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How to Scale from 5,000 to 17,000 Customers Using The Twin Piston Method




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How to Scale from 5,000 to 17,000 Customers Using The Twin Piston Method

Listen up.

Today, I’m gonna reveal a method we use internally at DimNiko Agency.

It’s one we’ve never shared before publicly.

We’ve used this strategy to scale many clients from $1k / day to $10k / day and well beyond that.

Now, before I continue – let me set the scene:

The client sells DIY products in the beauty niche.

Before they became a client, they were mainly running ads to their middle & bottom of funnel audiences…

Retargeting lists.

People who had been on their website or engaged with their brand before.

Our main goal was to crack cold traffic so we could scale them fast.

Now – during the pandemic, as you can probably imagine, they naturally became quite popular.

This definitely helped our ads.

But given the demand was high… you want to consider this:

What’s the best way to massively increase spend without cutting into ROI?

The last thing you want is to spend more, get a lower return on ad spend… and then make less money.

Not exactly success, right?

So here’s what we did.

It’s a super simple strategy we call:

“The Twin Piston Method”.

And why do we call it that?

Well – the reason is because it starts with 2 campaigns.

One targeting a broad audience with no interests.

The other targeting a 10% lookalike audience of existing purchasers.

Both audiences are quite broad so there is a lot of room to scale.

And we use these campaigns, back and forth against each other… like two pistons in an engine.

Each campaign had only one adset.

Dynamic ad creatives were used, so we could test images, videos and different forms of ad copy against each other.

Both campaigns are spending $500 / day.

The target customer acquisition cost is $35.

We set both campaigns live and they started running and performing well.

Given this, we increased the budget by 20-30% every day.

If the results were really good on a given day, we’d increase it twice.

With good initial results, we want to test more.

So we threw in new creatives.

These specifically focused on using the product in quarantine, and were hyper relevant to what everyone in the world was facing at the time.

Now, with the new creatives… we didn’t want to interrupt the campaigns that were working well.

So we created new campaigns to test our new creatives.

We had 4 combinations of creatives to test… and thus 8 total “top-of-funnel” campaigns. 

All started on $500.

The budget was increased either once or twice a day… based on performance.

Within a week, the daily budget for these cold traffic campaigns had gone from $1 to $10k / day.

The retargeting budget is normally set to 30% of the cold traffic budget.

So as we scaled the campaigns… the retargeting ad spend increased too.

At the peak of this campaign, we were spending over $20,000 / day. 

So, how did this work?


The overall acquisition cost averaged across the 8 campaigns was under $20.

Given the goal of $35 per purchase, we had a huge opportunity to scale and continually grow the business.

This client started out with around 5,000 customers, and through this one campaign we scaled them past 17,000 customers.

So there you have it.

Broad audiences, hard scaling and launching new creatives.

Of course this strategy doesn’t work in every single industry… it totally depends on the application and structure of the ad account.

So remember:

If you’re spending over $500 / day and also want to scale your brand

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