What To Do When Running Ads on a New Ad Account

There can be lots of reasons why you would use a new Facebook Ad Account to run ads. 

You might just be starting out, your account could have been hacked and you opened a new one, your account could have been banned, or maybe another reason. 

One thing is certain: everything will be uncertain.

At DimNiko, we’re used to running ads on new Ad Accounts for all types of reasons.

It can be a daunting task because it’s uncertain how the performance will do. 

And, it’s easy to get lost in the best practices you should follow. 

Since we’re good at this kind of thing, I’ve compiled a list of best practices to help you out…


Whenever clients ask us what is the perfect daily budget to run ads on we love to give them a target of $1000 (or more). This will provide the most data at a faster speed.

However, with a brand new account you will have to hold back on the temptation to spend too much money from the start. 

Ideally you want to take this down to even a quarter of the amount and spend around $250 / day. 

A good budget distribution split would be 70% for cold traffic, and 30% for warm traffic (retargeting). 

If you want to be even more safe and feel you have audiences to retarget, a 50/50 split can also work for the first couple of days or first week.

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When starting on a new Ad Account, creatives is the most important part of the equation. 

Here you want to focus on the known winning creatives and use them as they have worked well in the past. 

This is not the best time to test new creatives that have no previous data and information to fall back on.

Ideally if you had a previous Ad Account, getting post IDs and using them in your new ads is the best way forward. 

This will show you have social proof and engagement which will assist in the slow start of a new ad account. 

If you have to use new creatives because your old ones sucked, then try and choose the best video and best image you have and put them in a small dynamic campaign. 

Try not to use too many creatives. 

Your campaigns should stay on a smaller budget to start off with.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that a good image can convert just as well as a video (although we prefer videos). 

If you find a good converting image creative, start building out a post ID with this image and build that social proof we were talking about.

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Retargeting/ Retention

You may find that launching retargeting ads on a new Ad Account might be slower results at first. 

It can be disappointing since these campaigns should stand out from the rest. 

This will be the case when your audiences are still too small and the campaigns struggle to spend, or ad frequency shoots through the roof.

A good solution is to combine your Middle of Funnel (Facebook & Instagram engagers, as well as video viewers 25%) and your Bottom of Funnel (retargeting audiences such as Add to Cart 30 days, Viewed Content 30 days, Page Viewers 30 days) into one campaign. 

You will have a higher chance of converting customers. When purchases increase after a week or two, you can split the two parts of the funnel into their own campaigns again. 

You can also add a tension audience into the mix if your audiences are too small and you sell a variety of products. 

If you have a shopify customer list in your custom audiences, you can add the lists into a combination BOF/MOF campaign. 

The TL:DR: 

Start more conservative and keep your money in your pocket. 

As soon as you have winning campaigns, increase the budget slowly and focus on your winning creatives. 

Don’t forget about the power of post IDs and start building them sooner rather than later. 

Lastly, consolidate those retargeting audiences in the beginning and throw in a retention audience in the mix for the best initial results, until you can separate them at a later stage as your budget and traffic increases.

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