Here’s Why This Q4 Will Break Courier Services Like UPS & FedEx - What Is Your Business Doing to Prepare?

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to know that Q4 is one of the busiest times of the year for eCommerce brands. Q4 holds the biggest sales events of the year including, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, and Christmas. During this period, eCommerce brands see an influx of sales come rolling in. 

Q4 has always been known for an increase in sales, but as we move into a more online world the industry will see an even bigger increase in online sales. 

How did Q4 look in 2020? 

In 2020, online shopping was the most popular way to shop. With the pandemic in full force, shoppers were rushing to their smartphones and computers with their credit cards ready to purchase new products. This led to an impressive increase for Q4 sales. 

  • The average online business saw a 47% increase in online sales, most coming from smartphones. 
  • 74% of shoppers discovered new brands from Facebook.
  • 86% of these discoveries lead to an online purchase in the fashion, beauty, furniture, or consumer electronic niche. 

To get a more granular look at Black Friday in particular, 2020 saw some more impressive numbers. 

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What did Black Friday 2020 look like? 

Black Friday in 2020 was a whole different ball game. Shoppers were ready to purchase online just as we all expected.

  • 70% of sales on Black Friday happened on smartphones. Consumers enjoy having the ease to purchase on the spot wherever they are. 
  • Subscriptions saw a spike in sales compared to previous years. A subscription based product is the gift that keeps on giving. 
  • Brands who ran promo offers where they would donate a percentage of each purchase saw the highest conversion rate. The newer generations hold sustainability and charity close to their heart. 
  • Consumers made the most of early promotions to reduce delays in shipping caused by the pandemic. 

2020 saw new trends and ways of purchasing, but how can we expect this to transfer over to 2021?

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How to Prepare for Quarter 4, 2021

Preparing your eCommerce brand for Q4 is an important step for a successful BFCM. A few ways to help build hype around your brand: 

  1. Optimize for mobile – 70% of sales occur on smartphones, a website not optimized for mobile will be detrimental to your success.
  2. Add product tags to your IG ads for users to easily find products faster and easier
  3. Use ads that lead to a click-to-messenger or whatsapp to allow people to initiate conversations with your Facebook Page & Re-target the audience afterwards.
  4. Use augmented reality ads to let users try on the product (ex. Glasses, lipstick colors, shirts) from the comfort of their home.
  5. Keep your content real and authentic with real stories, customers, UGC, unboxing, and simple execution.
  6. Work with an agency who is experienced in growing eCommerce brands with Q4. The DimNiko Agency is giving away their Ad Management services completely free this Q4 (read more below)

There’s heaps more you can do to help your brand succeed during Q4. But ultimately, being a novice in a highly competitive atmosphere can be tricky to get your feet off the ground. Working with a highly skilled agency who knows exactly what to do during each step can be beneficial and a lot cheaper. After hiring, training, and researching someone who can do everything an agency can do during Q4 – it’ll end up being easier to work with an agency. 

Luckily enough, the DimNiko Agency has completely wiped their fees for Q4 for 1 eCommerce brand. DimNiko Agency is a premier eCommerce Agency who specializes in Facebook Ads. They’re known for growing brands over the $1M / month mark. 

Why are they doing this? They plan on recording an in-depth case study on the entire process, and want a rockstar brand to partner with. 

The brand who they’ll work with will receive their entire Facebook Ad Management services free for 3 months during Q4 – which means they’re going to make sure your brand has the most epic Q4 ever. 

Some of what this package includes: Facebook Ad Management, Landing Page Analysis, Creative Strategy & Editing, Ad Copywriting, Accurate Reporting & Tracking, and heaps more. 

You’ll have experts working on your account round the clock, who do this every single day and know how to properly grow a brand. 

It’s a really epic opportunity. If you’re interested, apply here. 


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