Secret Facebook Sequential Retargeting System 2020

“Sequential Retargeting”: The Secret System DimNiko.com Agency Used to Scale a Global Supplement Company to €120,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue From €39,273.24 Adspend 

Yo – it’s Dim Niko here from DimNiko.com Agency – The #1 Marketing Agency for eCommerce Brands – which I’ll get to in just a moment…

Now, before I reveal our sequential retargeting system & how it tripled our clients MRR… here’s what you need to know:

At DimNiko.com, we’ve profitably managed over $10,000,000 in Facebook & Instagram Ads ?

In 2018 alone, we’ve:

↗️ Increased revenue of a company selling a niche automotive product from $91k/month to $1,000,000+/month

↗️ Skyrocketed a hair extensions company from $17k/month to $62k/month in only 30 days

↗️ Scaled an online clothing brand from $6k/month to $52k/month targeting ice cold traffic

↗️ Generated $78,465.24 in a ONE DAY PROMOTION for an online fitness company

– Plus tonnes more

After spending millions on ads and our own blood, sweat & tears, we’ve discovered the fastest and most reliable way to scale online businesses to well beyond 7 figures.

And the good news is… it’s the same process we used to triple the monthly recurring revenue of our supplement client to €120k / month.

So… you’re probably wondering – how did we do it?

Well – let’s get into it:

The client is a global supplement company based in Europe. They hadn’t run any Facebook traffic when we started working together, as they had purely focused on monetising their organic audience.

This is when they reached out to DimNiko.com to start generating sales using paid marketing.

We were able to scale them to €120k / month recurring in just 3 months, spending just €39,273.24.

Here’s how we did it:

⚙️Top of Funnel

The client was selling a health supplement that combined a mixture of superfoods to allow consumers to get all the vital nutrients for their diet in one drink.

To position the product as the solution to their problem, we had the client create a top of funnel value video revealing the 10 top health superfoods everyone needs in their diet.

At the end of this video, the product was offered for sale below the video – on the same page.

Now – the best part about this was the video offered so much value, that we were able to generate a 2.5x ROAS from cold traffic and liquidate our ad costs.

We created lookalike audiences based on the prospects that watched 75% of this video, so we could feed the top of funnel with relevant audiences – which I’ll get to in a moment.

Given the high value delivered in the video & using our DimNiko.com traffic generation strategy, we were able to get massive engagement and shares on the ad & video, further driving traffic to the funnel for minimal spend.

⚙️Middle of Funnel:

Product Ads were launched and targeted those people that:

? Watched 75% of the video 
? Engaged with the ad 
? Landed on the landing page

This drove sales to prospects who’d had a single touch point with the brand, allowing us to monetise the campaign before starting the next phase.

⚙️Bottom of Funnel:

Now – here’s where things really got interesting.

We used what we call “Sequential Retargeting” to drive a huge ROI and scale to €120,000 / month in MRR.

Most rookie marketers make the mistake of ONLY retargeting based on percentage of a video watched… rather than using the full suite of sequential retargeting options. 
Because here’s the thing:

It’s obvious that every customer doesn’t buy for the same reason. Some will react best to testimonials, some will prefer influencer reviews, others will buy based on an authority article.

So we spaced all of these out over TIME to generate the best results for our client.

Here’s what the retargeting audience saw on each day:

Day 1 – 3: Testimonial Ads 
Day 4 – 5: Authority Article for Social Proof (this is majorly underrated as it builds tonnes of rapport. The goal is not to drive sales, but we link to a 3rd party article to enhance the client’s reputation) 
Day 6 – 8: Influencer Reviews 
Day 9 – 10: Click to Messenger Ads

And then, over the top of all of these ads, we run:

1) Strong CTA straight to the sales page: “come back and buy / forgot something? Ad” 
2) Dynamic Product Ads – showing the products based on the prospects on-site behaviour

The benefit of having a retargeting sequence like this is you can increase your ROI by reaching prospects with different types of ads, that appeal to different people.

In a 30 day window, this company was able to scale their revenue to €120,000 in sales.

All of these sales were subscription based, meaning that this revenue would continue to come in month after month… pretty cool huh?

Oh and just for the record – the ad spend for this 30 day period was €39,273.24 – giving a ROAS of just over 3x. 

Now… you might be wondering why I’m telling you this.

Well – if you’d like your company to be the next DimNiko.com success story – listen up:

We are currently looking for just 2 new eCom clients to take on and scale up this month.

We have a strict criteria for the clients we work with. If you fit this, we will scale your company using Facebook & Instagram advertising, to drastically grow your revenue and create similar results.

If you’re interested in working with DimNiko.com, click the link and complete the form to see if we’re a fit:   https://dimniko.com/msp-apply

Do not hesitate. The 4 positions will fill up fast.

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