Why Facebook Shops Are A Major Game Changer for Ecommerce Stores?

Facebook Shops were introduced just a couple of months ago but it already seems that this new platform is going to be the game changer of ecommerce advertising!

This feature helps you set up an online shop right on your Facebook or Instagram page! The customer doesn’t have to visit your website and can purchase your product right from the platform. This decreases the time the customer spends on the purchase which increases the conversion rate significantly.

Not all of the accounts are eligible for advertising through Facebook shops yet but we got a chance to test it out.

Setting Up Facebook Shops

In order to set up the ecommerce Facebook shop you will have to set up a product catalog via Commerce Manager. You can set it up manually, based on the data feed, or using the Facebook pixel. If you have more than 50 products, it is recommended to use the data feed or  pixel instead of uploading all the products one by one. But if you’re uploading the products manually, the process is very easy.

You upload a specific product, add an image, description, price and you’re good to go! There are other fields that can be filled in but they are optional so this is just your decision if you want to make the catalog look more interesting or not.

After your catalog is ready you can go ahead and set up a new Facebook Shop campaign. 

Setting Up a Facebook Shop Campaign

The process is similar to setting up a regular website conversion campaign. But instead of choosing website as the conversion event location you will get the option to choose Shops. There are also different options for setting up the ads for Facebook Shops.

You can be using single images or videos in addition to collection and catalogs. All of them will be leading to a Facebook shop using the checkout set on the platform. 

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Benefits to Commerce Manager and Facebook Shops

So let’s circle back to the main benefits of Commerce Manager and why Facebook Shops are actually the next Game Changer!

First of all, by using the secure Facebook checkout, you’re offering your customers a quick and easy way to purchase your products and improving their shopping experience.

Secondly, it is a very convenient way to track your products because everything is synchronized in the catalog where you can see all your past and pending sales.

Third advantage of the Facebook Shops is that you can create financial reports which will help your bookkeeping and organising your cash flow.

And the last but not the least is getting customer insights from Commerce Manager. 

The platform provides you with actionable recommendations for your business. There are definitely other very valuable features in Facebook Shops.

All of them are going to change Facebook advertising in the ecommerce sphere! So we highly recommend testing Commerce Manager and all the tools which will help you manage your business across Facebook and Instagram.

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