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Are You Ready to Reach 1M/Month in revenue within the next year?

Are you a brand owner looking to grow your online sales?

Over the last year, we've helped multiple brands grow their online sales and reach their 1 million / month in revenue goal.

The online marketing industry is changing every day, making it increasingly harder for brands to grow their online stores.  Our team is actively testing, spending, optimizing and growing our client’s brands finding out what makes the online world pulse. 

Why? Because we are dedicated to your brands growth. We strive to deliver top results to help brands like yours thrive in this atmosphere. 

We live and breath online advertising. 

Our team is here to help you grow your brand to that 1 million / month club

Are YOU Ready to Grow? 

$ 20,787,634.00
$ 178,431,346.00


Are you ready for A partner dedicated to your growth?

Our team helps DTC brands grow.
We specialize in helping brands reach 1M/month in revenue.

"We've been working with DimNiko Agency for a little over a year and we can't say enough about the experience. We have seen tremendous growth.We are very optimistic about the future growth and partnership with the DimNiko team."
Jordan Meese
Goose Creek Candles

Why DTC Brands Love working with us

1. Customized Solutions

Every brand is different. Each brand requires an unique solution to solve what they’re struggling with. We offer a customized solution catered to the needs of our brands. We tap into all different sectors of digital marketing from paid media, ad creatives, email marketing, and landing pages. We can be your full service agency, or help you grow in just one arm of your business. Ultimately, how we work together is up to you. 

DimNiko | DTC Creative
DimNiko | Accounts

2. Landmine of Data

After working with 1000s of brands over the last 2 years, we sit on a landmine of data. From the data collected, we understand what makes customer’s buy online. We carefully craft ad creatives to test at each level of the funnel and making smart data-driven decisions while keeping ROI top of mind. At the end of the day, we put our data where our mouth is and let it do the talking. 

3. Revenue-Driven Strategies & ECOM Experts

We’ve collected the best marketers in the industry and built a rockstar team. Our team works collectively on our client accounts meaning when the juices stop flowing you have 8 brains instead of 1 working to get it back up. The strategies we use are ones we’ve tried, tested, and stand by. There’s a reason we’re the best at what we do.

DimNiko | Strategies

4. A Full Funnel Approach

Building a brand is more than tossing a landing page together and running ads to it. You need to have a full lifecycle management system set up nurturing your customers to increase your LTV and AOV. By offering a wide scope of services, we look for any opportunity to help your brand grow. 

“We hired DimNiko Agency as an extension of our team and help teach us how to push the envelope to improve our acquisition costs – and they did just that.
I would highly recommend Dimitri and his team. I think they do a great job at what they do.”

Brandon Fishman

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Are you ready for A partner dedicated to your growth?

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