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LLAs Are Your Best Friends If You Want to Bring Amazing Results

DimNiko - Look Alike Audiences

We all know that different LLAs which Facebook can spit out

can work really great.

There are many sources from where you can create your LLAs

but for ecom we get best results from:

1- Past buyers
2- FB and IG engagers
3- Video viewers 95%
4- ATC or IC

We have several ways of how to test these.

Today I will show you one way

that brought very good results for one of our clients.

After the deep analyzes of whole account

we saw many good performing audiences at small segments of LLAs.

1,2,6,9% from PUR 30d custom audience.

Then we also saw some good performance from Worldwide audiences in ATC and VV95%.

So we did a testing strategy that went like this:

1-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 7d PUR)
2-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 30d PUR)
3-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 90d PUR)
4-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 365d PUR)
5-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – EMAILS PUR)
6-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 180d FB eng)
7-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 180d FB vis)
8-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 180d FB eng_post)
9-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 180d IG eng)
10-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 180d IG vis)
11-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 180d IG eng_post)
12-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 30d FB eng)
13-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 30d FB vis)
14-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 30d FB eng_post)
15-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 30d IG eng)
16-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 30d IG vis)
17-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 30d IG eng_post)
18-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 75% VV)
19-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 95% VV)
20-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 180d ATC)
21-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 30d ATC)
22-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 180d IC)
23-Test 1-10% LLAs in one campaign at $100 for US (source – 30d IC)

We waited a little to get some results.

We didn’t launch all at once but we activate 3-5 test campaigns every 3 days.

The reason for that was so we didn’t put too much pressure on the current account budget.

Then round 2 of testing was even more testing based on the performance.

1- If we saw the best performance at PUR 180d, we also went to PUR 60,90 and 120.

2- At the same time we also logged in to our software we use for
better targeting, and created LLAs from 10-20%.

3- Then we also grouped best performing LLAs into a big mix
where we combined all 1%, all 2%, all 3%, etc. from different sources.

We waited a little after that, optimized and launched a few more when we saw light.

There is alway some quality lighting at the end of our ‘tunnel’,

so at the end we knew we have to try also Worldwide lookalikes.

We created all above LLAs from round 1 and used different regions

and countries such as the UK,EUR,AU,UK,etc.

It started to become really messy in our audiences account

so we had to put everything in excel to organize our tests and have a better

view on what is working and what not.

We made a detailed plan for the next few weeks

and slowly pushed out different tests.

In round 3 interesting was, that we found some good combinations

from worldwide LLAs but targeting just US or a specific country.

This is where everybody said: “Ok, that’s enough!

We have enough small winners that we can make bigger winners”,

and we did one more thing.

We mixed all our best performers from round 1 and 2 into a very big campaigns,

intersected with very broad niche interests (beauty, online shopping, yoga)

and turned on detailed targeting expansion.

We got some amazing campaigns that we were able

to push to high budgets immediately.

And at this phase all the previous testing paid out.

Many of you will never want to go this way because it gets pretty messy,

but with right strategy, you can bring to your clients

(or to your business) amazing results.

And we always want to bring the best!

That’s why our clients love us. 🙂

So if you’re spending over $500 a day

And want to scale your brand

Book a call with us below:

Have a great day,

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Why Should You Be Using Facebook Messenger Ads?

DimNiko - Facebook Messenger Ads

Have you ever wondered if Messenger ads could help you to drive sales,

Increase conversions,

Or get qualified leads?

The answer is yes – Messenger ads can help you do all that.

And why is that?

Well, because Messenger ads allow you to have real and organic conversations with your customers.

And by reaching customers instantly, you will be able to increase conversions and response rates.

There are two options when it comes to the Messenger campaign objective,

You can pick between:

Sponsored messages ads

And Click to messenger ads.

Sponsored messages allow you to message someone directly that you already had a conversation with in Messenger.

These ads look like a regular message from a friend

But instead it’s a message from a business.

As I have already mentioned,

With Sponsored messages you can only target people who have previously messaged your Facebook page.

So if you would like to run Sponsored message ads, but if the number of people who have messaged your page is too low,

You can start using Call to messenger ads first

And increase the number of people that will message you

And therefore increase your audience for Sponsored messages.

This is a great option for middle of funnel retargeting campaigns,

For example –

If you have a limited time offer or a brand new product that you want to share with your customers right away.

Click to messenger ads on the other hand

Appear on the regular Facebook or Instagram feed.


Unlike a typical news feed ad,

The CTA will say “Send Message”

And will open a Messenger chat when you click on it.

You can even personalise your ad by adding the user’s name,

And you can also set up quick replies with the most frequent questions asked for customers to pick from,

Or buttons to send people to a destination outside the messenger conversation.

Another option would be to connect a bot

So people will receive instant responses based on what they message back.

Are you still wondering why you should try Facebook Messenger ads?

Here are some more advantages:

  1. You can reach people faster than with any other type of ads.

Using a live chat service in some way will help you increase your conversions,

Because responding to a potential client fast will increase your chances of closing a deal.

  1. You can send users personalized messages.

You can only do this for people who have interacted with your ads previously.

You can get direct messages to a user within their Messenger,

So you are not restricted only to the news feed,

Meaning you can reach out to your audience with a more natural personalized message

And this gives you a better shot at landing conversions compared to a regular remarketing ad on their feed.

  1. Your chat will remain in the user’s Messenger inbox.

Either if you use Sponsored messages

Or Click to messenger ads,

Your chats will remain in your user’s inbox

And that is great for retargeting purposes.

  1. They offer the ability to talk with users directly.

Messenger ads give you the possibility to understand your users needs immediately.

And to wrap things up,

Remember that the best practice when it comes to Facebook messenger advertising

Is to start with Click to messenger ads.

And once you have enough users that have engaged with your Page via messages,

You can re-engaged with those users sending a message with Sponsored messages.

The advantage of using a Sponsored message over other types of ads

Is that your audience will receive a notification in their Facebook inbox

And therefore are more likely to engage with the ad compared to other regular ads.

And you, have you already tried Messenger ads? What are you waiting for?

If you are spending over $500 a day and you want to scale your brand

Book a call below:

Until next time 😉

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Are Your Ads Actually Scaleable?

I want to share with you how to adjust your creative messaging to Scale Your Paid Traffic Profitably.

This is the same creative change we made for a client recently

That allowed us to scale them from $2K a day ad spend to $20K a day ad spend with an increase in ROAS.

It’s the difference between businesses doing $30K a month revenue and Businesses doing $300 a month revenue.

And it comes down to your mass-market appeal.

If you are only marketing to people that know about your product,

Have heard of your brand or similar brands

And have already been educated why they should buy your sort of product

You have put a limit on your ad spend.

As this is a very small market compared to the rest of the potential customers.

To get your brand spending $2K a day, $5K a day or upwards of $20K a day

You need to educate people that would have first never purchased your product why they should buy your product.

Once you can convert a TRUELY COLD prospect into buying your product now you can profitably scale.

These people right now will not buy from your brand as your marketing doesn’t connect with them,

Doesn’t educate them

And ultimately doesn’t appeal to them.

To give you an example.

I was talking to a Business Owner that sold coin collections

And was spending about $2K a day but could not scale past that.

Looking at his ads they only appealed to people that were already collecting coins or were interested in the type of coins he was selling.

What about everyone else in the world that might buy your product if the marketing is positioned right?

I suggested to try some marketing angles like this:

Position the coins a new trend or hype “everyone is going crazy over this new hobby” so people who were not interested originally are now potential buyers as it is a new hobby they can take up.

During these weird times, everyone is looking for a new hobby to fill the time and his coin collection brand was a perfect fit for that.

Every brand can have mass-market appeal with the correct marketing direction.

So the question to ask yourself is..

How can your brand have mass-market appeal to scale much more profitably?

This is typically only an issue once you are spending over $500 a day and can’t scale further.

If you want help finding your marketing angle to scale your brand.

Book a call below and let’s work through this together.

Speak soon,


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Budget Distribution Between the Funnel Stage

DimNiko - Budget allocation in funnel

The optimal budget allocation between funnel steps is a real challenge for all Facebook marketers.

The wrong decision can significantly impact your ROI and CPA.

But the right decision can boost your performance and as we know only sky’s the limit.

So today I would like to tell you what is the right decision from my experience.

Two weeks ago I wrote a case study on how I scaled an account from 2k to 20k daily spend.

And of course the main traffic was coming from the prospecting campaign.

But it is very important to remember that when you’re scaling the prospecting traffic,

The retargeting traffic should be scaled as well.
Let’s jump into the numbers from here.

So let’s imagine you have a prospecting campaign with a $1000 daily budget.

How much should you spend on retargeting in this case?
My experience based on multiple tests shows that the right decision is 30%.

I would spread these $300 between the Middle and Bottom of Funnel.

$200 for the Middle and $100 for the Bottom.

This is my recipe of a healthy and strong budget distribution.

Now imagine your prospecting campaign is performing amazingly and you start increasing the budget.

In a week or so you start spending $3k per day on your TOF campaign.

But you’re still spending only $300 on retargeting.

In this case you will be missing out on all those additional potential customers

Who got engaged with your ads but didn’t purchase.
So obviously you will have to increase the retargeting gradually,

Depending on how much you increased the prospecting traffic.

At $3k on TOF, I would put $600 on MOF and $300 on BOF.
Now let’s imagine another situation:

The results of your prospecting campaign are very expensive but the retargeting is in the benchmarks.

So you start increasing the retargeting budget and at some point the ROAS drops a lot.

You stop getting those amazing numbers.

Why is that?

The answer is very simple: now you’re not filling the retargeting with enough traffic.

Even though the prospecting is expensive, you have to increase the budget there as well.

Otherwise you won’t just have potential customers at the Bottom of your funnel.

Maybe your product is typically bought from the second or third engagement.

That’s totally fine but you need the customer to get to this step of the funnel in order to retarget.

That’s why spending 70% on the prospecting and 30% on the retargeting is the right decision in terms of budget allocation.
In case you want to learn about other decisions we’re making in the agency

And if you’re spending over $500 a day

And also want to scale your brand

Book a call below:


Maryana from DimNiko 🙂

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How to Strengthen or Build your Brand?

DimNIko - Brand Awareness

Many new businesses lately are trying to push sales from the very beginning,

Which is not wrong obviously

But there’s a major mistake

They are overlooking BRANDING efforts.

Branding is for all sizes of businesses

It’s essential to the long term success of your business

Because it allows your potential customers to know what to expect from your brand

It’s the so called “first impression”.

There are different areas that are used for developing a brand

But for now, I’ll focus on the one side.

First you need to identify your goals and audience

Plus research your competitors well.

Don’t copy them

And bear in mind that you need to be different.

Once the buyer personas are identified

The main challenge is to create the right content for them

And give them what they want to hear.

You’ll need to research the platforms where your audience is spending time as well.

Certainly Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms out there

But if your budget is not limited,

You have a lot more places where you can expose your brand.


If the audience is active on a certain platform only

Better focus most of your spend there.

Not all social media channels are the same –

So pay attention to customizing the content.

Twitter for instance is very useful for asking questions

And reacting to customers quickly,

While on Instagram

And Pinterest pictures take the first place.


Each channel has optimal posting times

This is not commonly used but definitely worth a test.

Building engagement with your social media page is also very important.

You should be posting activity,

Page posts,


Story polls,

You can use other article links as well.

It’s important to keep people busy and engaged!

This can even be organic posts.

But because it’s a slow process, the best thing is to combine with paid traffic.

A good point here,

On social media we see a lot of giveaways,


That’s not by luck obviously.

It’s one of the most widely used lead gen tactics,

And it’s used for brand awareness as well .

Contestants will sign up

They’ll share

They’ll tag friends which they interact with.

Let’s take for example Facebook –

As for your paid advertising campaign.

It’s best practice to run awareness,



And reach campaigns along with your other ads.

This is the process by which businesses of all sizes cultivate brand awareness,

People will start to know about you

And when there is social proof

And service quality

The prospect will trust you and feel more comfortable buying.

Identify what makes you different.

First step of building a brand is identifying what sets you apart from your competition.

Be consistent with Branding.

Chances to engage with potential customers are precious.

If your brand strategy is different on different channels,

People won’t be able to decode what your brand is about.

Make sure you use consistent messaging and keep your channels harmonized. (Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Email …to name a few as ex.)

Show positivity in your brand strategy.

There is so much negativity in the world, especially online, so the last thing consumers

want is negativity while you are trying to make them shop.

There’s certainly no need for poems and jokes but try and research your favorite brands and

you’ll notice it.

Have a bio page.

Since the bio section on FB and IG is limited so there simply isn’t enough space.

Best practice is to have an “Our story page” and let your brand strategy shine with this content,

By letting your customers know why you are different

And why people should shop from you.

It’s also important to use emotions.

Give consumers a reason to care and feel something about your brand

They have a reason to buy.

Most people make purchasing decisions based on emotions and not logic.

Use your logo, brand name to strengthen your brand identity across all channels.

If you are using the same names for your accounts are all easy to find as they share the

exact same name of the company and same logo.

You can reinforce brand awareness every time someone mentions your brand,

Search for the URL or see your logo.

These are all part of your branding strategy.


If you haven’t started pushing your brand

Put your hands to work and start experimenting,


And measuring.

The more data will be the easier it is to spot patterns and find what works best for your audience.

If you’d like to speak with us please feel free to contact us at and reference this email when filling out the form.

Have a great week!
Ago from the DimNiko Team 🙂

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When to Use ABO and CBO?

DimNiko - CBO vs. ABO

When to Use ABO and CBO?

As many of you heard that CBO will not be mandatory anymore and ABO, adset budget optimisation, will still be available to use.

So which one to use?
The easy answer is both!

We at the agency have been using mainly CBO in the past months, as it has worked better on the majority of the accounts we manage.

However each ad account is different, some gets better CPM’s, some work better with Lifetime budget, CBO or ABO.

The best practice is to test and retest these setups on your account to see which brings the best possible results.

CBO works the best for us when it has data and room to optimise.

Data that the AI can gen from the pixel, from the ads, from the ad account and room means more budget per campaign.
We have had several discussions on how the CBO works and why it is important to not over-optimize as the algo will find the conversions on the lowest possible cost.

So when do we use ABO?
ABO, adset budget optimization is when you select how much budget each adset spends within a campaign.

This way you have way more control over the media buying, you are in charge of which adset /audience spends more or less.

I think ABO can give you higher chances of success when you spend less than $500 / day as you don’t have the luxury of giving a campaign 2-4 days without closing adsets, or setting campaign budgets over 50 x the CPA.

In some cases with ABO you are able to tell earlier whether that campaign will perform or not.

Testing with ABO can be as well easier as you don’t need to worry about the algo trying to pick the best audience and spend the budget there.

It will be forced to spend equally and try out all the ad variations you selected.

For certain accounts, ABO is more suitable for retargeting campaigns as it gives more control over the spending of each audience group.

Example when you have audiences such as ATC1day and PV15-30days

The second audience is probably 20x bigger than the first so a CBO set up would try to push the offer there.

The other situation when I would start with ABO is on a new ad account when there is not so much data on the pixel.
The AI cannot help you without having some history on the ad account and on the pixel.

With ABO you can guide the AI and once you collect enough data you can give more control to the AI by using CBO.

Moving forward knowing that ABO is going to be available I am sure we at the agency will use it more often.

I’d recommend for you as well to experiment with both set up and see which delivers you the best results.

Some ABO campaigns might help you find winning creatives and drop your CPA’s, but you might find that with CBO it is easier to scale which cocombinedogether will help you grow your business.

And don’t forget just because 6 months ago something didn’t work it doesn’t mean it won’t now.

Probably that’s the biggest takeaway I can give after managing several ad accounts over the years!

Advertising is a dynamic environment, which isn’t just changing based on technical updates from the platform, but as well based on user behavior changes and the number of advertisers, their spend and their methods as well.

If you’re spending over $500 a day and want to scale your brand

Book a call below:

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How Message Campaigns Can Bring Down The Cost of Your Results By 2x – Untapped Strategy!

DimNiko - Messenger Campaigns

I never worked with message campaigns before as I mostly used Conversions optimization for the past 3 years. 30% of my time goes to lead generation, traffic, catalog sales, post engagement and video views. 6 years ago I ran lots of page like campaigns, as my strategy was at that time (now grey area), to build up quickly fan pages for famous athletes and sport teams, and then post affiliate offers to those pages and make a lot of money. That’s when I started to play with Facebook and from there a lot of things changed.

Some changes were good and some changes were bad. The worst change was when it became hard for newbies like I was at that time, to learn this game by not spending tons of money. At that time, you could get 1000 fans easily with 20-50 USD. Now you have to pay a lot more. How did that work? Easy. You just made an ad with ‘Like our page if you like ’. Or ‘You like _, then like our page’. It was easy money and a very easy game for newbies.

A few friends of mine scaled their business to 30-50 pages in a few months, and every page brought 5-20k a month in affiliate revenue. For me it wasn’t such a big success, but I made some money so that I could later spend on learning new techniques and buying more ads. So at the end, what Facebook gave me it took back. Pretty sad, right?

The thing that it didn’t take from me is my knowledge, so I can quickly adopt and test new things not just on FB, but also on other media channels. In the end, they all work the same. You test, you optimize, you scale and then repeat the cycle. But I didn’t want to talk about this today. I started this topic just to bring the bigger picture of how some things that used to work a few years ago, now just don’t work. And how quickly we have to adapt to new things that Facebook spits out everyday.

As I mentioned before, these message campaigns were very new for me 2 months ago. But after I learnt how they work, they can be implemented to most online businesses very quickly.

So let me first tell you what a message campaign is – It’s the campaign on Facebook that optimizes for Messenger conversations. This means that it sends people from your ad to conversation with FB Messenger. You will need to change the ad copy and invite people at the end to get more help or information via chat. When a user clicks from your ad and starts to chat with you, FB sees this as a conversion and shows your ads to more and more people, who are more likely to chat during the optimization phase.

The reason why I started using those ads was my new client, who was collection leads for his service in a financial niche. He had a team of several support agents on the phone, who called each lead as soon as he or she completed a form on their website on a daily basis. The best leads as he said were very ‘hot leads’ – that means those which his agents called up to 15 mins after they signed up this form. His CPL (cost per leads) was increasing lately so he came to us if we can help him.

When I got his account I almost went crazy, as there were more than 100 small campaigns segmented by little geos of no more than 50k people. Half of the account was at small budget and half around $100. He wanted to have leads around $30 but lately leads cost went up to $50 and even $70 at some days. The problem with this account was also daily optimization, as we weren’t allowed to run ads 24/7, but we had to turn them down daily after a certain amount of budget was spent.

We also had to run ads only during the time his agents were in the office. That was 7am to 5pm Monday to Thursday. Pretty hectic scenario for campaign optimization right? Anyway, after one week I somehow figured out how to manage them with rules. I tried FB rules but couldn’t make it for the account spend limit at certain budget, so I had to go to Revealbot app and scheduled several rules there. At one point when everything was automated, and when I killed 3/4 of his nonprofitable campaigns, I realized this won’t work as I predicted at the beginning. Targeted geo was very small and campaigns just weren’t spending enough to be where we said we were gonna be.

So one day I started to test message campaigns, as I found one campaign from the past that performed really well. He or the agency before wanted to test those campaigns, and I saw it brought some cheap leads. I decided to split-test this with several creatives and just duplicate all lead campaigns into msg at higher budget. After a week of testing and scaling daily message campaigns, the client called me in excitement and told me how happy he is with our results.

So far I couldn’t really know how good they are performing, because we didn’t get daily reports of how many of those lead and message campaigns actually converted for him. But he explained weekly results and concluded that those message campaigns outperformed lead campaigns by 2x. This means that the conversion rate of final leads out of those msg campaigns were 50%, while at lead it was less than 25%. It also means that when I see 10 message conversions in my ads manager, they get 5 deals signed that day.

In comparison to standard lead campaigns where conversion was less than 25%, that would mean only 2 leads that day.

Now the final result is even better! Drum roll please!!

The conversions for leads as I said before, were costing us lately $50 to $70. But the conversion for message campaigns were costing us $6-10. What do you say about that?!

Will you try this in your business?? Will you make it work?? Msg campaigns are a great opportunity right now and definitely are worth your focus and testing. With the right steps, we think you can bring the costs of your CPA or CPL down to 2x if not higher. For sure you need to have a person who will respond to those messages, but that is very easy to do. Then you will have to test and optimize and then test again and scale and… you know how it goes. If you want us to set up this system in your business, go here and sign up with us ==>

We think it is a big opportunity if done in the right way. Especially now when nobody is using this method and the cost is still very low.

Anyway, have a good day and don’t miss opportunities FB is bringing you!

The quicker you adopt, the better your business can grow.

Ciao, Matej

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How Can I Lower My CPM?

DimNiko - CPM

CPM or Cost per Mille is the cost per thousand impressions on an ad, and the amount that you are paying per every thousand impressions depends on many factors. Some of these factors are your target audience, the campaign objective, the type of industry you are in or your optimization settings, among others. One important thing to mention is that when CPM drops, your cost per click, cost per acquisition, and cost per lead generally decrease as well. So basically you will be having a better return with less ad spend.

So let’s look at some factors that you can take into consideration when you are looking into lowering your CPM:

Audience: Facebook ad space is limited and some audiences are more demanded than others. This means that targeting the most competitive audiences will increase your expenses.

Placement: Each placement has a different CPC and impression. By avoiding higher-cost and low-performing placements you can already improve results.

Quality ranking: The quality ranking has a direct impact on how much you are paying and how often your ad is shown. The higher your ranking is, the less you’ll pay and the better your results will be..

Bidding strategy: By using a bid cap or target cost you can prevent unnecessary and expensive clicks.

Frequency: High CPMs can be a sign of high frequency. Try to keep your frequency below 3. Showing your ad over and over to the same person without this one taking an action will tell Facebook that your ad is irrelevant and the cost will increase.

Ad schedule: The day of the week or time of the day impacts the cost of your ads.
Setting the ad schedule that works best for your ads can help you reduce costs and maximize results.

These factors above are some of the most common elements that advertisers look at when they are seeing high CPMs on their campaigns. But there are also other aspects that we you can consider when working towards lowering costs, for example:

Video ads: Facebook provides a bigger impression share for videos than image ads which means you can have lower costs when running video ads. If you are unable to create a good video, you can also use Facebook tools to create slideshows.

Higher engagement: Do you have a Facebook group with your customers? You can share your new ads with them to engage with it if they find it relevant. It is proven that by having a higher engagement on your ads, Facebook will reward you by showing it to more people which will lower your CPM.

Retargeting campaigns: As I mentioned earlier, some very competitive audiences will also have a very high CPC and CPM cost. Showing your ads to a warm audience will automatically get you better results.

Link clicks: Optimizing by link clicks has a lower cost than conversions, however! this traffic might not necessarily help you increase your ROAs. Running a campaign optimizing by link clicks is still worth it in order to increase cold traffic at a lower cost, and is worth testing, especially if you have a good offer to retarget that traffic later on.

Related Posts: 6 Crucial Factors Stopping Your From Scaling Paid Traffic Profitably

These are some options that you should look into if your CPMs are too high.

If you have any questions regarding this topic or any other do not hesitate to contact us in

Until next time!

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Secret Facebook Keyword Targeting Strategy

Hey guys, Matej here. Senior media buyer at DimNiko team.

This is something that often happened to me and lots of other Facebook advertisers.

At some point we tried everything and we still didn’t get the ROI which client wanted.

Creatives were good but whatever targeting we put in, nothing worked.

So one day something hit me and I got this idea while I was browsing the net.

There was an article about good niche ideas and there were different lists of ideas.

I downloaded one really big list and then it hit me. Eureka!

There were almost two thousand keywords in this list. I can try them all on targeting!

As the client’s product was a pretty broad niche, I decided to do a test.

I created 100 campaigns with a $5 budget.

In each I would put one or more keywords from that list.

If the audience was under 1MM, I would combine a few similar together and also use the suggestion tool.

After some tweaking (and lots of hours) I made my 100 campaigns and put a lifetime budget $25 on each for the next 5 days.

I set a reminder on my desktop to check them after 5 days and then forgot about them.

When day 5 came, I opened this client’s account and started analyzing.

What I saw surprised me on different levels. Almost 1/3 of my campaigns were profitable and the CPA was 2x cheaper then what I was getting before with general interests or LLAs. 

So I immediately duped all my best performers into one big campaign and ran it with CBO at $1000.

At the same time I changed the budget on all campaigns to a daily budget of $5 on each adset and re-started them again.

The CBO campaign at $1k didn’t perform so well as $5 adsets, but it was still profitable and bringing much better ROI then what I was getting before in this account.

So after 5 days I again duped all the working audiences from $5 adsets into around 30 campaigns and started a $100 CBO test.

Now it started to really kick! I scaled this account drastically as I could move budgets by 50 or 100% everyday without losing much of ROI.

When campaigns got tired, I added new creatives and started testing again.

At the same time I made 100 new campaigns with new keywords from that list.

Then I duped, and split-test, and optimize and scale hard my best performers.

Then I would do 100 more, and 100 more, and 100 more, and repeat the cycle.

When results go bad, I would test fresh creative and start again. And again. And again.

I could do just this technique all year long, with small or big budgets, CBOs, daily or lifetime budgets.

After a lot of testing I realized that I discovered something really amazing.

Something that now became a part of my hidden weapon.

When nothing works and you need a fresh reset, try it! 

I didn’t want to share this technique but as we’re becoming one of the top notch communities for media buying, I said why not.

So below is my list of keywords you can test. 

Please don’t share this technique out of this group, as it’s very-very powerful.

Use this to your own advantage and use it wisely to scale your business. 

Be creative and test 365/24/7. The more you test, the better ROI you will get.

NOTE: Don’t be scared to spend a little more at the beginning, as you will get way more back after you optimize campaigns.

If you want me to implement this technique in your business, just send me a msg and I’ll get back to you asap.

Let’s crush it together!


If you want me to implement this technique in your business, just click the become a client button in the top right of this screen! 

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Most beautiful places in the world
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If you want me to implement this technique in your business, just click the become a client button in the top right of this screen! 

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Secret Facebook Cold Traffic Funnel AV Sequencing Strategy 2020

The Insane Cold Traffic Funnel a Clothing Brand Used to Generate a 8.04x ROAS and Turn $6,492.24 to $52,180.00 Using “AV Sequencing”

Yo – it’s Dim Niko here from Agency – The #1 Marketing Agency for eCommerce Brands – which I’ll get to in just a moment…

Now, before I reveal our secret “AV Sequencing” system and how we used it to convert ice cold traffic for a clothing company into huge profits… here’s what you need to know:

At, we’ve profitably managed over $10,000,000 in Facebook & Instagram Ads.

In 2018 alone, we’ve:

– Increased revenue of a company selling a niche automotive product from $91k/month to $485k/month

– Skyrocketed a global supplement company from €40k/month to €120k/month in recurring revenue in 30 days

– Scaled a hair extensions company from $17k/month to $62k/month in only 30 days

– Generated $78,465.24 in a ONE DAY PROMOTION for an online fitness company

– Plus tonnes more

If you’d like your eCom Brand to be our next success, apply here NOW —>

After spending millions on ads and our own blood, sweat & tears, we’ve discovered the fastest and most reliable way to scale online businesses to well beyond 7 figures.

And the good news is… it’s the same process we used to generate a 8.04x ROAS as we scaled our Clothing Brand client to $52k / month.

Now – let me get into this case study:

The client is a streetwear clothing brand based in Melbourne, Australia. When we started working together, they were generating $30k / month. very quickly scaled them from $30k to $120k / month…. $52k of this revenue came from ice cold traffic… who had no idea who the brand was before seeing our ads.

Now – if you run a clothing company, or any kind of brand in a competitive market, then you will know just how difficult it is to convert ice traffic into profit.

At least that’s what you thought up until now – the truth is however… with “AV Sequencing” – it’s actually really simple.

Let me reveal how:

First, the marketing funnel was segmented into 3 stages like this:

Top of Funnel:

Here we targeted ice cold traffic with a meme video the client had created. These videos were entertaining, light hearted and fun.

They appeal to the ideal client and drove tonnes of engagement. We created lookalike and retargeting audiences from this first touch point.

Here’s a takeaway for your marketing:

Reframe your top of funnel content so the purpose of it is NOT to SELL on the first touch point – don’t try and sleep with the girl on the first date.

Instead, by using humour, we created virality and drove a truckload of engagement at ridiculously low prices.

The result of this was an insanely low cost per view, and massive audiences built at very little cost.

To make these meme videos more relevant, the people featured in the videos wore the brand’s clothes, to simultaneously introduce cold traffic to the company and the products they offer.

Now, nothing I’ve said so far is revolutionary, I know that.

But here’s what happened next…

Middle of Funnel:

We built a custom audience of anyone who watched 75% of the first video.

At this point, video viewers who watched 75% of the first video & lookalike audiences were retargeted with a video that explained the concept of the brand.

This video was more serious, revealed the brand story and inspired viewers to get involved with the company mission, using a specific video formula we’ve tested and proven after working in 34 different niches.

But here’s the really cool part, where “AV Sequencing” comes into the campaign:

We got the same people from the meme video to be featured in the brand concept video.

On top of that, they wore the EXACT same clothes, to build familiarity and relevancy with the prospects that watched the meme video.

Here’s why this is important:

Great marketing is about congruency.

Whether it’s having the same headline on an ad and a landing page, or having a clothing company model wear the same clothes in different videos… making your marketing a familiar customer experience is VITAL.

Using this concept, we helped the client create an Advanced Video Sequence with the same people, wearing the same clothes from the brand.

Hence the term… “AV Sequencing”…

This allowed our client to build their know, like & trust factor with cold traffic… and, as you’re about to see, generate an insane ROI from scaleable, ice cold traffic.

Which, as you can imagine… is the dream for every business owner.

Bottom of Funnel:

Then, we made direct offers to video viewers, lookalike & retargeting audiences that had viewed more than 75% of each video.

And… if you haven’t guessed it yet:

We offered the same line of clothing as those featured in the first two videos.

Again – by now, prospects were massively familiar with the clothing, the brand, and their savvy street style.

This is the simple funnel that allowed us to crush an insane 8.04x ROAS from ice cold traffic.

After turning these leads into profit, we were able to further monetise them during launches and new product releases, to increase lifetime value.

In total, these campaigns took the streetwear brand from $30k / mth to $120k / mth – FAST.

Now… if you’d like your company to be the next success story – listen up:

We are currently looking for just 4 new eCom clients to take on this month.

We have a strict criteria for the clients we work with. If you fit this, we will scale your company using Facebook & Instagram advertising, to drastically grow your revenue and create similar results.

If you’re interested in working with, click here and complete the form to see if we’re a fit:

Do not hesitate. The 4 positions will fill up fast.