Striking Emotion to Bring in 2MM Revenue

I have one client that I slowly scaled to 5k a day.

For 2 months now our daily budget is 4-5k per day.

Nothing amazing but what I like about this client is the longevity of his creatives.

I’m running one ad that brought in almost half of his revenue.

And he’s at 2MM of revenue right now.

So 1MM was made by this simple 30s ad, where you see people crying…and hugging…and kissing..and being loved.

If you ask me, yes, this is the success recipe.

And can it be useful for all products?

I believe so, yes!

With some creativity you can use every product to bring tears of joy or satisfaction in viewers eyes.

And your buyers want that. A lot!

Who would not check an ad out where people are laughing heavily or crying loud?

I would.

And many others would too.

Now why does this concept work?

Social media is all about sharing emotions.

We scroll down everyday for ten or hundred digital meters, (depending on how ‘trained’ you are for digital walking) and we watch for interesting pictures and clips.

We don’t read a lot as we just want to watch.

80% we watch, and 20% we listen.

If there is no sound, then we read.

But most of the time we watch first.

And when we see something weird, or spooky,

or loving, or caring, or sharing…

we then share, comment, click and check.

And if we see hugs or tears or kisses, we click even faster because we need to.

If landing pages shows something that no one has, and is optimized for conversions,
then we don’t have any issues to scale this ad to a few thousands sales per month.

And if you have good products, good comments, lots of shares, likes and good conversions, then the only thing you have to do is to optimize the budgets on a daily basis and campaigns to not spend too much or too little.

Ok there are other things in business for sure, but what I’m doing here is just looking for CPA and ROAS.

I stopped looking at CPC, ATC, IC, CPM and CPM at some point.

I have 15 campaigns that I optimized like crazy and I don’t have to do nothing except to let them run on their own.

FB algo is doing it all and when it breaks, I try to fix it as soon as possible.

How? I change a few things: duplicate, re-launch, segment, downscale or turn off.

So if you’re spending over $500 a day

And want to scale your brand

Book a call with us below:


You can be our next case that we scale to 5 or 10k per day.

Two of our clients are doing 1MM per month right now, so we know few things that others don’t.

And we enjoy sharing them.

In a simple and honest way.

This success game is very simple, if you mix the right ingredients.

Have a wonderful day,

Matej – Senior media buyer at DimNiko

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