Testimonial Slider 6 – DN Life Bio

CLAIRE| Life Bio

“We actually sold out at one point which happened a lot sooner than we were expecting. I’m Claire, and I’m right on, we both run Life Bio. And we manufacture transdermal patches started in lockdown in London, our previous business was terminally affected by COVID. and we were forced into finding an alternative to what was the main customer facing business and online e-commerce was just a no-brainer. DimNiko achieved everything that they promised and to be frank, more. Also more than anything, they’ve actually communicated with us, which was incredibly important to us. The biggest transformation really is just is growth, sales, you know, we’ve been very, very busy. We actually sold out at one point which happened a lot sooner than we were expecting. So that’s fantastic. That’s all you could want as a business is, growth. We were first worried about the amount of money we would have to spend on ads but the numbers said “Oh, it’s just working.” Oh, they’re just completely invaluable.”

Testimonial Slider 5 – Frillu

DimNiko Testimonial

Hussein Osman | Frillu

” My name is Hussein Osman. I’m the owner and Cofounder of DTC fashion brand frillu.com. Before starting with DimNiko Agency my biggest challenge was scaling Facebook Ads while maintaining a healthy ROAS and needing more time to focus on other parts of my business. Since working with DimNiko Agency, my plate has been lightened and I can now focus on growing the business in other ways. We’re still working on reaching the results we are aiming for. But, we are well on our way there and I’m confident as our partnership continues, we’ll reach the set goals. I would definitely recommend DimNiko Agency to other DTC brands, but preferably keep them as my little secret and away from competitors. “

Testimonia Slider 4 – Hook Hunt Eat


“DimNiko Agency’s Service and Communication were excellent … If your ads are already running profitably, and you need someone to take over the ad manager they are likely a great fit.”

Testimonia Slider 3 – V1CE


“My name is Hayden, I own a tech company called V1CE that sells digital contactless business cards. The biggest challenge before working with DimNiko Agency has been scaling and scaling consistently with a good ROAS. This would be the third month we’ve been working with DimNiko Agency. I would say the biggest takeaway that I’ve enjoyed and experience would be having the reports that backs up the data, not just assumptions and know hows, guesses, rumors. We actually get the data too and the reports that goes with the decisions that they’re making. So the biggest month of results since working with DimNiko Agency is the month that we’re in now and it’s not quite finished yet. Prior to working with DimNiko Agency, our biggest month, we are not 500% up from prior to working with DimNiko. I would recommend DimNiko Agency because they know what they’re doing. They got proven track records and they will take your business to the next level.”

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“My name is Tiffany, and I am one of the Co-Founders of PeppiGel. We have been in Business for about 3 years now. Before we found Dimitri, we went through a series of Ads Agencies that weren’t working out for us. We found Dimitri and of course made the switch over. We had talked to him a couple of times before we made the switch and we were a little bit nervous just because of the ups and downs that we struggled with the other Agencies. So just a little back of history, we started ads internally not knowing anything about social media or Facebook in general. Other agencies never understood how our brand works. Dimitri was the first person to really understand our kit sales and acquisition which really made us excited to find someone who understood the basis of our company. After a couple phone calls with Dimitri, we finally got comfortable and decided to go ahead and take the leap. And, to this day, it’s been the best decision we have made. DimNiko Agency has now doubled our kit sales and we have been working together for 2 months now and we’re honestly really excited about that because we haven’t seen that growth in about a year. So going into the 4th quarter is very exciting. We’re hoping to have a bang out of the year after being a little slow for a while. We’re really looking forward to see how the team can scale us more. ”

VitaCup Testimonial


“We hired Dimitri and his team for an extension of our team and help teach us new things to help push the envelope to improve our acquisition costs – and they did just that. We were having problems with audience and creative fatigue where we had to basically create new ad sets almost every 24 – 48 hours and really having trouble scaling over a long period of time. The team came in with a new strategy that we hadn’t seen before to fix the problems and now we had ad sets running for week or month at a time. We couldn’t do that before and our creative  is lasting longer, we are getting more positive traction, relevancy on the ads. So overall brought our acquisition cost down, increased how long our creatives ran, and changed the structure of how we were running and helped us make things more efficient. I would highly recommend Dimitri and his team. I think they do a great job at what they do. ”