Secret is Out – Replicate Our Best Performing IDs/Dynamics Campaign Structure

Should I use one or many creatives / IDs or Dynamic in my campaigns?

We hear these two questions over and over again. With old and with new media buyers. What we found out is that both strategies will work.If you have a great product, that your targeted audience wants. And if you optimize campaigns correctly, when you get enough data.

Our recent tests showed that maybe at this point fewer is better than more – on cold traffic, more is better than a few – on retargeting, and IDs work better on short term, and Dynamics better on long term.

Let me explain a little more of our recent testing.

Example 1: Reorganizing a Current Client

We have this client’s account, where we mostly run dynamics on cold and retargeting for the past half of the year.

Budget was around 10k per day on average. We tested new always with $100 or $200, and after a few days and few tweaks performance was optimized. These campaigns performed well for 2-3 months if optimized correctly every day.

Here I mean downscaling and upscaling budget, and turning off and on ad sets + ads based on the last 3-7 days performance.

Structure on retargeting was almost the same as on cold traffic, and each ad set had around 10 images and 3 ad copies.

Then a few months back, we had to change all creatives very fast, and because we had more than 50 campaigns, we decided we were gonna do it with IDs.

We created around 10 different IDs (pics/vids, carousels, collections), and then duplicated all dynamic campaigns, deleted ads in them, and switched dynamics off on ad set level. Then we duplicated new IDs into these empty new campaigns one by one.

We finished the process in 2 days, but if we would go via dynamics, we would need the whole week as we would also need to create ad sets from scratch because of the audiences.

We decided that we are gonna try all campaigns with IDs for a week, to see if they can compete with our previous dynamic campaigns.

To our big surprise, after 5 days when new IDs got enough engagement, we optimized the campaigns heavily and results were great.

We put 1-2 IDs in different combinations on cold traffic, and 3-5 together in retargeting campaigns.

Now after 2 months these campaigns are still working well and they are bringing pretty much the same results as before.

Example 2: Setting Up a New Client

Our new client when he came to us, had only 2 proven IDs that performed well in the past.

He didn’t have any good video creatives, all he had was a bunch of product pics that were not tested. So we selected the best ones and put everything in dynamics on cold and retargeting.

We thought we were gonna make it work but somehow dynamics never worked here.

After one month of testing we gave up, and went testing just IDs. Results were better but still not where we want them to be.

So in month 2 we decided to push only the 2 IDs they performed the best in our dynamic tests, and use dynamic campaigns just on our retargeting.

Strategy became our winning one and we used the same approach in one other account.

Results were great again. So at this point, we like to push a small number of IDs on the front end, and a lot of creatives in dynamics on the backend.

You can also do with lots of IDs on retargeting, but then I would suggest to change copy based on the 3-90d segments.

We also exclude all page viewers, buyers and social media engagers on cold traffic, so we target just fresh visitors. And that is a very simple structure you can replicate and try out!

1 or 2 IDs on cold, 5-10 IDs or Dynamics on retargeting.

If you want us to run your campaigns for the best ROAS, book a call with as here 
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Let’s see if we’re the right fit.

Let us know what works best for you at this point.

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