How Facebook Ads Split Testing Works

Today I’d like to share with you some tips and tricks about Facebook Ads split testing.

Split testing helps you test different variables to understand which is more effective for your business. It can be many kinds of starting from the campaign types, audiences, age, placements, platforms, and creatives, but I will focus in this post on the creative side to understand how you can run more effective tests.

How Do You Split Test Ads on FB?

There are several ways, but I will highlight those that I have more experience with, and I actually saw results.

The only way to know before pumping too much budget blindly into a campaign is to test all components of an ad and start spending only when you know that something works.

What I mean is to test images vs video, colors, CTAs, different descriptions, different ad texts and angles. Believe it or not, even the smallest change can improve performance.

Firstly it has to be decided with which campaign type you’d like to test:

a) FB’s default split testing campaign type
b) Conversion objective campaign
c) Traffic campaign

These 3 are used generally to test ad creatives, but my personal choice is conversion objective as most of the time the default split testing campaigns spent the budget and the results were not giving me enough data to decide or results were very bad + it is required to add a higher budget. Traffic campaigns are also popular, but they aren’t driving conversions as it’s not their goal. However, it’s cheaper and can be a good starting point to understand the CTR’s %.
The best results I got with the conversion campaigns set on a low budget.

How Do You Split Test Ads on Facebook?

As mentioned earlier when testing a creative the following is tested generally: colors of the image video, the ad text, the CTA, description and then different angles.

In one campaign I set up dynamic ads 2 to 3 ad sets with different audience combinations and test 2 variables, dupe the campaign and add another 2 variables to test. The winners are going to a duplicated campaign with higher budgets.

Another version is to use dynamic ads again and add 3 versions of each variable and based on the results it will be duped into a new campaign. If you’re not 100% sure what’s the winning variable is you can run multiple test campaigns using different audience pools.

What Budget Should You Test With and For How Long?

Normally it would be a CPA, however, if it’s a high-ticket item you shouldn’t spend that much. A $15 to $30 daily budget should be sufficient time to understand between 4 to 7 days of running it.

That’s my feedback on Facebook ads split test and I hope it can give value to your testing campaigns. Please feel free to share with us your feedback if you applied this testing strategy.

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Have a great week!
Ago from the DimNiko Team 🙂

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