What Creative Works Best In In-stream Video Ad Placement?

It’s been a while since I wrote about a specific placement or ad types.

The reason is that we had been focusing on campaign consolidation, CBO and dynamic ads which basically goes against creating separate campaigns for specific placements.

However the increased video viewers and publishers on Facebook might change how we approach these placements.

And provides new opportunities for us to custom design a content specifically for in-stream ad placements.

What is in-stream placement?

It is a placement where advertisers can show their video ads within other video contents from publishers.

It can appear in Feed, Audience Network and Watch as well.
These contents needs to be between 5-15 sec

and the best performing format based on Facebook is 16:9, however 1:1 up to 9:16 is also compatible with.

A very important characteristic is that it only plays on publishers videos that are at least 3 minutes long, and MOST importantly it’s NOT skippable.

Why is that important? Because the user has to watch your AD!

From the start till the end.

Even more than that the sound is on, that means your ad is also played with SOUND ON!

Based on Facebook information there is a 70% completion rate on these ad views meaning your ads will be more than likely to be watched full length with sound on!

This creates a huge opportunity to get your message and brading across.

As for optimisation Facebook prioritise user experience on these placements.

Optimising not just on the advertisers end but on publishers as well to make sure the right ad shows on the best suitable video content at the right time.

Which makes it more essential to customise these ads.

What are the best tactics to make sure your ads are played during the most popular videos?

Users are interested in watching the original content, they also know that they have to watch the ads as well.

Which can be painful or entertaining, interesting and relevant for them.

You are interrupting them. That’s not a good start.
But if you make it right you can benefit from this placement a lot.

Give them something interesting to watch, make it funny, make it conscious that you are interrupting.

You can even say sorry for interrupting.

Don’t forget the subtitles and captions, the bigger the better based on our experience.

You can also reward users with a surprising ending, and make the visuals memorable.

From an e-commerce perspective, these ad placements are unlikely to have a high CTR as they are interested in the original content, which they intended to watch in the first place.

Otherwise they would close the ad, which is why it is very important to get the first 3 second right.

Give the most visual branding here with the key message.
That’s the most important part where the users decide to be engaged with your message or not.

My favorite goal with these ads are to build audiences that can be retargeted later,

specifically for brand awareness,

And getting through your offer for the retargeting, reengaging audiences.

Hope you enjoyed the read!

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