The “OSB™ Strategy” I Used to Scale a Niche Automotive Product from $91k/Month to $618/ Month




The “OSB™ Strategy” for Scaling Niche products





The “OSB™ Strategy” I Used to Scale a Niche Automotive Product from $91k/month to 618 month

Using the OSB Strategy, we increased the sales of this niche automotive product our client sells to $618k / month.

Now, before I start I’ll tell you more about the business.

The business was selling an automotive product to car owners and relying 100% on organic traffic generating around $91k / month.

They had no predictable income or system for scaling organic sales which as you can imagine caused a tonne of stress for my client.

Here’s what we did:

The product we were selling was intent-based, meaning it solved a specific problem. Therefore, we had to be very selective with our targeting options to ensure that those who saw our ads were ready and looking to buy.

So we ran Google Adwords and Youtube SEO.

Starting with Adwords, we targeted keywords of every single model of car. This made the campaign really granular, but we were able to reach very specific audiences and see which models delivered the best results.

The next step was to retarget all of the traffic we drove on Facebook and across the Google network. The purpose of this is obvious, use retargeting to convert low hanging fruit for the cheapest price possible.

Now, nothing I’ve said so far is super revolutionary… I get that.

But here’s where things take a twist:

You see… After helping tonnes of clients generate amazing results from Digital Marketing, especially on Facebook, I’ve noticed something. It’s a common mistake most marketers make. And it stops them from retargeting prospects with an ad of the exact product they were looking at on your website.

And that thing is….

Using Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads. DPAs as they are known show the customer-relevant dynamically updated ad content based on their on-site behaviour…

Or what I refer to as “OSB”.

It would be literally impossible to manually create thousands of ads for every single product and show them specifically to each person that viewed them.

Using The OSB™ Strategy which incorporates DPAs is absolutely crucial if you run an ecommerce business with a ton of different SKUs.

Otherwise your retargeting will be very generic and won’t convert nearly as well as showing the customer the exact product they were looking at.

By executing this entire strategy the Facebook numbers were crazy, generating a 13.38x ROI.

With a lifetime spend of $22,270.19

The revenue generated was $297,989.63.

Now…As good as these results are and as critical as using DPAs is.

Here’s what you must know:

It’s not enough to just turn on DPAs and watch the money flood into your bank account. This only works when you have the correct top of funnel strategy to drive quality traffic to the pages you are going to retarget.

We tested the top of funnel strategy extensively and this one produced the best results by far.

Combining this with Google and Youtube traffic sources we were able to generate $618,757.93 for our customer in the month of November, 2018.

Now…If you’d like your company to be the next DimNiko success story, click the button below to schedule your strategy call. 


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The Insane Cold Traffic Funnel a Clothing Brand Used to Generate a 8.04x ROAS and Turn $6,492.24 to $52,180.00 Using “AV Sequencing




The Insane Cold Traffic Funnel Using “AV Sequencing





The Insane Cold Traffic Funnel a Clothing Brand Used to Generate a 8.04x ROAS and Turn $6,492.24 to $52,180.00 Using “AV Sequencing

The client is a streetwear clothing brand based in Melbourne, Australia.

When we started working together,  they were generating $30k / month. very quickly scaled them from $30k to $120k / month…. $52k of this revenue came from ice cold traffic, who had no idea who the brand was before seeing our ads.

Now, if you run a clothing company or any kind of brand in a competitive market. Then you will know just how difficult it is to convert ice traffic into profit.

At least that’s what you thought up until now

The truth is however…

With “AV Sequencing“, it’s actually really simple.

Let me reveal how:

First, the marketing funnel was segmented into 3 stages like this:

Top of Funnel: Here we targeted ice cold traffic with a meme video the client had created.

These videos were entertaining, light hearted and fun. They appeal to the ideal client and drove tonnes of engagement.

We created lookalike and retargeting audiences from this first touch point.

Here’s a takeaway for your marketing:

Reframe your top of funnel content, so the purpose of it is NOT to SELL on the first touch point. Don’t try and sleep with the girl on the first date. Instead, by using humour we created virality and drove a truckload of engagement at ridiculously low prices. The result of this was an insanely low cost per view and massive audiences built at very little cost.

To make these meme videos more relevant, the people featured in the videos wore the brand’s clothes. To simultaneously introduce cold traffic to the company and the products they offer.

Now, nothing I’ve said so far is revolutionary

I know that.

But here’s what happened next…

Middle of Funnel: We built a custom audience of anyone who watched 75% of the first video.

At this point, video viewers who watched 75% of the first video and lookalike audiences were retargeted with a video that explained the concept of the brand.

This video was more serious revealed the brand story and inspired viewers to get involved with the company mission. 

Using a specific video formula we’ve tested and proven after working in 34 different niches.

But here’s the really cool part where “AV Sequencing” comes into the campaign:

We got the same people from the meme video to be featured in the brand concept video.

On top of that they wore the EXACT same clothes to build familiarity and relevancy with the prospects that watched the meme video.

Here’s why this is important: Great marketing is about congruency.

Whether it’s having the same headline on an ad and a landing page. Or having a clothing company model wear the same clothes in different videos… Making your marketing a familiar customer experience is VITAL.

Using this concept, we helped the client create an Advanced Video Sequence with the same people wearing the same clothes from the brand.

Hence the term…”AV Sequencing“…

This allowed our client to build their like and trust factor with cold traffic… And, as you’re about to see generate an insane ROI from scaleable, ice cold traffic. Which, as you can imagine is the dream for every business owner.

Bottom of Funnel: Then, we made direct offers to video viewers

Lookalike & retargeting audiences that had viewed more than 75% of each video.

And, if you haven’t guessed it yet: we offered the same line of clothing as those featured in the first two videos. 

Again, by now prospects were massively familiar with the clothing, the brand, and their savvy street style.

This is the simple funnel that allowed us to crush an insane 8.04x ROAS, from ice cold traffic.

After turning these leads into profit, we were able to further monetise them during launches and new product releases to increase lifetime value.

In total, these campaigns took the streetwear brand from $30k / mth to $120k / mth – FAST.


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