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 Dimniko Agency is hosting a 3 month brand transformation where our team completely takes over one lucky eCommerce brands Facebook Ads and publicly documents the entire process, from start to finish.

Are you ready to be our next big success story?

If you're interested in being the brand we document during
our public documentary (FREE of any agency's fees), apply below:

[Only qualified applicants will be considered]


Are you an eCom brand owner looking to take your business to the next level? 

Are you looking to pump up your sales during the 2021 holiday season, but you know to have a legendary BFCM, it takes more than just increasing your ad budget?

Are you looking for a partner to scale your business bringing stability to your Facebook Ads gaining consistent results throughout Q4 and the rest of the year? 

If this sounds like you, take a seat…

DimNiko Agency is calling out to ALL established eCommerce brands. Our team is looking to partner with 1 lucky 6-figure eCommerce brand to help scale their brand and launch their revenue during Q4 – completely FREE of any agency fees

We’re going to shoot a one-time, public docuseries where we take an eCommerce brand who has built out the foundations of their brands and is ready to scale. We’re going to share every single aspect of our journey live with our audience. 

It’ll be real, raw, and live capturing our highest highs and our lowest lows. 

If you're ready to take the leap and level up your game, apply to win 3-months free with DimNiko - we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

One lucky applicant will win a full 90-day Facebook Ad Makeover with DimNiko Agency, including:

Industry leading marketers working as a team on your ad account to bring in more online sales to boost your bottom line.

Cutting edge copywriters who understand the psychology of selling, crafting copy to nail in your clients.

​​Customized creative strategy designed around your customer acquisition and retention funnel.

Consistent optimization process to determine what your audience really likes

Audience targeting based off customer personas and optimized through data-driven analysis

Exclusive access to our client vault designed to help educate our brands on the best paid media techniques and strategies

FREE organic advertising with our audience. Since we’re documenting this entire process, we’ll be running ads and promoting to our entire audience base which means not only will we be providing our services for free, your product will get advertised to our 20K audience across all platforms.

Value: $15,000+
Cost? $0

Applications Accepted:
September 7 – October 6

October 6, 2021


This 90-day Transformation will scale your facebook ads and scale your brand during Q4

The Great Facebook Ad Takeover

Hey eCommerce Brand Owner,

If you’re seeing this, odds are you’re an established eCommerce brand owner who’s look to scale their brand. If we’re right, then this just might be both of our next big break. 

We’re DimNiko Agency, leaders in eCommerce Marketing. 

And,  we’re putting out a casting call to all eCom brand owners who are looking to grow their brand. 

We want to give 1 lucky brand our complete Facebook Ad Management Package at no cost.

Yes – that’s our agency services at literally no cost to your brand


We are putting together a docuseries where we will document every move we make in your Facebook Ad Account to share with our public audience. 

Every step, fail, and success along the way. 

Why are we doing this? 

Because we just really want to make a kick ass case study where we have the rights to share absolutely everything – which is why we are willing to  give away our services for free. 

Of course, we’re not giving this away to just any brand. 

We have certain qualifications we’re looking for and we’ll only be offering this to 1 brand

So if you think you’d be the best brand for this great Facebook Ad motion picture, fill out the application below and let’s find out! 

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Oh, P.S. I should mention, if you make it to the top 5, we’ll request for you to jump on a call with one of our team members for a short interview about your brand – just to make sure we know who we are partnering with. 

You know, so all of our bases are covered. 

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Win the Ultimate Facebook Ad Takeover
90-Days of FREE Ad Management with DimNiko Agency

What to expect during the application process:

Fill Out Application

The first step to apply for the Ultimate Facebook Takeover is to fill out our online application. The application is designed to help narrow down to a few brands to qualify for the next step in the application process.

Brand Interview

The second step of the application process will be to jump on a video call with a member from our team. During this call, our team member will get to know your brand a bit more. Digging deep into what makes your brand tick, your product offer, and marketing.

Call with C.O.O.

The third and final step will be a final video call with our top dog, C.O.O. to really determine if you're the best brand for this journey. We need to make sure you're willing cooperate and you check all of our boxes.

The application process might seem lengthy and thorough. We’ve designed this process to make sure we’re only talking to brands who are serious about their growth and ready to work with our team. 

At any stage of the process, we’ll keep you informed on your next steps and application process. And, we welcome any questions you may have. 

STOP If you're like us...

Did you just scroll through our entire landing page without reading? 

Lol no sweat, we do it too… 

Here’s the TL;DR

If you’re looking for your next big break, this just might be it. 

A chance for your brand to scale epicly and see numbers you never thought possible for 2021. 

Working with a team who understands eCommerce, your brand, and paid media can be a real game changer. 

Apply here:

TIME: 15 minutes
VALUE: $15,000-


[Update: Interest in this documentary is high and we will only work with one brand. Applications are growing fast. If you’re serious about growing your business apply now to avoid missing out.]

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