Reasons Why You Should Include Zenners In Your Ads Strategy

They may not be digital natives, but 55-75 years old, technology is close behind. They are more digital and consume more online than you think. This article explains why the Zen Gen could be a good target for your digital strategy.

The study of 1,500 participants in three markets (UK, Spain, and Mexico) found that people aged 55 to 75 are a much more important target audience for brands than they may think.

The impact of the super digitization driven by COVID-19 has accelerated the change in consumption habits of the Zen Gen forever.

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If you are still not convinced of their potential as digital consumers, here are some facts that will not leave you indifferent:
– 81% of the “zenners” surveyed have a profile on Facebook, 45% on Instagram, another 27% on Twitter, and, , there is a niche of 23% on Pinterest, the place of digital inspiration par excellence.
– More than 80% of those surveyed do not find it challenging to navigate the Internet, and more than 70% consider that shopping online is easy or very easy.
– Zenners are the generation that has increased the use of Instagram between 2016 and 2019 by 98%.

Each audience has specific characteristics to which we have to adapt. So now the question is, how do we address this generation? How do we get your attention? What do we do to make them loyal customers? Let’s see some data:

1- Pay attention to how they want to access your website: they prefer to access it. Make sure it’s designed to be accessed from a computer, but don’t ignore a mobile-first approach.

2- Their purchase is planned, rarely impulsive. That’s why you should focus on building a coherent funnel strategy. Also, they check their email. Make sure that you also have an ’email marketing strategy.

3- Zenners buy online because it is more comfortable. You should be aware of bringing them a comfortable and accessible digital experience too.

4- 25% of the participants said that one of the reasons for not completing an online purchase is that the website is unreliable. Pay attention to your website and your landing pages.

5- Direct-to-consumer communication is essential for this generation. They need to trust your brand and perceive the digital store as a 100% secure space. Be transparent and make them feel included.

6- The key reason people over 55 choose a brand is a trust:

  • The quality of the product or service
  • The process of purchase
  • The generation of a unique experience

It would help to think about “Brand Awareness” and UGC campaigns. For them is not about the price. It is about what makes your brand unique and your commitment to their needs.

7- They demand a more ethical digital shopping experience. Highlight the importance of sustainability when choosing their products.
People between the ages of 55 and 75 are a much more important target audience for brands than they could imagine. ‘Zen Generation’ has grown up straddling the digital and analog worlds. They have long represented the absolute center of attention for companies and marketers. It is the largest generation in history.

Here’s the last thing you should know: when Zenners like a brand, their level of loyalty is higher than that of other generations. So, once they make a purchase, the chance of becoming a returning customer is more elevated.

This generation has much more assumed digital skills. If you believe that your product or service fits with Zenners, you should start working ASAP on a Digital Ad strategy for them. And we would love to accompany you on the path to getting your new potential clients!
(Source: Study form GoodRebels over 1,500 participants from 3 markets: the United Kingdom, Spain, and Mexico)

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