimitri and his team. I think they do a great job at what they do.”

Brandon Fishman

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