Why Should You Be Using Facebook Messenger Ads?

Have you ever wondered if Messenger ads could help you to drive sales,

Increase conversions,

Or get qualified leads?

The answer is yes – Messenger ads can help you do all that.

And why is that?

Well, because Messenger ads allow you to have real and organic conversations with your customers.

And by reaching customers instantly, you will be able to increase conversions and response rates.

There are two options when it comes to the Messenger campaign objective,

You can pick between:

Sponsored messages ads

And Click to messenger ads.

Sponsored messages allow you to message someone directly that you already had a conversation with in Messenger.

These ads look like a regular message from a friend

But instead it’s a message from a business.

As I have already mentioned,

With Sponsored messages you can only target people who have previously messaged your Facebook page.

So if you would like to run Sponsored message ads, but if the number of people who have messaged your page is too low,

You can start using Call to messenger ads first

And increase the number of people that will message you

And therefore increase your audience for Sponsored messages.

This is a great option for middle of funnel retargeting campaigns,

For example –

If you have a limited time offer or a brand new product that you want to share with your customers right away.

Click to messenger ads on the other hand

Appear on the regular Facebook or Instagram feed.


Unlike a typical news feed ad,

The CTA will say “Send Message”

And will open a Messenger chat when you click on it.

You can even personalise your ad by adding the user’s name,

And you can also set up quick replies with the most frequent questions asked for customers to pick from,

Or buttons to send people to a destination outside the messenger conversation.

Another option would be to connect a bot

So people will receive instant responses based on what they message back.

Are you still wondering why you should try Facebook Messenger ads?

Here are some more advantages:

  1. You can reach people faster than with any other type of ads.

Using a live chat service in some way will help you increase your conversions,

Because responding to a potential client fast will increase your chances of closing a deal.

  1. You can send users personalized messages.

You can only do this for people who have interacted with your ads previously.

You can get direct messages to a user within their Messenger,

So you are not restricted only to the news feed,

Meaning you can reach out to your audience with a more natural personalized message

And this gives you a better shot at landing conversions compared to a regular remarketing ad on their feed.

  1. Your chat will remain in the user’s Messenger inbox.

Either if you use Sponsored messages

Or Click to messenger ads,

Your chats will remain in your user’s inbox

And that is great for retargeting purposes.

  1. They offer the ability to talk with users directly.

Messenger ads give you the possibility to understand your users needs immediately.

And to wrap things up,

Remember that the best practice when it comes to Facebook messenger advertising

Is to start with Click to messenger ads.

And once you have enough users that have engaged with your Page via messages,

You can re-engaged with those users sending a message with Sponsored messages.

The advantage of using a Sponsored message over other types of ads

Is that your audience will receive a notification in their Facebook inbox

And therefore are more likely to engage with the ad compared to other regular ads.

And you, have you already tried Messenger ads? What are you waiting for?

If you are spending over $500 a day and you want to scale your brand

Book a call below:


Until next time 😉

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