Top 3 Copywriting Hacks Nobody Will Tell You About

Let’s hope this copywriting blog post will find you as well as your favorite new dish in your neighborhood. Yummy!

Does this whet your appetite?

Be honest! Your brain has just started thinking of the favorite dishes and your palate has started reminiscing about the taste of it. Feelings are getting stronger and we haven’t even started yet. The power of words is getting in!

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Well, hello everyone! Tatev here from the DimNiko Agency. As a copywriter, I am going to share some super straightforward facts about copywriting.

Copywriting is a new-age specialty that has risen to its potential when the armageddon of social media has emerged directly into our lives. Honestly, life without social media is hard to imagine. And that Armageddon scene as well! Jeez!

Could you even count how many copies you read per day? Social media posts, ad copies, blog captions, if not the whole blog, and many more.

We are getting more and more personal and open about what we write. And yes! That’s life-changing!

Let’s jump on the number 1 trick of copywriting:

1. I call this EMOTIONAL COPY.

Here is a quick Q&A:

  • What is the number 1 goal of a copywriter?
  • To connect to the audience. Right!

Copywriting is pretty modern as I’ve mentioned above, but writing is old-school and for millennia writers put every word to get the most impact on the reader. The emotional impact!

If you don’t feel my words and don’t hit your heart, can we connect on the copywriting level? The answer is NO! The names can be changed but still copywriting is writing and still, your commercial copy should involve the emotional factor.

You can’t sell any product without actually feeling the product.

Think of copywriting from the perspective of physics. Everything we have in life is energy. To master your copy, think of the vibes; your words transform the energy. Whatever you write is affecting the reader subconsciously. Well, now we get into psychology but let’s talk about the psychological aspect of copywriting in our next blog.

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2. The next important aspect of copywriting is to KEEP IT SHORT.

Okay! a bit of controversy here: I am advising you to keep your writing short in a long blog post, but I’m just breaking it down for you.

Remember the last scene of Armageddon? the no time factor. This is it! Do we have much time? Can people afford to read long sentences? The answer is NOT NOW.

Times have changed and there is much buzz and competition everywhere, but don’t let it get close to your heart. You can always bring something different to the table. Just make sure you are doing it and it’s pretty accessible for everyone. Copywriting should directly involve the considerations of readers. Be flexible and to the point!

Think of it as a message to your friend. You don’t make it complicated. You just say everything straight without going overboard.

Last but not least, we have reached my N3 and the most favorite tip of copywriting.

3. I call this THE BITTER TRUTH.

If you don’t have writing skills from nature, don’t fall for it. You may spend years of studies to master your craft, but still, you will struggle with the writing process and the so-called writer’s block. This happens too, but when you are gifted with writing, the process comes naturally and is enjoyable. You don’t put extra pressure on yourself, you don’t overload yourself.

Ask yourself: Am I a writer?

If your heart signals back with an extra beat, you are on the right track.

Writing is mental. If you are just starting your career as a copywriter, I hope this is helpful for you. If you are not happy with it, please move on. You are not a tree. You are free. Every single person on earth is gifted with a talent. Find yours and pursue your passion.

Grab your life by the horns and create your own bold statements. Trust your gut; it will show your true purpose.

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Stay in peace and life-blessed!

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