The Vitacup Expansion: How Brandon Fishman Grew His Ecom Brand to 25M in 2 Years

Brandon Fishman, co-founder of Vitacup, was a front runner in the new era of advertising. 

He jumped into online marketing 20 years ago building himself up from the bottom. Brandon is now the CEO of Vitacup – an 8 figure brand started from a conversation with a friend. Brandon is known as a Facebook Adveritsing expert, but he’s also dabbled in different business ventures and industries carving him into the successful entrepreneur he is today. In addition to Vitacup, Brandon Fishman is the founder  of NewCondosOnline.com and Internet Marketing Inc. He has built up a lifetime of entrepreneurial wisdom.

We brought Brandon onto the Ecommerce Titan’s podcast to give you front row tickets into entrepreneurship. He discussed how a fired cop with an idea went to start three massive companies doing eight figures in revenue on Amazon alone.

At the start of VitaCup, coffee was a new niche for Facebook Ads. He had to learn through trial and error to determine what would be successful or not.  One of the many insightful topics that he talks about is how advertising on Facebook has dramatically changed in the last three years because of an oversaturated market.

Here’s what we discuss with Brandon on this episode:

  • Exactly how he grew Vitacup into an 8-figure brand with investors and raising capital.
  • His monetization hacks and platforms he uses to generate sales. 
  • How to utilize Amazon to sell your products
  • The entire fulfillment process involved when working with Amazon
  • Comparing sale generated from Amazon versus sales on Facebook. 
  • How Amazon approaches the ‘third party’ relation between businesses and sells on their platform  
  • Balancing work and personal life while being an entrepreneur
  • How he took Vitacup from online to offline by selling in department stores
  • The impact of selling online and selling in stores – more specifically, the data involved in convincing stores to sell your products.
  • And finally, what a day in the life of a CEO of a multi-million dollar company looks like. 

Check out Vitacup: https://vitacup.com
Follow Brandon on Linkedin here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonfishman

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