Why eCommerce Sales Tend to Slow Down in January & How You Can Prevent Losses

Are you running a business or company and are worried about the reality of business like eCommerce sales tend to slow down in January and how you can prevent your business’s losses by following the effective strategies?

It’s a matter of the fact that eCommerce sales have been observed very low in the months of January – the start of a new year, which ultimately causes losses to many eCommerce businesses. The reasons behind these low sales are many. However, some of the top causes are the buyers needing their surplus cash to pay off their Christmas gifts, people have spent most of their money in December sales when plenty of products are available on offers and discounts. Furthermore, at the end of the year, most of the people pay their taxes, house rents and other types of rents, so they don’t have enough money to spend in January. 

Today’s comprehensive guide is for you and those looking to make fantastic plans to keep their investment profitable among many other businesses and retailers running eCommerce sites or eCommerce businesses. 

Let’s dive into the core of the guide … 

Loyalty Program Launching

It’s a matter of fact that earning the customer’s trust is somewhat hard to earn, and at the same time, rewarding the same customer for you is somewhat easy. It doesn’t matter which specific system you are running. Every system’s strategy remains almost the same as every time you keep gathering information and tracking your customer’s activity while making purchases at your shop (e-commerce store). 

Hence, with the help of already collected data from shopping through discounts, free products, or exclusive offers, you can run a loyalty program by keeping your customers bated and giving you an abated edge. Furthermore, you can also turn these repeat sales into an easy referral opportunity.

Promoting Pop-Up Sales

The second best method to prevent your losses in the months of slow sales is to run pop-up sales that have an effective role in generating more sales for your products or business. It has a great effect on shoppers. So if you are not sure about the sales, which method is going to be making your sales appeal of an international zeitgeist, it’s suggested to run or announce pop-up sales with the help of your social media followers. 

Indeed, even in a month when money/cash is tight, pop-up deals are necessary and can give the ideal shot in the arm for somebody unhappy.

Reinforcing New Year’s Resolutions

As January stays as the month of slow sales in the eCommerce world, your brand or business should develop new resolutions and determinations to reinforce your brand/business. With these new year’s resolutions, you can come up with discounting certain seasonally-oriented items or shining your marketing lens on trendy products reaching your cost-effective but output giving milestones. 

This new year’s resolution for your business or e-commerce store is putting off your site’s SEO refresh with the new year because with the update of the new year; you will have to update and change the old-fashioned styles, product listings, and content updating.

Supplementing Past Purchases

Another best technique to prevent losses in your eCommerce sales or business in the down months of sales is not to waste most of the time on the customer who’s unlikely to get back to your product or business. Here, the better option for you is to focus on the customer who once purchased one product. Then with that product, he also placed additional orders for some other orders relevant or irrelevant to that product. 

So you can offer affordable accessories to your past customers to enhance sales. Furthermore, you can update your product listings and pages with curated lists of add-ons. Hence, when your customer purchases your one product while putting a review or giving feedback on the products in the same listings that he’ll see, his mind will urge him to make another purchase on the relevant product. 

Running Teasers for Products

Setting up and running teasers for your fresh or new products in the dead months of eCommerce sales/businesses is another effective strategy that will help you come up and generate more sales than your competitors. Therefore, it’s recommended for you to load up your social media accounts under your brand/business with teaser videos and snaps that prove very effective for different businesses as different studies have revealed amazing benefits. 

When running teasers for your new year products or old products on a new year with some fresh touch, you can earn maximum profit compared to your other competitor businesses. 

Making Your Product Pages Perfect

Making your product pages perfect by updating them and making the content fully-optimized with catchy and better-looking images, titles, and descriptions as January is considered the only downtime that urges you to make the critical updates to overcome the slow in sales. 

The little effort you’ll make to optimize your product listing will have long-term positive implications for your brand or business or the product you are looking to generate sales or leads for. The more optimized, fresh-looking, visually appealing, and easy to navigate your products are, the higher ranking is guaranteed. This activity will fuel up your online store with serious buyers and ultimately more selling power even in the dead months of sales. This way, you can prevent losses. 

Curtailing Cart Abandonment

Furthermore, in these dead months of eCommerce sales, you can curtail cart abandonment by working on your product listings effectively. Different estimates and studies show that there are many chances to boost your sales up to 70% by just doing little modifications in the abandoned shopping carts on your eCommerce sites or stores. 

Hence, by following the techniques shared above, you can avoid a sales slowdown in January as January is very disturbing and a month of depression for the eCommerce businesses because sales fall abruptly and create a huge vacuum that’s somewhat full of losses to eCommerce businesses. Swallowing and making unique, cost-effective strategies, and the ones to attract the customers, you can generate more and more sales. 

In a Nutshell

So what are you worried about now? Don’t feel panic as you have an effective checklist now to make your eCommerce sales strong by making your site 100% matching the points discussed in this guide. This way, success will be guaranteed for your eCommerce store.

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