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Built-In Solutions to Customize Your Catalog Sales Ads

DimNiko | Holiday Creatives

As the busiest sales period of the year just began, it’s very important to provide unique ads and angles separating you from your competition

You should aim to personalise the visuals you use, so they don’t get boring, and seem always up-to-date! You can add branding to your pics, a sticker, or even a seasonal frame – all will help you to get out of the crowd and make yourself conspicuous.

Today I will show you how to customise your catalogue ads to look much cooler than your competitor’s. Be different & take action! 

Did you know you can use frames in your ads? Even if you don’t have a creative team behind, you can create some really nice layouts with minimal efforts by using the tips below.

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How to Design a Custom Frame?

You can use any image editing software, like Canva, or PicMonkey. Just open it, and choose FB post, or a simple 1:1 dimension from the pre-sets. Don’t forget, to set the background to transparent, as you will add the frame to your catalogue / or post as an extra layer. Your product will be in the centre of the square! 

Then you can choose from several thematic free images, like snowflakes, Xmas present boxes, mistletoes… and you also can upload your brand logo, or any custom vector graphic and place it to a corner. 

Here is an example of a simple design

If you don’t want to use graphics, but want to display your key message – just write your best offer below the product area – it will be displayed on every single catalogue card. Use coloured text, as the product background will be white. 

Basically, that’s all! 

Save your frame design in PNG format, (that’s important because only the Png format will preserve the transparent background)  and you can already upload it to the Ads manager. 

Here we go… You are ready to start creating your brand-new festive catalogue ad-designs!

How to Set Up Your Campaign?

Its really easy, just follow these steps: 

  1. Open your ads Manager and create a new Facebook campaign. Select Catalog Sales as your campaign objective.
  2. Select your catalogue, which you want to promote.
  3. Set up your budget, audience, placement, and don’t forget to choose the goal: purchase on ad set level. 
  4. Its time to create your ad. You can choose the carousel format, or you can switch on Dynamic formats and creative. 
  5. Scroll down to Creative Tools and click on Edit creative. You will customize your catalogue look here, and create your unique offer in seconds! 

What Are Your Options Here? 

  • Catalogue information:  You can place information on the catalogue cards about price, percentage off, delivery information, as you can see in the picture below! You can customise the colour, but also the shape of the info-box, and you can also select where the chosen information should appear!

  • Frame: you can add your brand new catalogue frame here! Just click upload, and select your design. The system will place it as an overlay, on top of your products.  Here we go! 

As mentioned before, you also can place a frame of text as promo information about your limited time offers, Black Friday or Xmas sale length. 

When your offer finishes, you just switch your border to a new one. 

Here is an example of a limited time offer: 

What else can you do to make your ad even nicer? 

You can add an intro card, which is basically a first catalogue card – with custom image, functioning like a catalogue cover photo.

And – for the last card, you can add your profile picture of your business’ Fb page. You also can customise the website link that people visit when they interact with the card. How cool is that?  

Now, as you are ready with the creative part, you still need to define the texts and headlines as usual, and your ad is ready to go! 

I suggest you to start to use these ad overlays, and watch how your Click-through-rate, Conversion and ROAS increases! Just in time for Xmas sales!

If you are interested, but still not sure how to set up things correctly, we can move this weight from your shoulder and create the best campaigns for you! Just book your call below:

Liked the topic? There are also other great ways to make your ads a little bit more personalised! These I will show you in my next blog post! See you next time! 

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How to Build Up a Successful Brand on The Internet?

DimNiko | How to Build a Successful Brand Online

If you decide to run a business online, you probably don’t plan to have an offline store, where customers can touch & feel your product, right? If you want to maximise your success, you have to use all the possible platforms and channels to reach your clients to convince them to choose your brand and product. We make many buying decisions every day, but how do you find out what your future customers prefer?

How to Define Your Target Audience

First of all, and preferably still before launching your brand, evaluate your product. Do customers need it? Why? What problems are you solving with your offer? 

If your product seems relevant, try to define which type of people you consider a possible customer. 

Think about their typical life, family status, education, age, even their financial situation. Then you should have a look at their habits. What kind of media do they use? Think about their inspirations since this will help you match offers with your customers desires. 

If you are sure, you can offer value for them, launch the business: this group of future customers will be the first audience you have to locate & reach online. The right approach is trying to offer a solution before they even think about whether they need it! 🙂 

With time, you will have some data to analyze. Remember, data is our best friend! 🙂 I suggest analyzing your customer behaviour time by time – so you can follow the changes, and you can adapt your offers to the present situation. Stay flexible!

Don’t forget, you are not alone on the market! Consumers are influenced by so many different factors. You need to fight with several competitors, online and also offline. The best you can do is deliver a good brand image, capture attention and to build an emotional connection with your customers.

How to Reach Your Target Audience

Ok, you defined your customers, but how do you reach them?

Nowadays, reaching potential customers is made easier through the power of digital marketing. Habits are changing, TV is losing audience, print is moving to the digital direction. If you’re already one of our clients, your digital marketing is in good hands. We deliver the best results possible. 

But exceptional media buying is just 1 piece of the puzzle. 

What can you do yourself to reach a synergy effect with your paid advertisements, and to boost even more your sales? 

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10 Tips to Boost Your Online Sales

Here are some tips which are essential for the best results: 

  • Build a bullet-proof home-page. Quick loading times, non-blurry images, and clear communication are essential. Make the life of your future customers easy by comforting them on your site. 
  • UX matters! Try to go (or click) along the customer journey. Is the road towards purchase clear? 
  • Be informative: provide enough information for your visitors, about the benefits of your product.
  • Use keywords and SEO for cheaper and organic visitors. 
  • Run social media pages for your brand.
  • Post valuable content on your page and on your social media channels.
  • Build up a community – this improves brand loyalty and engagement.
  • Provide exceptional claim handling and customer service – this is much more important than you would think it is. 
  • Boost your organic engagement with activating your followers. Organising a small sweepstake on your IG or FB page can deliver you tons of organic, cheap traffic, with little cost. 
  • Keep in touch – build up an email database, so you can keep your subscribers up to date about your brand and products.

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Do you think it’s too much for one person? You are right. At a certain point, the critical factor of growth and success becomes to delegate tasks to professionals. We can take over your Social media advertising, so you can take care of all the rest. What a relief, huh? 

Book a call below:

Thanks for reading, Zsoka

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Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional Exam Courses Key Takeaways

DimNiko - Facebook Media Buying Certification

How do you start your journey of becoming a Media Buying Professional?

Are you thinking of changing or upgrading your career, or would like to work at a Social Media Agency?  Maybe you just want to boost your own business? The best you can do to start off with is to complete the Facebook Blueprint courses and gain the Facebook certification.  Once you’ve got certified, every employer and client will see your competency in designing a complete Facebook marketing strategy.

I’m going to share with you the insights and experiences I got while doing the course. 🙂 Let’s check them out together! 

The Facebook Blueprint

The Facebook Blueprint is a free e-learning platform, where you can start your journey to become a professional Media Buyer. The courses provide a step-by-step module-based learning route. The beginner course is available in several languages, which makes a little bit easier for non-English natives to get introduced to the basics. But, as you aim for the professional level,  I would suggest starting already from the beginning in English.  

The Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional Training

The Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional training is the highest level of FB certification (except the developer courses). To get there, I suggest starting from the beginning to have a concrete base to build on. Even if you are working as a Media Buyer currently,  you should go through at least the 400-101 module.  Believe me – you will need this while doing the tests! 🙂 

The training is divided into four main topics. First, as an introduction, you will learn to get started in Ads- and Business manager. You will familiarise yourself with the ad review process; realise what content is acceptable for your ad’s text, landing pages, and also will learn about targeting restrictions. 

The “Planning your campaign” module is the essence of the whole course. You will learn here how to create, publish, and purchase ads. This lesson teaches you also about Ad Auction and Delivery Overview, explains how reach and frequency buying works, and how to reach your audience in the most effective way. 

As measurement, reporting and optimisation are all essential for a Media buyer, the program makes sure you understand all the necessary background. 

Success is all about choosing the best marketing objective that maps to your business needs. What’s your goal, and how will you measure if you achieved it? 

While finishing your studies – you will know the answer. 🙂

Takeaways for an Effective Exam

Some key takeaways from me for an effective exam course: 

  • Arm yourself! 🙂 Download (and read through) the official Study guide from HERE. The guide will help you to prepare for the Exam. Note that the videos, transcripts and the study guide are not always matching each other completely, so grab both for the best outcome!
  • Be patient and leave yourself enough time to understand every detail. The learning modules show a suspected reading time …. Don’t worry if you would seem slow: those are clearly underestimated at several topics. 🙂 Take your time and relax!  If you rush through the modules, you can face some surprisingly tricky questions on the test. 
  • Practice! If you can, try the learned competencies on a live account. You can create and run some campaigns for practising even with minimal spending.
  • Make notes or some screenshots of the essential parts. Although you can come back any time, it will be difficult to remember in which module / which video you met the critical information.  
  • Apply the “dry theories” to practice. Case studies will help you to understand real business’ problems. Later, when your business client comes to you with similar challenges, this will help you to focus on goals and outcomes. 
  • Take action – but wisely! As the exam costs approx 150USD per module, I recommend testing your skills several times before starting the certification procedure. Also, with learning through all of the modules, you will find a lot of brand new topics and question-types in the practice-your-skills test.

Remember that the certificate has to be renewed every year. Even if you choose not to go for “the paper”- the Blueprint studies give you a complete overview of the advertising options and help you to explore how to navigate your business through the Facebook products.

Curious? Start your journey HERE

Or, inquire with us to do your advertising:

Wish you all the best, and enjoy your brand new skills!