Launched an App – Now What?

DimNiko Marketing | Launched an App - Now What?

Hey everyone!

Garyth here from DimNiko Agency

Today we’re talking about the app development process and how we’re best positioned to build out your user base, hope it provides some value to you!

Customer acquisition is a huge part of any business and today we’re exploring how we tailor this funnel to your business’s requirements, and more specifically how we increase user bases, boost engagement and build out a consumer-facing app that people love.

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Developing, designing, and testing an app is a long journey, 

Your creative team has been put through the wringer, app updates are happening a lot more often than envisioned, you’re growing but it’s a slow process. 

At this stage many start-up founders and investors come to an impasse: 

Do you continue making things look and feel pretty or do you invest time and resources into building out your app community?

The answer: BOTH.

Developing your app is a journey that never stops. 

There’ll always be room for improvement, always a bug to squash, and the design and testing process itself can take months.

The question is, when do we focus our energy on building out a community that engages with our app?

The answer: RIGHT NOW!

An app is meaningless without an engaged user base, all of your monetization streams mean nothing without users. 

All that hard work, months of development, countless hours of testing is all in vain if you don’t have consumers using your tech.

At Dimniko, we advise our app clients to budget for acquisition early on. 

It’s vital to your app’s success that this is considered in the conceptualization phase. 

That way, while you’re grabbing attention, developing interest you’re also building our desire in your community, to ultimately attract ACTION.

An active, engaged user base means you can showcase the value of your app while monetizing revenue streams. 

Testing, optimizing, and scaling your customer acquisition strategy is fundamental to any business’s success, however, it’s paramount when developing an app!

Focus on adding value to your user base, just never forget that building out that user base, expanding to new territories and captivating market segments will become your primary objective.

When you’re ready to scale, get in touch with us. It’ll be the best decision you’ve made.

Cheers for now,


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